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USDA International Egg and Poultry

27 January 2012

International Egg & Poultry: US Shell Egg & Egg Products ExportsInternational Egg & Poultry: US Shell Egg & Egg Products Exports

January through November 2011 shell egg exports grew 12% compared the same period a year ago; hatching egg exports rose 7%.
USDA International Egg and Poultry

Exports increased 30% on liquid/frozen yolk; 37% on dried yolk; 18% on liquid/frozen whole; 13% on dried albumin. Exports fell 25% on dried whole; 48% on liquid/frozen albumin.

National Mechanically Separated Chicken

MSC prices for all fat contents trended steady to weak. Supplies were moderate to heavy. Schedules were normal. Domestic demand was light to moderate at best. Export demand was moderate to instances good. Interest on frozen 15-20% remained good into the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. The recent slowdown on the spot marketplace has been attributed to resistance and pushback at the retail level to the new higher priced finished goods. This reaction has created a trickledown effect resulting in fewer orders for finished products, larger inventories of finished goods, reduced contractual supply needs, and more spot MSC and frame availability. Additionally, Mexico has also slowed its buying. Many are monitoring the situation to see how it will react in coming weeks and respond accordingly. Market activity was slow to moderate. Supplies of raw materials were moderate. Spot frame trading noted between 13-16 cents FOB.

National Young Turkey Parts

The market on bulk parts was steady. Demand and offerings light to moderate. The market on white meat was steady to weak. Demand was light. Offerings moderate to heavy. The market on thigh meat was steady. Demand was moderate. Offerings were light to moderate. Trading was slow to moderate. For domestic: fresh full cut wings 70 cents, fresh breast trim 128 cents, frozen tails 51 cents, frozen grade A breast 8-10 lbs. 167 cents, 12-16 lbs. 177 cents, and 16-18 lbs. 165 cents delivered. For export: fresh tom drums 73-76 cents.

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