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AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly

21 November 2016

AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 21 November 2016AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 21 November 2016

Lower lamb prices

Lamb prices have fallen in the past week despite a fall in the number of lambs coming to the market, as the pound has strengthened in the past week.

In the week ended 16 November, the GB SQQ at liveweight markets declined by 5p compared to the previous week. This left prices just 6p higher than the same week in 2015 following an increase seen at this time last year. This is likely to be due to lower demand and a strengthening in the value of the pound over the past week, as the number of lambs coming to markets has fallen in the past week. Declines were seen throughout the period, with the largest falls seen towards the end of the period, the GB SQQ on Wednesday 16 November was down by 5p at 157.9p/kg.

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Cattle trade in cautious mood

In week ended 12 November, the cattle trade was again generally steady. At 349.8p/kg, the GB all-prime average was up just over a penny on the week earlier. Demonstrating the fine balance in the trade, this meant that the measure has fluctuated around the 350p/kg mark for round five weeks or so. However, while processors are very active in the market as they ensure that their chill rooms are full enough for the seasonal peak in demand at Christmas, there is still a degree of caution in the air.

If consumer demand for beef is not as robust as would ‘normally’ be expected, they may be left with sizeable quantities of product to move onto the retail market in the new year. Consequently, reports suggest that, at the moment, there is still a general reluctance to increase quotations across the board. Accordingly, producers delivering what their processer wants, in the right quantity, will be best able to secure better returns by solid negotiating.

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