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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

05 September 2016

AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 5 September 2016AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 5 September 2016

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

Next week, we will be exhibiting again at the Restaurant and Bar show in Hong Kong. Premium pork, sausages, bacon and cooked ham will be presented alongside English beef and lamb.

Following a request from the European pork sector, supported by the European Commission and issues of commodity classification and tariffs (currently 5%), the Philippines has reviewed the definitions of pork fat. Full details are available from the Export Office.


The agriculture exhibition is celebrating its 30th birthday. It will take place from 13 to 16 September at the Parc des Expositions, Rennes airport. In 1987, there were 260 exhibitors, including 18 international and 3,200 visitors. Last year, there were 1,446 exhibitors, including 492 foreign stands, with 105,226 visitors, including 15,042 from 25 other countries. Space is the main exhibition for the French pig industry.

Blackpudding palets
Some 25m pigs are slaughtered every year in France. producing 75m litres of blood. Only half of this is processed, either by the food industry, the health industry or used as fertiliser. Students at Isara University in Lyon developed a “palet” (puck) inspired by black pudding. These “palets” are made of blood coming from mountain pigs and peas with Mediterranean flavors.

Market data for week 35
According to “Le Marché du Porc Breton” the 56 TMP base price has increased by €0.6 to €1.477/kg. The number of pigs slaughtered (367,985) and the average weight of carcases (93.33kg, a loss of 176g over a week) in the West Uniporc area were on a slight decrease in week 34, compared to same week in 2015 (372,877 slaughtered, with an average weight of 93.60kg).
Last week the price for 8kg piglets gained €0.13/head, reaching €44.82/head according to the pork Institut (Ifip). For 25kg piglets, the price stayed at €2.55/kg, which could be its highest price this year, ending several weeks of rise.


Positive signs for the second half of 2016
Dutch farmers feel positive, regarding the outlook for the second quarter, with weaner prices around €50 and pork prices expected to hover around €1.60/kg – which could go higher. Koer van Bergen, Pork Sector Manager for Rabobank, is positive for prices and margins, including for the beginning of 2017. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)


Balanced pig market
The current market for slaughter pigs in Germany is well balanced. The new recommended basic price for next week is unchanged for the ninth week in a row, at €1.66/kg dw for pigs class E. Some 979,301 pigs were slaughtered last week, against 949,045 last year. (Source, AMI)

EGO shows progress
The co-operative from the Osnabruck region slaughtered 640,000 pigs in 2015, for a turnover of €140m. The firm also marketed 639,000 weaners through its EGF subsidiary. Kinnius, the processing side of the company, produced 750 tonnes of sausages. However, EGO’s main strength is the Eichenhof branded pork, with high welfare and environment credentials. (Source, AFZ)


Extraordinary export performance
For the first six months, Spanish pork exports are up 27% to 754,000 tonnes (value up 11.7%) and pig offal exports are up 30% at 162,000 tonnes. This major rise is mainly due to increased shipments to China and Japan. China has now become the largest destination for Spanish pork. (Source, Eurocarne digital)

Five new Catalan abattoirs allowed to export to Mainland China
The five plants: Olot Meat (Olot, Girona), Càrniques Celrà (Celrà, Girona), Norfrisa-Porqui (Ruidellots de la Selva, Girona), Batallé (Riudarenes, Girona) and Avinyo (Avinyo, Barcelona) are all major processors and bring the total of approved Spanish operators to 26. (Source, Eurocarne digital)

Faccsa, sends the first container to Mexico
The major processor from Malaga has shipped its first container of frozen pork to Mexico, witnessed by local dignitaries. (Source, Eurocarne digital)


Major meat agreement
Under political pressure, Farmers’ union KLF and the main Norwegian processor Nortura, have agreed to a new commodity meat and eggs market organisation agreement following the deliberations of the Meat Balancing Committee. The new system, described as “an efficient, competitively neutral, predictable and fair market arrangement for the benefit of farmers and consumers”, will involve a new independently audited marketing board, where KLF and Nortura will be equally represented. Nortura will still be “a market”. The new system will include meat cuts, not just carcases. Also, the information office for meat and eggs, OEK, will become separate from Nortura. (Source, Nortura)


Increase of pork prices
The increase in temperature, the repeated ASF outbreaks and currency weakness have led to a seasonal increase of pig prices, as was the case in recent years. Russian prices have reached R170/kg carcase (£1.95/kg) and Ukrainian prices Hryvnia 33/kg liveweight (£0.93/kg). (Source,


Major processing developments
In total, there are four new pork plants on course for construction in USA, representing nearly 8% of total existing hog slaughter capacity. Some companies are taking onerous risks! (Source, own)

Surprising fall of production
In July, US pork production retracted by a somewhat surprising 8%. Although carcase weights are down, this reversal is troubling. (Source, Meat & Poultry)

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