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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

15 August 2016

AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 15 August 2016AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 15 August 2016

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

Strong growth continued for UK pig meat exports in June, volumes increased by 26% on the year to 18.400 tonnes. Chinese shipments continued to be the main driver behind this growth, with volumes up 81% on the year. Exports to Ireland were also up 28%, while shipments to Denmark increased by 30%. Although smaller in absolute volume, higher value US exports more than doubled. The year-on-year increase in value was more marked at 30%, increasing to £45.9m.


July pig count
Provisional figures from the 1 July pig count show the number of pigs fell by 2.6% compared with a year earlier to 12.3 million head. This continues the year-on-year decline that has been recorded in the pig herd since the start of the year. The breeding herd declined by 3.1%, and for the first time this century, total sow numbers fell below 1 million. (Source, and AHDB MI)


Market situation
Despite demand from China helping to save the European market, the crisis is not over for producers. Prices over the first seven months of the year averaged to €1.211 per kg in 2016, €1.236 per kg in 2015 and €1.401 in 2014. Therefore, there is still a long way to go. Unfortunately, the present consumption pattern is not very encouraging, in the May-June period, purchases of fresh pork decreased by 15% and over the past 6 months they decreased by 7.2%. Pork chops purchases fell by 11% and for sausages declined by 6.5% in France.

Special offers
The extension of pricing and duration limits on special offers has been confirmed by an “arrêté” published on 5 August this year, and will be effective until 6 August 2017. The new legislation imposes that special offers with a 40% price decrease, compared with average price over the previous month, can only be offered during two periods defined in the “arrêté”. In short, outside of the periods prices are free. The two periods when prices are free are 24 August 2016 to 30 September 2016 and 29 December 2016 to 31 January 2017.

Pork: On Monday, the 56 TMP base price was at €1.462, unchanged on the previous week. Slaughterings are fluid, with 366,000 pigs slaughtered, 4,005 more than the previous week. The average weight was marginally lower, only falling by 100g on the week.
Piglets: In the latest week, prices for 25kg piglets increased by €c3 per kg and by €c53 per kg for 8kg piglets.
Cuts: The market is still very calm with low demand reported for cooked ham. Exports to China have eased over the last few weeks but prices have remained stable.



6,240 pigs slaughtered because of the ASF
Following an outbreak of ASF on a commercial farm on 1 August in the Sudzhanskiy region of the Kursk oblast, 6,240 pigs were slaughtered in the course of quarantine measures taken by the Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Response. (Source,


More pork from the EU
During the first seven months of 2016, the Ukraine imported 3,400 tonnes of pork, up from 3,200 tonnes a year earlier. Germany was the leading supplier, with 49% of the market, followed by Poland with a further 20% share of total imports. EU pork has been much more competitive this year, in 2015 the main supplier to the Ukraine was Brazil. The average price of pork imported into the Ukraine this year is US$1.43 per kg, while Brazilian pork has reportedly traded at US$1.75-1.90 per kg during the period on international markets. (Source,


Higher production
During the January to June period, pork production in Belarus totaled 88,000 tonnes. In June alone, production increased to 15,400 tonnes, compared with 13,200 tonnes in the corresponding month a year earlier. (Source,


Chinese boom and Mexican gloom for US pork
Exports of American pork enjoyed solid growth in the last 12 months, but business with Mexico, a key US pig meat market, continues to wane. Pork exports to China and Hong Kong increased by 85% in volume and 73% in value to 50,374 tonnes worth a cool US$98.8m. But US-Mexican trade continued to suffer from currency volatility, among other issues, which saw trade fall by 13% in June, compared to the same month a year ago. (Source:

Illinois pork industry handed a scathing review
The Chicago Tribune recently ran a series of articles criticizing the Illinois pork industry for unreported cases of animal abuse, environmental breaches and for building new facilities without proper oversight, among other issues. (Source: Pork Network)


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