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AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly

08 August 2016

AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 5 August 2016AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 5 August 2016

Liveweight lamb price begin to rise again

Lamb prices have moved up in the past week as numbers have fallen compared to the previous week.

In the week ended 3 August, the GB SQQ was up by a penny to reach 183.2p/kg. However, as prices rose by more in the same week in 2015, the difference compared to that week fell to 26p higher. This week in 2015 was affected by the “no lamb week” campaign that encouraged producers not to market their lambs during the week. However, following this campaign, prices fell back to their previous level. Prices during this week are thought to have increased due to numbers coming to market falling compared to the previous week, while the pound also weakened slightly during the week. The largest rises were seen towards the end of the period, with the GB SQQ on Wednesday 3 August up 7p compared to the previous week at 185.1p/kg.

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Another positive move in the cattle trade

In the week ended 30 July, the deadweight cattle trade moved up again. At 335.4p/kg the GB all-prime average strengthened another penny on the week.

While this robustness continues to reflect that the supply/demand balance is still tipped in producers’ favour the latest week-on-week price rise is more modest than in any other week since prices started moving up three months ago. While this may be an early indication that recent impetus in the trade is subsiding, reports do still suggest that demand from processors remains solid against tighter supplies. At 29,400 head, estimates suggest that the number of cattle coming forward was down 200 head on the week earlier and notably back on the year for the fifth week in a row. While native bred cattle are currently particularly sought after, there are no waiting lists reported for even the more commercial types.

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