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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

01 August 2016

AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 1 August 2016AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 1 August 2016

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

UKTI has opened a self-registering online exporter directory. The Exporter Directory will allow buyers worldwide to locate UK exporters. Exporters may want to register here

As expected, three-quarters of the new €420m farm support package was awarded to the dairy sector. Denmark has been awarded €13m, the Netherlands €19m and Poland €14.5m to pig producers.
The severe floods in Northern China are creating havoc with the Chinese pig market. Therefore, a rapid rise in pig prices is predicted this week and next.


Westfleisch expands
The leading pork processor has taken over the Geselkirchen pig abattoir (FVG) in the Ruhr from Reinhard Hoffmann who purchased it from the town in 1989. The plant that employs 350 staff, slaughters about 10,000 pigs per week, selling pork to a wide variety of customers in fresh and further processed form. See (Source, AFZ)

Profitable butchers
German butchers showed a record profitability in 2015 at 14.2% against normal levels of 10-11%. The cost of raw material (mainly pork) fell to 42.8% of turnover, a record low due the fall of pork prices. (Source, AFZ)


Export developments
A Chinese delegation led by Vice-Minister of Agriculture Li Meijia visited SICASAL, a pork processor. Portugal has been negotiating pork access to Mainland China for two years. In a separate development, Portugal has gained market access for pork to Colombia. (Source, Eurocarne digital)


Cooperl Explanation
Following the reaction of farming unions and producer federations, Cooperl had to explain their rationale not to follow MPB price trends when they started to increase three weeks ago (€1.454 on Monday 11 July). In contrast, Cooperl decreased their price by €c2 per kg. Patrice Drillet, President of Cooperl explained that the objective is to pay their producers above average market prices over one year and this policy necessitates some price adjustments. Last year and over previous years the average price paid to their suppliers was above the average market price. Mr Drillet stressed the importance of consolidating prices over a long period. Competition from Spain pushed Cooperl to momentarily disconnect from MPB prices. Jean-Pierre Joly, Manager of MPB argued that the price moved up everywhere in Europe and stated that the average carcass weight has never been so low, confirming fluid market conditions. Finally, producer members of Cooperl have also heavily criticised the management of the cooperative. Pig producers have also criticised recent investments such as “Aurélien” butcher shops and the new project “Emeraude” in Lamballe (€16.5million) designed to process 156,308 tonnes of waste. Emmanual Commault Managing Director of Cooperl and his board are under pressure.

Exports are key
The impact of Brexit on the export of French loins to UK is a concern for Inaporc. Participants at the Inaporc annual general meeting were told that the trade balance is reducing (down to 22,000 tonnes). Imports of processed products are stronger than exports and the deficit of pig meat trade is not compensated by the trade of offal and fat. At the same meeting, Mrs Inna Krivosheeva, the Inaporc expert, confirmed that Vladimir Putin has asked his services to prepare a decree to extend the Russian ban until end of 2017.

Pork: The 56 TMP price remained reasonably firm, trading at €1.459 last Monday in Plérin, a decrease of only €c0.1 on the week. The average carcass weight remained unchanged and offers were stable.
Piglets: For week 29, according to IFIP (Institut du Porc) prices for piglets continued to increase, up by €1.14 to €42,77 per head. The price for 25kg piglets increased by €c6 cents per head.


Embotits Artesans Can Duran
The Charcuterie company Embotits Antesans Can Duran founded in 1946 and located in Seva, Barcelona has given way to a new trade name Splendid Foods. Splendid Foods forecasts to increase turnover by 9% to €18m in 2016, with a 13% increase in production predicted to be 2,700 tonnes by the end of the year, The company employs 74 workers. (Source, Eurocarne)

Production is rising fast
In the first quarter pork production rose by 7.9% to 1.463m tonnes, indeed a major rise. Spain is now the third largest pork exporter in the world, a fact spelt out at a meeting for the Philippine press this week (Source, Eurocarne digital)


Increased production
According to Ministry of Agriculture data, during the January-June 2016 period, pig production increased by 12.1% compared with the same period last year and totalled 1.98 million tonnes. The regions with the highest increase in production were Voronezh, Tver, Pskov and Belgorod oblasts and the Republic of Bashkortostan. In contrast, production eased in Rostov, Omsk oblasts and Altai Krai. (Source,

Kazakhstan restrictions lifted
Rosselkhoznadzor has lifted the ban on imported beef and pork from the Republic of Kazakhstan (except for three regions: Aktobe, Atyrau, Karagandy). The ban has been lifted with the condition that an additional signed and stamped certificate accompanies the shipment authenticating the standard veterinary certificate. (Source,


Wholesale pork prices update
Wholesale pork prices in Ukraine have remained stable, as of last Friday, the average wholesale prices for pork were UAH29.5-30.5 per kg (US$1.18-1.22 per kg). Market players say demand is lower compared with the same period last year. (Source,

Pork production update
According to State Statistic Service information, in June the Ukrain produced 700 tonnes of frozen pork, 44.7% lower compared with June 2015. Meanwhile, production of fresh and chilled pork remained stable at 21,000 tonnes during the month. In total, 129,000 tonnes of frozen, chilled and fresh pork was produced in the first six-months of 2016, this was 3,300 tonnes higher than in the corresponding period a year ago. (Source,


Multicultural and local
The results of a Harris Poll taken in June of this year reveal a large majority of Americans (78%) love experiencing foods and flavours outside of their own culture. The Millennial generation particularly appreciate foreign cooking. Locally sourced ingredients are also increasingly important. (Source, Harris)


Higher feed imports
Vietnam has become one of the world’s biggest importers of soybean meal to feed an ever-expanding pig herd. The people of Vietnam are eating much more pork. OECD data predicts per-capita annual consumption in Vietnam will reach 33.9kgs by 2023, up from 29.9kg today. (Source, AG Web)


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