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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

22 February 2016

AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 22 February 2016AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 22 February 2016

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

At a meeting with Copa-Cogeca in Brussels this week, Commissioner Hogan acknowledged that the pork sector was in a “critical state”. However, no realistic solution in the short term to the crisis has been proposed.

Following changes to existing rules by US authorities, the pork Export Health Certificate 1631EHC for the USA has now been revised and made available to exporters. It is a standard EU document and is known as “Version 5 or 1631EHC V5”. Any existing certificates that exporters have in place already or have pending (1631EHC V4) can be used and will be accepted by US Customs.

After only 10 months in the position of Trade Secretary, Lord Maude has resigned. He is replaced by Mark Price the ex-CEO for Waitrose. This is an interesting appointment as Waitrose has successfully developed exports of its own label food and drink, keeping in mind that F&D exports are now fully delegated to the Great Food Unit of Defra. Lord Maud initiated a new reorganisation of UKTI and it is unclear whether this initiative will be fully carried out.

Sausages as well as premium pork and bacon were presented on the British meat stand at the Horeca fair in Athens this week. This major event for the Greek food service and hotel sector was attended by an estimated 130,000 visitors.


New PGI product
The Aachener Weihnachts-Leberwurst, a liver sausage from Aachen near the Belgium border has been awarded PGI status. (Source, EC)

After several weeks with comparably tight slaughter pig supplies, numbers seem to have increased in the current week. They are still lower than last year but have been harder to sell. Particularly as ongoing difficulties on the meat market have seen slaughters order more cautious. Despite calls to lower the price, the German recommended price was unchanged at €1.31 per kg. (Source, AMI)


Auchan has just signed a contract for the supply of up to 40,000 pigs. They will be slaughtered by Bigard at their abattoir in Saint-Pol and processed by CGF Charcuteries, Salaisons du Terroir and Raoul Deschildre. The product will be sold under the Porcilin brand in the 21 Auchan stores of the region North - Pas de Calais. The contract sealed with the 20 producers of Porcilin pigs includes some flexibility designed to adapt to variations of production. In return, the 20 farmers will participate in in-store promotional activity. The duration of the contract signed on 12 February is for 3 years.

Farmers’ blockades
Several Leclerc hypermarkets in Britanny have been targeted by farmers in Pléneuf Val André, Saint-Brandan, Pluduno, Lamballe, Ploufragan and Plérin. Farmers blocked the access to these supermarkets which in the end had to close their stores. A round table was organised for 17 February in Angers with local farmers (FDRSEA) and young farmers (JA). Farmers claim that processors, retailers and the French state have the keys to stop the crisis and want clear responses on a list of issues. These include commercial relations within the industry, mention of origin on processed products, contractualisation, exports and local sourcing for food service in general and social catering in particular. On the European front, Mr Le Foll presented his proposals to Mr Hogan but no decision will be taken before the next Council of Ministers of Agriculture on 14 March.

New €100 million fund?
Representatives of French pig producers, retailers and the government discussed the possibility of opening a new safety fund fed by a contribution of €0.10 per kg collected by retailers. Before this proposal is finalised, it has to be approved by the French authorities and also by Brussels. Leclerc has already expressed his agreement as long as this project is approved by all the relevant authorities.

Pork: The 56 TMP base price was stable yesterday at Plérin. Due to school holidays, French demand is limited. According to Le Marché du porc Breton, “the market balances itself due to the seasonal declines in production”.
Piglets: The FNP-Coop de France indices continued to increase slowly last week, with an increase of €c2 per kg for 25kg weaners and €c24 per head for 8kg piglets. In Brittany, the price for 25kg weaners remained firm and stable.

Cuts: The trade in Rungis is very calm due to school holidays. The market for loins is still very difficult. In spite of the colder weather, the sales of cuts for boiling is low. As for prices, they have remained relatively stable.


Mortadella di Prato gets PGI status
This dark red mortadella, traditionally made in Prato in Tuscany, from second-quality cuts that do not make the grade for finocchiona salami production have been awarded PGI status. (Source, EC)



Delay granted to abattoirs
Some six Croatian abattoirs have been granted a further delay for refurbishment to EU hygiene standards. They can trade in Croatia but are not able to export to other Member States. (Source, Agra Europe)


New interprofession
Following five years of tense discussions, a new single Interprofession group covering pork, beef, lamb, goat meat and poultry was created in November, the committee are already hard at work. With major difficulties with the functioning of the Greek state, this organisation has a major role to play, including on animal health matters. A recent example was of the sheep dermatosis epidemics which was very badly handled by the veterinary services. Another area of work is statistics which have become very unreliable. They will raise a levy and look at developing EU co-funded projects. See (Source, own)

Major farmers’ demonstrations
Farmers’ discontent regarding taxes and pension contribution is mounting. Demonstrations are now a regular occurrence in Athens. They culminated on 12 and 13 February when the whole of Athens including the airport was blocked. Thousands of farmers came from the islands including Cretan farmers who have a fearsome reputation. (Source, own)

Strong pork demand expected this summer
Greece is expecting some 26m tourists this year and Greek processors are expecting high demand for processed pork products such as giros and kebabs, mainly prepared from imported pork. (Source, own)


Potential export markets
During 2015, the Ukrainian State Phytosanitary Service studied potential export markets for Ukrainian pork. Although some were restricted due to ASF in Ukraine, the Service named several foreign markets that could be a real prospect for Ukrainian pork including: Hong Kong and Macao, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Philippines. Currently, the Ukraine is planning to send diplomats to these markets for negotiations. (Source,

Wholesale price update
In mid-February whole pork prices on the Ukrainian market started decreasing with the average wholesale price of the first grade pork easing to UAH26 per kg (US$0.98 per kg). February is traditionally a month of stagnation on the pork market. Both producers and processors are complaining of declining sales. (Source,

2015 pork exports
According to the Pig Breeders’ Association of Ukraine, key pork products exported in 2015 were fresh and chilled pig carcases and half-carcases totalling 14,700 tonnes and representing 54% of total pork exports. Frozen carcases and half carcases totalled 9,340 tonnes and cuts amounted to 2,710 tonnes.
Total pork import amounted to 3,600 tonnes, 98% of which were frozen cuts mainly from Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. (Source: Pig Breeders’ Association of Ukraine)


White Paper on antibiotics
The US Animal Agriculture Association has run an annual conference on the use of antibiotics in livestock production since 2011. They have just published a White Paper called Antibiotics Stewardship Metrix to Management. This is an important document in view of the probable ban on the prophylactic use of antibiotics to come. Click here for the report. (Source, Animal Agriculture)

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