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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

15 February 2016

AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 15 February 2016AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 15 February 2016

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

AHDB took part in the mission led by European Commissioner, Phil Hogan, to develop pork exports to Mexico and Colombia. Mexico imported around 700,000 tonnes of pork and 200,000 tonnes of pig offal in 2015 and Colombia 53,000 tonnes. Most of the pork comes from the USA. Unsurprisingly, the mission included a strong representation of Spanish pork exporters.

In 2015, the UK exported 1,959 tonnes of pork and pig offal to South Africa as well as 3,326 tonnes of beef, our best performance for more than twenty years.


€3.8m for innovation
Belgium pig farmers will receive €2m to lower ammonia emissions and €1.8m for other on-farm innovations. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)


Tönnies increases its market share
The German operator has increased output at Brørup by 9% to 1.73m head and output at the recently acquired Tican sank by 1.4% to 1.88m. This gives Tönnies a market share of 19% of the Danish market. In the medium term, this may rise to 25% although the Danish system restricts possibilities of Danish finishers switching abattoirs. (Source, own)


The German market is currently dominated by a large discrepancy between the market for slaughter pigs and the meat market. Although the availability of pigs is moderate and they can be sold easily, meat sales are low and prices are under pressure. Therefore, slaughterers demanded a decrease in the recommended price to match the situation at the meat markets. However, the German recommended price for slaughter pigs once more remained unchanged at €1.31 per kg. (Source, AMI)

Westfleisch Paderborn fire
On Monday, a major fire hit the Westfleisch slaughter facility in Paderborn-Mönkeloh, the severity of the damage is still being quantified. According to Westfleisch, all customers’ requirements were met, livestock was moved to other Westfleisch sites, and production has now been diverted to other company sites. The Paderborn-Mönkeloh site slaughtered 1,300 cattle and 30,000 pigs per week. (Source


More German Piétrains
In 2015, the German Piétrain breeders exported 1,200 boars to Spain. Sales of semen are up 7% although no volume data is available. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)



Charcuterie as a starter
According to an Opinion Way survey, published by the Federation of charcuterie processors (FICT) on the day of the Feast of Charcuterie, 95% of participants claimed to eat charcuterie. The survey reported that 91% of participants consumed charcuterie as nibbles during aperitif and 96% as a starter. 67% consume charcuterie at least once a week and the three preferred products are cooked ham, dry sausage followed by dry ham.

Processor update
At a time when FICT has left Inaporc and pig producers are regularly demonstrating in Brittany, the information below demonstrates the prosperity of French pig meat.
In spring 2017, the old Grand Saloir Saint Nicolas will move to a new 10,000sqm plant located in Breteil Tradi France. The site will manufacture Loste charcuterie products, this will double the size of its production site. The new site of 4 hectares is situated next to the Montfort water-treatment plant.
The Leclerc-owned charcuterie plant in Vildé-Guingalan should benefit from an investment of €40m to increase production of its sausages and dry sausages sold under the brand Tradilège.
JB Viande
It's JB Viande will celebrate their 40th birthday by opening a new abattoir for piglets on 9 June in Feuchy near Arras.
Jean Stalaven
The subsidiary of Euralis alimentaire benefited from two good consecutive years with an increase in turnover last year of 4.8%. The new factory in Yffiniac (€7m investment) should open during this first quarter of 2016.
In 2015, sales increased by 6.7% in volume and by 7.3% in value to reach a turnover of €500m, the company operates from 6 plants representing 1,470 employees. The company invested €19m to increase the speed of its slicing line in Aoste (Isère) and to modernise their dry sausage factory located in Maclas in the Loire.

Pork: A mixed picture was reported from European pig markets last week. In Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium prices decreased by €c2. In Germany and in Denmark, prices were stable. Only Spain reported a small price increase of €c1.1, however the Spanish prices remain very low.
Piglets: In the Netherlands, after several weeks of price increases, the upward trend for 25kg piglets came to a stop. Prices for 20kg piglets increased by €c50 in Belgium and by €1 per head in Spain. In Denmark, prices increased by €c30 for 7kg piglets and €c33 for 30kg weaners.


Pork destroyed at the border
Kaliningrad Oblast Customs reported that residents attempted to smuggle 2½ tonnes of pork across the border from Poland in the boots of several cars. The cargo was destroyed by the Customs officers. Since import restrictions came into force, Kaliningrad authorities have destroyed more than 30 tonnes of smuggled food products. (Source,


State of emergency introduced due to ASF
On the territory of Crimea, authorities introduced a state of emergency on 8 February to prevent the spread of ASF. An outbreak was registered in the Razdolnenskiy region on a commercial farm. Another outbreak was registered in the Belogorskiy region in a private household. In a 20km area around the epicenters, pigs will be purchased for RUB99.2 per kilo of liveweight and slaughtered. Other measures aimed at fighting the spread of the disease include ban for pork trade and transportation of all animals to and from the peninsular. (Source,


Positive dynamics in fighting the ASF
According to the State Veterinary Service of Ukraine, the epizootic situation regarding ASF in Ukraine improved. ASF was registered in 40 sites in 2015. Due to measures taken in order to eliminate the disease, 36 of the sites are now free from the ASF and quarantine is still effective on five sites (located in Kyiv and Poltava oblasts). (Source,

South Africa

Pork imports up
South Africa imported 16,212 tonnes of pork ribs in 2015 (+12%) with UK exports up to 1,559 tonnes. The main exporters are Germany, Spain and France with the UK in fourth place. South Africa also imported 14,356 tonnes of boneless pork, mainly from Canada and Germany (52 tonnes from the UK), 411 tonnes of bone-in pork (none from the UK) and 6,704 tonnes of pig offal from Europe (348 tonnes from the UK). (Source, AMIE)


Competition from Brazil
The country places major importance in developing the Chinese market and has invested heavily in its meat processing plants – £12m per plant is quoted. Brazil now has 16 beef abattoirs, 11 pig abattoirs and 38 poultry abattoirs approved for Mainland China. In 2015, they exported £475m worth of poultry, £330m of beef but only €6m of pork to China. (Source, Eurocarne on line)

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