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AHDB Pork UK Pig Meat Market Update

24 December 2015

AHDB Pork UK Pig Meat Market Update - 24 December 2015AHDB Pork UK Pig Meat Market Update - 24 December 2015

British Pig Executive Monthly UK Pig Meat Market Update

UK Pig Meat Market update

GB pig prices continued to drift downwards during November, with the EU-spec APP averaging around 2p lower than the previous month, at 129.91p/kg. The last time the monthly pig price was below 130p/kg was in May 2008. Nevertheless, with prices falling faster at the same time last year, prices were only 20p lower than in November 2014, the smallest gap of the year so far. The modest imbalance between supply and demand which has been apparent since August continued, in part due to a challenging consumer market for pig meat. Falling EU pig prices also contributed to the downward pressure. With the market situation similar into December, the EU-spec APP dropped a little further, to stand at 129.25p/kg in the first week of the month.

The gap between APP and SPP narrowed slightly in November, as the latter fell by only around 1.5p, to average 126.25p/kg. The difference of 3.66p/kg was the smallest since January, suggesting that prices for premium pigs may have fallen slightly more than average in recent weeks. By week ended 12 December, the SPP had fallen close to 125p/kg but the year-on-year drop was below 19p.

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