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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

28 September 2015

AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 28 September 2015AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 28 September 2015

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

Chinese authorities are proposing that importers conduct audits on their suppliers for a wide range of foods including meat. This would apply to all exporting countries. This, in practice, will mean that importers will shoulder additional responsibilities and that exporters will bear more controls and administrative duties in addition to existing CNCA and AQSIQ requirements. This obviously is cause for concern and we will revert with detailed comments to the Chinese authorities.


New farmers’ lobby group

The action group Eerlijke Prijs Agra (Good farming prices) is challenging the main Dutch retailers: Jumbo, Albert Heijn and Superunie about prices being paid to pig farmers and their additional requirements. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)


Bigard & Cooperl versus MPB
Unfortunately, last Friday Bigard confirmed that they would not buy pigs above €1.329 per kg, the group stressed that they are losing money every week and they need to be competitive on the European market. A few representatives of local and regional sections of FNSEA stood in front Bigard’s plant in Quimperlé to invite Bigard to a meeting to discuss the reorganisation of Marché du Porc Breton (MPB). The main fear of the producers would be to see Cooperl joining Bigard and refusing to meet, in which case prices and price transparency could deteriorate further. Simultaneously, Xavier Beulin (President of FNSEA) is planning to visit Russia next week and try to initiate bilateral agreements on pig meat.

The French pig industry has a tool which gathers 250 different cuts of pork with photographs. This tool is available in 6 languages at IFIP is working on completing this document before the end of the year with standard descriptions of other cuts available in French cutting plants.

French pig meat in canteens
As part of the new promotional activities in favour of French pork, Inaporc has produced a purchase list designed for Chefs of social canteens. Also some technical sheets are available on - these technical documents include a lot of information, including: muscle presentation and terminology, different process levels, storing and packaging tips, nutritional values, recommended sizes and weight of portions.

Carrefour’s commitments
From September, Carrefour are offering fresh pig meat from pigs which have not received any antibiotics since weaning. This meat is found under Carrefour’s own brand but also under Cooperl’s brand: Brocéliande. Also, Carrefour has set up a GMO free range with their historical partner FIPSO.

Pork: While the agreement between the operators of the sector is far from being cordial, the 56 TMP base price increased by €c0.5 per kg. Once more, the lowest price reached €1.357 per kg while the highest remained at €1.401 per kg.
Piglets: No evolution for the French market of piglets at the beginning of week. Offers are sufficient to meet current demand. FNP-Coop de France prices remained stable.


European Union

EU Slaughterings
According to data from the Management committee of Brussels, EU slaughterings increased by 3.3% in the first half of the year compared with the same period in 2014. Increases were recorded in the Netherlands (+7.9%), Spain (+7.8%), Poland (+5.4%), Germany (+2,4%), Denmark (+1.4%), Belgium (+1.2%) and France (+0.7%).


Pig price under pressure in Germany
A steady increasing supply of slaughter pigs and heavy carcase weights have led to an oversupply in the Northwest of Germany. The new recommended basic price for the 24 to 30 September decreased by $c6 to €1.42 per kg. Last week, the slaughtering throughputs totalled 1.049.468 pigs, the week before: 1.011.700 and the same week in the year before: 1.036.096. Slaughter weight was unchanged at 95,6 kg. In the next weeks, the situation will be not easier for pig holder and livestock trader. The pig producer organisations hope that the falling pig price does not lead panic sales. The situation in Southern Part of Germany is completely different: the demand for slaughter pigs is bigger than the supply. (Source, AMI)



The ASF threat didn’t pass
According to State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service data, since the start of 2015 there were 22 outbreaks of ASF registered in Ukraine. The latest case was on 5 September in Chernihivska oblast. Oleksandr Verzhykhovskiy, the Head of the Service, says that, as of today the highest risk of outbreaks remains in Kyivska, Chernihivska, Sumska, Poltavska and Rivnenska oblasts. Mr. Verzhykhovskiy also insisted that forestry managers in these oblasts are responsible for killing of wild boars to decrease the risk of the ASF infection. (Source,

Galychyna-Zakhid suspends building
Galychyna-Zakhid has suspended building of a pig breeding complex with an annual capacity of 50,000 pigs. Andriy Talama, Deputy Director General of the company, says that the company is planning to resume building the complex in 2016. Currently, the unclear ASF situation and the unfavourable state of the pig sector is why the construction has been suspended. (Source,


Pig population is growing
According to the National Statistic Committee data, as of 1 September, the pig population in the country amounted to 2.8 million, 7% higher on the month. (Source,


Pork prices overheat
Due to the impact of a falling herd and pig diseases, pork wholesale reference prices have risen from Yuan 17 per kg cwe (£1.70) in January to Yuan 25 per kg (£2.50 per kg) today. This is not exceptional but Chinese authorities have expressed some concerns. This in practice should favour imports, particularly from the EU over coming months. (Source, CN Agri, own)

New dry-cured ham plant
On 22 September, the subsidiary of Truein Agro-pastoral Group, Zhengzhou Dongyuan Food Company opened a dry-cured ham plant using Italian technology with a capacity of 150,000 legs per year. The first batch of Tibetan hams will ready in a year’s time. (Source, CN Agri)




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