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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

06 July 2015

AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 6 July 2015AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 6 July 2015

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

The 11th Meat Export Conference took place at Stoneleigh on the Tuesday coinciding with the MeatUp exhibition. More than 100 exporters and stakeholders attended. The general food and pork price deflation, the growing importance of China in world trade and the current currency difficulties were discussed. An exporters’ panel was upbeat for trade prospects.


Still second largest exporter of farming goods
The Netherlands exported £68.5b worth of farming goods in 2014, making the country the second largest exporter behind the USA and just ahead of Germany. Following are Brazil, France, China, Canada and Spain. Belgium comes in 9th position with £31b ahead of Italy. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)

The Verken-burger
The Dutch association of pig producers (Nederlandse Vakbind Varkesnhouders) has introduced a new pork burger. The word verken has a double meaning: it means pig in Dutch dialect and verkener meaning knowledgeable. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)


Increase of Westfleisch bonuses
Westfleisch is increasing the bonuses it pays its contract farmers to €2.8m up from €1.1m for 2014. Last year, Westfleisch increased its profits to €12.6m (+€4.2m) for a turnover of €2.52b (+0.2%). Westfleisch processed 948,000 tonnes of meat in 2014 (+4.7%), 43% of which was exported (Source, Boerderij Vandaag, AFZ)

More Black Forest ham
Some 8.94m hams were produced in 2014 (+0.2%) out of which 1.35m were exported (+15%). (Source, AFZ)



Special offer agreement

The principles:

  • Totally unlimited special offers would only be possible in January and in September
  • Over the remainder of the year, reductions would be limited to 50% of the price recorded over the previous month, outside of special offers

The rule is in place for one year

The price war on pig meat ceased on 9 June, thanks to a meeting at the French Ministry of Agriculture. Intermarché was the first retailer to react, claiming they will pay €0.50 more than the auction average price (cadran) as long as cadran prices do not reach €1.40 per kg. Leclerc followed Intermarché. With shoppers always looking for the best offers, if poultry is cheaper than pork, sales of pig meat will decrease and the outcome of the new rules will probably be a decrease in pig meat consumption, which would not help the industry. The average selling price of pig meat is €7.50 per kg with half of pork joint sales being achieved during promotions, making pork the preferred choice in France with per capita consumption at 32.7kg, ahead of poultry at 24kg.

New contract
The producers group Syproporcs, based in Plérin (Brittany), have signed a new agreement with Herta, a subsidiary of the Nestlé group, which produced over 100,000 tonnes of charcuterie products in 2014, including hams and sausages. The new contract fixes a volume and price for 6 months from 1 July. The new swap-type contract allows producers to purchase feed on one hand and on the other, Herta to stabilize their production costs of sourcing raw material (legs and shoulders).

Pigs: It was no surprise that the 56 TMP base price lost €c0.8 last Tuesday, there have been plenty of offers on the European market; in this context it is difficult for France to maintain prices. Low consumption doesn’t allow for an upward adjustment in prices, long awaited by the breeders.
Piglets: No changes, offers are sufficient for demands. FNP-Coop de France prices are increasing; up €1.07 for 8kg piglets.
Cuts: Exports lost 11 % in April compared to April 2014. Exports are decreasing with Japan and South Korea but are increasing in China.





Ban extended
The Russian ban that was supposed to end in August is extended for another year as the EU has also prolonged economic sanctions. (Source, various)

Pork import decreased
According to the Ministry of Agriculture for Russia, from 1 January to 21 May, Russia imported 248,600 tonnes of meat, which is 2.1 times less than during the same period in 2014. Imports included 83,200 tonnes of pork which was 1.9 times less than in 2014. (Source,

ASF outbreaks registered
According to Rosselkhoznadzor reports, the situation regarding ASF remains complicated. Recently, outbreaks were registered in Vologodskaya, Kurskaya, Moskovskaya and Smolenskaya oblasts. Also, extra measures have been taken in Volgogradskaya oblasts, including quarantine posts on transportation routes. (Source,


Pork prices stable
During the last week of June, pork prices were increasing. The average pork price in western Ukraine rose to UAH33.3-34 per kg (US$1.56-1.61 per kg), and in eastern regions to UAH32.5-34 per kg (US$1.54-1.61 per kg). The price range in the central region was UAH33-33.75 per kg (US$1.56-1.60 per kg). One of the factors contributing to the price increases was improving exports: Russia lifted the ban for pork import from the Ukrainian company Zevs Ltd,.and three other Ukrainian companies received permission to resume pork exports to Kazakhstan. (Source,

ASF registered in Chernihivska oblast
According to the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service, deaths of pigs caused by the ASF were registered on 24 June in the Ripkynskiy region, Chernihivska oblast. The cause of deaths was found during lab testing of dead animal tissues. (Source,


Restrictions lifted
On 1 July, Rosselkhoznadzor lifted the ban on imports of pork in half-carcases from three Belarus companies: Grodnenskiy Meat-Processing Plant, Berezovskiy Meat-Processing Plant and Mostovskiy Kumpiachok, a branch of Skidelskiy Agricultural Plant. Rosselkhoznadzor says that the obligatory condition to resuming exports from Belarus is constant laboratory monitoring of the company’s products. (Source,


Major coup for JBS
On 1 July, JBS USA Pork agreed to acquire Cargill’s US based pork business for $1.45 billion (£927m). Completion of the acquisition is subject to regulatory review and approval. (Source, Pork Network)


Sounder prospects for the second half of the year
According to Rabobank, Chinese pork prices, which bottomed out in March last year will continue to rise, offering “opportunities for considerable export growth”, with Europe best placed to supply the market. Other Asian markets are looking steady with the exception of Korea where imports are up and local production has been declining due the outbreak of PEDv. However, local production is likely to recover slowly in the second part of the year. (Source, Asian Pork)

Han Swine buys France’s Choice Genetics
Han Swine Co. has acquired a 40.69% stake in Choice Genetics for £9.5m. The company plans to “acquire core technology and quickly gain competitive advantage”. (Source, Asian Pork)

More details on crackdown on illegal meats
The crackdown on illegal meat imports, code name 'Operation Sharp Sword' (????), also involves counterfeit drugs sold over the counter and recycled waste cooking oils referred to colloquially as digouyou (???). In total, 750 tonnes of unsafe meat (pork, beef, chicken, donkey meat) that entered the country through Shenzhen and Vietnam have been seized (not 100,000 indicated last week). The seizures and most of the 25 arrests took place in Yunnan province. The case in Songming began when 200 middle school students were diagnosed with food poisoning. A subsequent criminal investigation into the school cafeteria eventually uncovered a cache of rotten meat, some of which tested positive for E coli. (Source, gokunming)


Dealing with Russia is difficult
Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP) was hoping to sell 3,000 tonnes of pork to Russia following a successful first shipment in December. However, due to price disagreements and currency movements, no further orders have been received. (Source, Asian Pork)


New abattoir
Sujaya Group, which has a breeding base of 8,500 sows, is planning to build an abattoir in Singkawang (West Kalimantan) to serve local and neighbouring markets. (Source, Asian Pork)

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