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USDA International Egg and Poultry

22 April 2015

USDA International Egg and Poultry - 22 April 2015USDA International Egg and Poultry - 22 April 2015

USDA International Egg and Poultry

China’s estimated turkey meat production has stayed generally unchanged over the last 5 years at 6,000 metric tons (MT) and up 50% since 2004. However, total estimated domestic turkey meat consumption has increased 250% from 2004 to 2014 even with consumption declining an estimated 44% from 2013. In 2014, China’s domestic turkey meat production only met 21% of their consumption needs compared to 50% in 2004.

China’s estimated total turkey meat imports rose 450% from 2004 to 2014 to help satisfy its increased turkey meat consumption. The increase in China’s total turkey meat imports from in 2004 to 2014 included an estimated 50% drop from 2013 to 2014. In 2011, 94% of China’s turkey meat imports came from the United States (U.S.), 6% from Chile and a negligible amount from Poland.

China continues to experience periodic avian influenza outbreaks. As of March 25, 2015 there were 4 H5N1 human cases reported and there have been more than 40 H7N9 cases to date for 2015. Although the availability of lower cost pork as a substitute meat is restraining poultry demand, forecasts are the poultry market will likely rebound from the end of the 3rd quarter 2015 due to anticipation of the pork supply tightening then.

China was the number 2 export destination for U.S. turkey meat in 2014, behind Mexico and ahead of Canada. The U.S. exported 27,573 MT of turkey meat to China in 2014, down 36% from 2013, but up 2,882% since 2004’s 925 MT. China is the number 1 U.S. turkey meat export destination in the East Asia Region. East Asia is the number 2 region behind North America for 2014 U.S. turkey meat exports.

Effective January 9, 2015 all poultry products became ineligible for export to China due to HPAI found in the U.S. In response, the U.S. is seeking exemption for heat-treated poultry products. January-February 2015 U.S. cumulative total turkey meat exports to East Asia have declined 52% from the same time frame in 2014 resulting in the region becoming the U.S.’s number 3 export destination behind North America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

U.S. turkey meat exports to China for January-February 2015 have declined 91% since 2014, 43% below 2004. So far in 2015 for this time frame Mexico has retained its number 1 ranking for U.S. turkey meat exports, China has dropped to 18th in the world and 4th within East Asia.

Although the U.S. other poultry meat exports to East Asia and the world total increased in 2014 from 2013, they dropped 42% to China. U.S. other poultry meat exports are still up substantially since 2004. In 2014 the number 1 other poultry meat item exported to China was paws.

East Asia retained the number 1 region in the world for U.S. JanuaryFebruary 2015 other poultry meat exports with U.S. other poultry meat exports actually increasing 4% for the time frame. However, U.S. other poultry meat exports decreased 43% to China for January-February 2015.

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