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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

20 April 2015

BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 20 April 2015BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 20 April 2015

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin


Changing Danish pork exports

Due to stable Chinese exports and the Russian ban, Danish pork exports to third countries fell from 53,835 tonnes (including offal and live pigs) to 45,474 tonnes in January. However, exports to Japan rose to 9,340 tonnes and shipments to Australia increased to 5,029 tonnes, while exports to the USA and South Korea have increased. Taiwan, the Philippines and New Zealand are emerging as important new markets, as shipments to Eastern Europe have plummeted. (Source, Markedsnyt)


On European markets fresh hams traded at slightly rising price levels last week. Likewise, loins also met a slightly improved market while other cuts were traded at virtually unchanged prices on the week. The British bacon market was reported as stable. Steady sales were reported to third country markets. (Source,


Special offers on the grill

The President of the pig producers of Brittany has complained about the strategy used by French retailers. At the end of 2014, pork chops retailed at €7.20 per kg and in early 2015, the same product can be found on the shelves at €2.00 per kg. Several Leclerc hypermarkets near Lamballe were visited during the Easter weekend and trolleys were burnt in the car park. Michel-Edouard Leclerc says special offers are legal but said he wouldn’t object if the French government decided to intervene on prices. Leclerc’s boss reminded producers that all pigs processed in Kerméné (Leclerc centrally integrated meat plant) come from Brittany. The tension is increasing and vandalism will not be tolerated by retailers any longer.

Profits for Fleury-Michon

Last year, Fleury-Michon recorded a profit of €17.9m. The group also increased its market share with French retailers. From January to March 2015 their turnover reached €182.1m compared with €168 a year ago.

€4 Million from MSA

The social charges of pig producers facing cash flow difficulties will be covered by the National Farmers Insurance (MSA) up to a total of €4 million.

€2 Million from Terrena

The Terrena board is announcing a plan to support pig producers. €2 million will be invested over 5 years to support building and refurbishing projects. The support will be limited to €20,000 for farms producing less than 4,000 “charcutiers” pigs per year and to €30,000 for those producing more than 4,000 pigs per year.



Despite the increase of the recommended price last week, slaughter facility requirements are still comparably high. At the same time, offers appear to have slightly decreased. In several regions, barely sufficient supplies were reported. The same can be said for the meat market, where the warmer weather has delivered additional impulse to the market. Barbecue meat has been sold in increasing quantities compared with earlier weeks. The current market situation enabled producers to gain a further increase in the recommended price of €c5 per kg to €1.50 per kg. (Source, AMI)



Following seven years of retraction, the number of sows in Spain increased from 2.252m in 2013 to 2.357m in 2014. There were 2.688m sows in 2006 but this fall has been largely compensated by higher productivity. Production is expected to rise by 5.7% in 2015, following an increase of 4.1% in 2014. Exports should progress further following a record year in 2014. (Source, various)


Increasing Kuban pig population

In a statement by Sergey Garkusha, Minister of Agriculture of the Kuban region, predicted the pig population in the region to reach one million pigs by 2018. The increase is due to the planned reconstruction of outdated pig complexes and the construction of new ones. The Kuban region includes Krasnodarskiy krai, Stavropolskiy krai, Republic of Adygeya, Republic of Karachayevo-Cherkessiya and Rostovskaya oblast. (Source,


Pork consumption decreased

During January to March this year, Ukrainians consumed 160,000 tonnes of pork, which is 9% less than in the corresponding period a year ago. According to forecasts made by the Ministry of Economic Development, due to Ukrainians lower purchasing power, total pork consumption in the Ukraine in 2015 will decrease by 12% to 843,000 tonnes. (Source,


€35m investment in new farm

The construction of a new pig-breeding complex is planned to start in May near Slonim. The investor, Beldan FLLC, is planning to invest €35m in the farm for 55,000 pigs with annual production capacity of 6,000 tonnes (liveweight). The project is forecast to be completed in 2018. (Source,


Further rise in consumption but lower exports

Brazilian pork consumption rose again to 15.4kg per head in 2014 from 15.1kg in 2013. Over ten years, consumption has regularly edged upwards by a total of 3.5kg (+30%). Meanwhile, exports are down to their lowest level since 2004 at 494,000 tonnes. Exports to Russia increased to 187,000 tonnes from a low base and exports to Hong Kong fell to 111,000 tonnes from 121,000 tonnes. Brazilian exporters, traditionally focused on Russia, have had difficulties finding alternative markets. (Source, Brazilian statistics)


Pork market opening to EU pork

Subject to EU agreement, Mexican veterinary inspectors will visit Belgium, Denmark, Poland and Romania in June. In addition, Spanish plants may also get approval. Spain recently benefited from a renewal of access for processed pork products for a further three years. The EU EHC for pork to Mexico is expected to be uploaded to the Traces system on 2 May. The EU will discuss the results of the inspections at a meeting in Mexico City in the first week of July. (Source, European Commission)


Fall of Yurun’s sales

Turnover of Yurun fell in 2014 to £19.1b (-10.6%). This unexpected fall appears to be linked to lower pork and poultry prices (Source, CN Agri, our comment)

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