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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

09 April 2015

BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 8 April 2015BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 8 April 2015

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin


Tönnies take over Rüdiger Thomsen

Tönnies has completed the acquisition of Rüdiger Thomsen Schlacht-und Zerlegebetriebe. The company slaughters 300,000 pigs and 28,000 cattle annually at two facilities in Northern Germany. (Source, Tönnies)

Kaiser's Tengelmann takeover halted

The Federal Cartel Office has prohibited the EDEKA takeover of 450 branches of Kaiser's Tengelmann. The competitive authority fears that a union of the companies would result in price increases and less competition according to Federal Cartel Office president, Andreas Mundt. The announcement was made on Wednesday in Bonn. (Source,

The German Top-10

Concentration in the German slaughterhouse sector continues year on year. In 2014, the 10 largest companies accounted for three-quarters of total slaughterings with the three largest companies accounting for more than half of the total. Tonnies, with 26% share, continues to consolidate leading position. Westfleisch, with five slaughterhouses, has grown by 3% and is close to matching Vion’s market share. (Source: Mercolleida)


Due to the Easter holidays and the loss of two slaughter days, demand for slaughter pigs has fallen slightly in the current week. However, only a small oversupply is anticipated in the coming week. In addition, the holiday has resulted in some additional demand on meat markets and enabled minor price increases for some pork cuts. Overall, the recommended price remained unchanged at €1.40 per kg for the third consecutive week. Most market participants are also expecting a further unchanged price next week. (Source, AMI)


China access

From 1 March 2015, French charcuteries have been authorised on the Chinese market. This is the result of persistent work produced by Inaporc with their Chinese representative, M. Fanye Meng, who has proved to be a strong ally when dealing with Chinese authorities. The 517 containers blocked are now history, initially, pigs' ears, trotters and offal represent the majority of products exported but the development of home delivery and electronic sales opens opportunities for cooked ham, dry ham and dry sausages and seven exporters are on the waiting list to join Cooperl (Broc’liande), Delpeyrat (Haraguy) and Sacor.

Healthy segment

Twelve years ago, Fleury-Michon did not anticipate the “reduced salt” range representing 25% of their charcuterie sales, as they did in 2014. The sales of healthy ranges of charcuterie products increased by 16% in 2014 compared with 1.3% for the global charcuterie range. Seventy per cent of French households buy some “salt reduced” products, not only cooked ham but also dry ham, sausages, lardons. Last year Fleury-Michon added eight products to their healthy range. Own brand products such as Monique Ranou (Intermarché) are also benefiting from the “25% less salt” trend.

Special baguette sandwich

The ham and cheese baguette remains the top selling snack in France and Fleury-Michon has just launched a new retail pack of Paris ham and Emmental cheese slices designed to fit in a French baguette in order to prepare the classical “Paris beurre”, simply replacing the butter with the cheese.


On 31 March, the Coutances court approved the offer for a partial takeover of the AIM pig abattoir. The offer is from the employees at the Ste Cécile pig abattoir supported by state aid and should result in 206 jobs being maintained out of 357. Following a 3 week strike, the new company (SAS format: Simplified Stock Company) will only slaughter 3,000 pigs per week compared with 13,000 at the end of last year and should be operational by 8 April.


Pigs: The French charcuterie pork market was balanced at Plérin on Thursday. However, renewed pressure cannot be excluded, as slaughterhouses may be more cautious in the run-up to a week cut short by Easter Monday. The evolution of European, and especially German, markets will be closely monitored with several member states experiencing bank holidays this week.

Cuts: According to France Agri-Mer Kantar World Panel, purchases of fresh pork by French households fell by 1.4% up to 22 February compared with the same period last year. A 2.6% fall in tonnage of loins was only partially offset by a 4.4% rise in volumes of other cuts. This fall should be considered in the context of more attractive prices. At €6.40 per kg, the average price has fallen by 5.5% compared with 2014; down 5.9% for loins to €6.60 per kg and down 1.3% for other cuts to €5.50 per kg.


Argal opens a centre for meat innovation

Argal opened the "Taller Argal/Argal’s Workshop" this week. This will be a centre for creation in which the company can develop new products related to quality and innovation. It will also analyse relevant nutritional and gastronomical trends in the meat sector from the centre. (Source: Alimarket)

Spain exported 9.5% more pork in 2014

The Spanish industry exported 1.71 million tonnes of meat and processed meat products in 2014, amounting to €4,350m with a trade balance of 375%. Spain is the fourth largest exporter of pork in the world with an 8% market share. In total, more than 1m tonnes of pork were exported, an increase of 9.5% compared with year earlier volumes. (Source:

Pork production 4% higher in 2014

Spanish pork production increased by 4% in 2014 and surpassed 3.5m tonnes for the first time, a record for the sector. Pig production is the leading Spanish meat activity representing 83.5% of total Spanish meat production. As for the production of processed meat products, Spain is ranked fourth in the European Union at 1.3m tonnes per year. (Source:

Higher exports for ElPozo Alimentación

ElPozo Alimentación increased export volumes by 24.7% in 2014. Revenue increased by 9.1% and, as a result, its workforce increased by 5.3%. The organisation now sells products in over 80 countries and has an objective to consolidate in regions with most potential such as Asia and Eastern Europe, while continuing to open new markets. (Source: Carnica 2000)


Chinese-Russian ties

Russian and Chinese veterinarian authorities met last week to strengthen trade ties between the two countries. The Russians have insisted on a timetable of inspections and visits to accelerate pork exports from China to Russia. At present, there are two Chinese companies certified, but the volume exported in practice is still insignificant. The Chinese authorities have requested a list of Russian companies interested in exporting pork to China. (Source: Mercolleida)

Pork production increasing

According to information published by the Ministry of Agriculture, during the January to February 2015 period, production of pork totaled 459,000 tonnes in liveweight terms. At this level, it was 9% higher than during the same period in 2014. (Source,


Pig breeding initiative

In a meeting managed by Yaroslav Krasnopolskiy, the Deputy Minister of the Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, officials discussed future plans for in-field animal breeding. According to information provided by the Ministry, 190 animal-breeding facilities are planned to be launched in 2015/2016. Specifically, it is planning to launch 57 pig breeding farms with a total capacity of 11,500 breeding sows. (Source,

Frozen pork stock increases

During the January to February 2015 period, frozen pork stocks increased by as much as three times compared with the corresponding period in 2014. The volume of frozen pork produced during the period was 3,800 tonnes. (Source,


New bacon plant for Daily’s

Daily’s Premium Meats, which is jointly owned by Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods, plans to build a new £28m bacon plant in St. Joseph, Missouri. Site work is expected to begin this summer, while operations are anticipated to begin in May 2016. The new plant will produce sliced-to-order naturally hardwood smoked bacon and employ approximately 200 people. The new plant will be built across the street from Triumph Foods’ fresh pork processing plant. Daily’s has operated bacon-processing plants in Missoula and Salt Lake City since 1893, and markets and sells a variety of processed pork items from signature honey cured bacon to Applewood smoked bacon to naturally smoked hams to breakfast sausages. (Source,


Return of FMD

The authorities in Korea have reported 41 new outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in the country representing 26,667 pigs for the period 8 February to 2 March. So far, vaccinations and slaughter of infected animals has not been able to stop the epidemic. Since the first outbreak of foot and mouth disease on 3 December, there have been 151 cases of the disease, of which 147 were found in pig herds and 4 in cattle herds. To date, a total of 139,061 animals from 160 herds have been culled. (Source, various)


Thaifoods Group expands

The company plans to expand its production in Thailand (7,900 sows) and Vietnam (1,500 sows) to 17,400 sows to support its commercial farm operations and contract farms during 2015. Its GGP farm will double to 900 sows. In the first nine months of 2014, Thaifoods reported a net profit of £18.2m (+26%). The chicken business accounts for 72.3% of turnover with the rest coming from feed and pig production. Thaifoods has filed for a listing on the Thai stock exchange. (Source, Asian Pork)


Bee Cheng Hiang opens in Bangkok

Ben Cheng Hiang, the Singaporean market leader for eighty years in Bakkwa, the golden thinly sliced barbecued pork, is opening its first outlet in Bangkok in collaboration with Betagro. (Source, Asian Pork)


KPS is developing pig farming in Eastern Indonesia

Karya Prospek Satwa (KPS), a local partner of CP, is planning to develop pig production in North Sulawesi. Some 90% of the people in the province are non-Muslims. Also, KPS plans to expand in East Nusa Tengarra (a province North of Australia bordering Timor). (Source, Asian Pork)


San Miguel’s ambitions

The company is set to spend around £135m annually over the next few years to expand its businesses in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines as well as venturing into Malaysia and Thailand. These include new feed mills and meat processing plants. (Source, Asian Pork)


De Heus new plans

The feed producer is opening two new plants in the first quarter in Binh Dinh (60-80,000 tonnes capacity) and Vinh Phuc (200,000 tonnes). De Heus’s six factories can now produce 850,000 tonnes including 300,000 tonnes in the Dong Nai plant using Dutch technology. In addition, the company is opening a 120 place boar stud. (Source, Asian Pork)


New factories for WH

WH Group plans to open four plants that process American-style pork products using Smithfield technology, as it looks to increase its branded meat sales. The first plant will open later in 2015 in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province in east-central China. It will initially produce up to 50 tonnes of bacon, ham and sausage per day. On the other hand, in 2014 WH imported less pork than planned from Smithfield Foods despite the wide price difference. (Source,

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