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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

15 December 2014

BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin 12 December 2014BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin 12 December 2014

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

The July PEDv Regulation, setting temporary import requirements on live pigs from North America, initially applicable until 12 January 2015, has been extended until 31 October 2015.

The latest forecasts from the European Commission show a positive outlook for pork exports, due to increase from 2 to 2.5m tonnes between 2014 and 2024. Asian demand should also push EU prices up. Chinese imports should double to 2m tonnes in the period, with Europe the main beneficiary.
We received a large delegation from the National Agriculture Products Quality Services (NAQS) of Korea. This organisation whihc is in charge of farm support, food quality control and safety, including laboratories services, employs 2,500 staff.


Support requested

The French Minister of Agriculture, Mr Stéphane Le Foll, wrote to Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture, asking for support measures to strengthen competitiveness on global markets. By doing so, Mr Le Foll supports the Danish proposal to set up EU private storage. This storage would not only include carcases and cuts but also fats and offals, with an incentive to export at the end of the storage period. The French and the Danes believe this measure would alleviate the pressure on the pig market. However, Germany is not convinced…

Last pig abattoir in Paris region

The Ile de France region has just supported the allocation of a €251,000 to the last pig abattoir in the Paris region. The site, located in Houdan, west of Paris, will benefit from this support to solve present cash flow difficulties and to open a new packing line. Today, the company has 85 staff with a turnover of €25 million and will focus on developing activity with short supply chains.


Pigs: The decrease of European prices penalises French prices. The 56TMP base price lost €c8 last Monday in Plérin. According to “Marché du porc Breton” if the French market is close to balance with good slaughterings and good consumption, supply remains easy.
Piglets: The decrease in the 56TMP price was translated into a decrease of FNP-FNCBV prices. Last week they lost €c2 for 25kg weaners and €c6 for 8kg piglets.
Cuts: No price changes reported at the beginning of this week. French consumption is reported as stable but no better, and there is no progression on the export market. Prices are under pressure from the competitiveness of other European meats.



On the European market, fresh hams and other cuts traded at similar prices levels, at best or at slightly lower prices. The British bacon market also reported a somewhat pressured sales situation. For countries outside Europe, trade is still reported as slow to both Japan and China.


Argal Food Group acquires majority stake of Embutidos Monells

With a turnover of €85m and 293 employees, Monells will join the Argal Food Group. The company will maintain full autonomy of management, own legal entity and continue to operate with their brand of origin. With this project, Argal Food Group improves its competitiveness in the sector with an overall turnover to €275m. The company employs 740 workers, rank third in Spanish meat processing sector. (Source:


New way of pig marketing

Meine Kleine Farm goes further than organic production with its outdoor rearing methods. In addition, each individual pig slaughtered has its photograph on the Internet site with the slaughter date and Internet buyers can purchase products made from individual pigs. The company that has been operating for three years also markets beef alongside traditional German pork products and, of course, memorabilia. See (Source, Meine kleine Farm)

Wiesenhof goes for GMO-free feed

The move by poultry giant Wiesenhof is viewed as highly significant for the whole German meat sector. (Source, AFZ, various)


The latest quotation remained unchanged at €1.32 per kg for class E pigs. Next week (with full working days) the demand for slaughter pigs will remain high, but over the following two holiday weeks will be reduced. On 17 December, the last quotation for this year, will take place. The first quotation in the New Year will be on 7 January 2015.


Environmental push

Assocarni, the Italian meat processors’ association and Zoetis (animal health) have launched a report on meat life cycle and sustainability. See (Source, Eurocarni)


Micarna Group

Micarna group takes over the eastern Swiss Meat specialty manufacturer Rudolf Schär AG. The purchase price has not been disclosed. Rudolf Schär AG was founded in 1945 in St. Gallen. Both partners already have had a close supplier co-operation for many years. (Source,,


Pork to overtake beef

For the first time since records began (1952), pork production will overtake beef production, which is still being hit by past droughts and herd rebuilding. This should happen from next September. (Source, USDA)

Pig adventure

Fair Oak Farms in Indiana have created a “pig adventure” in one of their breeding farms. The new farm holds 2,800 sows and aims for 31 piglets weaned per sow per year. The complex includes a totally separated biosecure viewing gallery above the production, where new born piglets are shown and the life cycle demonstrated area, including a visitors’ centre with holograms, exhibits, video presentations and games. Pig farms are often open to tourists in Europe but this is a rare example in the USA and this venture benefits form a major investment. The agro-tourism attraction on a major trunk road is linked to a dairy farm working on the same principles. (Source, Pig Progress)


Brazil exports to US for the first time

On 20 November, Brazil exported pig meat to the US for the first time. Although the export volume was small, it is considered a great chance to enter the market and gradually consolidate their position on the US market. To achieve this, it took two years of negotiations and plant inspections from the US authorities. (Source: Agrodigital)

BRF stops stalls

Brazil Foods (BRF) is phasing out gestation stalls over a 12-year period. The company held discussions with World Animal Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture and the University of São Paulo. (Source, WattAgNet)


Grupo Gamas plant

With an investment of more than 39.8m pesos (€2.3m), Group Gamas have opened their new plant in the Mexican state of Yucatán. This facility will specialise in pork, chicken and beef. (Source: Eurocarne)


TGE detected in Argentina

Transmissible Gastro Enteritis (TGE) has been discovered on a commercial pig farm in the town of Rio Cuarto (Cordoba - Argentina). When the virus first enters a farm, the disease manifests abruptly and rapidly spreads among animals. (Source: Eurocarne)


ASF in luggage?

The Lithuanian police arrested a number of travellers from Belarus at Vilnius railway station, bringing pork products supposedly infected by African Swine Fever. (Source, Rosselkhoznadzor)


Belarusian meat inspections

On 9 December, Rosselkhoznadzor experts started inspecting over 20 Belarusian meat and dairy enterprises that currently cannot export their products to Russia. Rosselkhoznadzor introduced a ban after its experts repeatedly found the ASF genome in Belarusian products. The inspection will last untill December 16. (Source,


Temporary ban to Russia

According to the statement by Rosselkhoznadzor, the Department of Veterinary and Food Surveillance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus has stopped issuing certificates for the export of pork that was not treated with heat to the Russian Federation. Pork products that were not treated by heat over +720 Centigrade for at least 30 minutes cannot be exported to Russia. (Source,


KSG Agro investment

KSG Agro is planning to build a pig farm to breed Dutch pigs in Dnipropetrovska oblast, Ukraine, in 2016. The farm capacity will be 1,310 pigs at an estimated cost of €6 million. The company is currently looking for foreign investors to launch the project. (Source,

South Africa

Imports of ribs down

Pork ribs are an integral part of the braai barcecue and the South African way of life. They also represent the main pork import. However, at 898 tonnes for October, imports are down 25% on normal volumes. We have no explanation yet for this fall. (Source, AMIE)


FMD outbreak

On 5 December, South Korea's agriculture ministry confirmed an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) on a pig farm located some 100km south of Seoul. The outbreak at the farm in Jincheon, comes nearly four months after the last confirmed case was reported at a pig farm in Hapcheon, some 350km south of Seoul. According to the Korea Herald, the ministry, however, noted the possibility of the animal disease spreading was slim, as all farms here are currently required to vaccinate their cows and pigs against Type O FMD found at the farm in Jincheon. (Source, Asian Agri-biz)


Bird flu concerns

The city of Jiaxing launched its emergency plan to control bird flu after a woman came down with the city’s first case since last winter, according to the official Chinese news agency Xinhua. Relatives said the woman had bought two live chickens at a roadside farmers’ market and was keeping them at home before slaughtering them. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection confirmed that a 31-year-old woman had come down with H7N9 across the border in Guangdong Province. Both infected women were being treated in hospital. China has reported 462 cases of human H7N9 infection since 2013, with 175 deaths. (Source, Asian Agri-biz)

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