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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

28 November 2014

BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin 28 November 2014BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin 28 November 2014

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

BPEX participated last week to World Food, a new fair in Beijing. We also provided a speaker for a meat conference that took place during the fair. We will report more completely next week.

The EU may also soon be able to resume exports of breeding pigs to Russia after Rosselkhoznadzor officials said they were “considering” lifting the restrictions.

Competitive EU exports bounced back in September to 283,000 tonnes up 6.4% on September 2013. Outside Asia, the best markets in the first nine months of the year were the USA with 64,000 tonnes (+43% on the same period of 2013), Angola with 49,000 tonnes (+10%) and Australia at 45,000 tonnes (+32%). This follows an excellent August, the sixth best ever month for pork exports. Overall, exports are still expected to be down in 2014 due to the Russian boycott. The main development this year is the EU regaining market share in Japan due to the price advantage against US, Canadian and Brazilian pork. Exports to Greater China are flat.


Westfleisch new quality concept for weaners

Westfleisch will now work for three qualities for weaners: standard, premium and premium+. Premium+ weaners will originate from Westfleisch-approved boars and will be antibiotic-free. Current price differences between standard and best vary from €2 to €10 per weaner. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)

Second Schweinmobil

The Schweinmobil, the burger van that promoted sustainable pork production since January 2013 has driven 10,000km and sold more than 1m burgers. A second van was unveiled at Eurotier. (Source, Boerdrij Vandaag)

Higher German output in third quarter

Although the first half of 2014 showed a retraction of German pork production of 1.8% against the same period of 2013, third quarter figures show a rise of 1.5% to 1.37m tonnes again, against the same period of 2013. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)


Confidence collapses

Following three years of high confidence by pig farmers, the recent spate of low prices has led to a collapse with a majority of them pessimistic about the future. Still, 43% of them intend to invest in pig production. On the other hand, lower input prices lifted profitability in August and September. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)

Fewer and fewer pig producers

LTO the research organisation predicts that in ten years, there will be only 1,000 pig farmers left in the country from 5,000 nowadays. These will mainly produce weaners and have much higher biosecurity. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag)


Consumption of salumi in good form

The consumption of processed pork products has risen by 2.7% in volume in the first nine months of the year and by 2.2% in value. The sales of PGI and PDO products, which are important for the Italian pork sector, were stable. Sales of the San Daniele ham are up 2.2%. (Source, ISMEA)


Unhealthy food banned in schools
From 2015, ice creams, fast food, sweets and soft and sweetened drinks will be banned from Slovak schools. (Source, AFZ)


Pork prices down

As the country recovers from PEDv, the price, of pork is falling. It is now around at £1.79 /kg carcase in Central Luzon. (Source, Asian Pork)

Thai Land

Pork production recovers from PEDv
Slaughter numbers are back to around 40,000 pigs per week from 37,000 at the height of the epidemic. Normal volumes would be around 42,000 pigs per week. (Source, Asian Pork)


Korobuta pigs in Bali

CP’s close partner in Bali, PT Kanya Prospek Satwa, is trying to develop the prized Korobuta (Berkshire) pork on the island for Japanese and Korean restaurants in Bali and Jakarta. Meanwhile, lndonesian pig producers are happy with prices of £1.98 /kg carcase for white slaughter pigs for a cost of production around £1.47 /kg. With such good prices, overproduction is a risk, says Phaitoon N Na Ayudhaya from CP. (Source, Asian Pork)


Call for CP to cap live exports

Calls have been made to government to limit live exports to Laos. These have grown to 25,000 for the first six months of the year, creating a shortage on the home market. (Source, Asian Pork)


Hormel’s exit

The US processor is exiting Vietnam, quoting poor profitability. The company owns feed mills, pig farms and a processing plant. (Source, Hormel)


Consumer confidence still low

According to the respected Wespac MNI Consumer Indicator, confidence edged up to 111 from 110.0 last month renaming close to the record low 110.8 seen in September 2011. The sentiment is linked to the difficulties in the housing market. (Source, South China Daily)

FMD in Jiangsu

An outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) was detected in 35 pigs in the Jiangsu Province. Cases have been reported there in the past. (Source, OIE)

PIC reports reduction of pig projects

With pig producers reporting losses, low prices have “significantly reduced the larger producers’ planned expansion projects… figures from the Chinese Minister of Agriculture suggest the sow herd has reduced by around 4m heads (8%) since the start of the year, making stronger prices likely in 2015. Widespread PEDv also made animal movements difficult”, said Karim Bitar CEO of PIC-Genus China. PIC has concluded a commercial agreement with Rivestone for a new pig production project of 24,000 sows and reports increased shipments of gilts to New Hope. (Source, Asian Pork)
Truein goes for Nucleus.

The large producer and processor has concluded an agreement with Nucleus from France for its genetics. (Source, CNAgri)

New projects in Hunan Province

The Muyuan Group has signed an agreement with Hua County (Hunan) for an investment of £39m for the production of 400,000 pigs per year. Meanwhile, Wen Group has signed an agreement with Jingzhou Dong Autonomous County (Hunan), again for the production of 400,000 slaughter pigs per year. (Source, CN Agri)

‘Fragrant’ pork for Xinnian

The Zhengzhou pork producer and processor has introduced a new premium antibiotic-free pork range in its 50 stores in the 13m capital of Henan Province. The feed includes a herbs, vegetable, and fish, based additive, developed by its Chairman Mr Ye. (Source, Asian Pork)


Record pork prices

Domestic and Russian demand have lifted Brazilian pork prices to record levels. Prices of €2.31/kg have been quoted. (Source, various)


New mission to China

Jean-Guy Vincent of the Canadian Pork Council joined Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Federal Minister of International Trade Ed Fast, Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, Minister of Industry James Moore and Agriculture Minister, Gerry Ritz, for the four-day mission to build relationships, promote Canada's pork products and expand trade access. This is the second pork mission this year alone and the trade is now worth C$ 250m.


Agro Mousquetaires

With the recent purchase of GAD, Agromousquetaires has become the second largest operator in the French pig meat industry (third in the overall meat industry). Agromousquetaires owns 3 pig abattoirs and 7 processing plants. Their latest acquisition, now named Josselin Porc Abattage (JPA), will process 23 000 pigs per week.

New products

The Zepros (retail newspaper) selection of new products includes a Madrange spit-roasted cooked ham with salt content reduced by 25%, rind off, defatted and cooked in the Madrange special vegetable stock with a 4 slice pack retailing at €2.65. A similar product (100% French) is prepared by Les Arcutiers for the traditional charcuterie counter. Another winner is the new Jean Caby pack of bacon flavored cocktail sausages.

News on genetics in France

Choice Genetics

The sow Naïma celebrated its 20th anniversary at Space with one leitmotiv: 1 additional piglet born = 1 additional piglet weaned, and sold!

Doses of the boar Rekor, launched in 2013 by AND, are selling well, between January and September 100,000 straws have been sold.

Gene+ et PIC

28,000 doses of the boar Stargen have been sold by Gene+ et PIC in September and 72,000 sows have been inseminated over the 12 months up to October 2014.


No new boar at Nucleus but improved accuracy in terms of feed measurements in breeding farms.


The performances of the last Topigs sow have been released: over 1,032 litters: 14.09 total born, including 12.63 weaned resulting in 10.4% loss over total born and 6.7% loss over born alive.

Porc Ex Breeding France

A new quarantine will be set up to strengthen the sanitary measures put in place by Porc Ex Breeding France, sows stay between 6 and 9 weeks in order to be tested (PRRS etc).


Pigs: With a stable European market and national supplies that remain sufficient to cover current demand, the 56 TMP base price remained the same as last week in Plérin. According to “Marché du porc breton”, delays in marketing pigs as a result of the 11 November bank holiday persist, confirmed by an increase of 250g in middleweight carcasses.

Piglets: Prices are stable in France, due to the combined effect of balanced demands and offers. FNP-FNCBV prices are stable.

Cuts: The market is calm due to the end of the month. Export is reported as regular but sales are lower than the levels of the previous years’ according to the professionals. To sell their stock, some operators have reduced prices and therefore prices are under pressure.



On European markets, fresh hams and other cuts traded at similar price levels on the week, and in some case prices were marginally firmer. Sales for the British bacon market were reported at stable levels. Sales to third-country markets were reported to be slower on the week.


Noel Food Investment

Noel Food plans to invest €24m in the construction of a new factory to increase its production of cured sausages and cooked ham by 25%. The facility will be located in Sant Joan les Fonts (Girona) next to their current headquarters. The new plant will cover 18,000sqm (Source: Carnicas 2000)

Farm Sant Martí, best pig farm in Spain

The highest award, the Diamond Poc d’Or, and the Special Award for maximum productivity have gone to the same company, Farm Sant Martí of Pinsos Grau, S.A. Company (Barcelona). This is the first time in the history that both awards have been awarded to the same company. The farm, which has set a new record with 34,78 piglets weaned per sow per year. (Source: Carnicas 2000)


Belarussian meat-processing plants banned

Rosselkhoznadzor banned imports from nine Belarussian meat-processing plants, commencing from the 24 November. The restrictions are a result of inspectors finding products that didn’t meet their quality requirements. The plants are Inko Food, Babusin Glechik, Belovezhskiye Delikatessy, Slutskiy plant, Berezovskiy plant, Gomelskiy plant, Dzerzhinskiy, Servo Luks and Smolevichevskaya poultry farm. (Source,


Danosha builds 24,000 head pig unit

Danosha, the Ukrainian company owned by Danish investors, is to build a pig farm with a total capacity 24,000 pigs in Deliyeve, Ivano-Frankivska oblast. The farm is the company’s sixth pig farm to be built in the Ukraine (Source,


JBS to acquire Primo Group

JBS Australia, the largest fresh meat processor in Australia, has signed a deal to acquire Primo Group, the largest ham, bacon and smallgoods producer in Australia and New Zealand. Primo’s operations include five processing plants operating across Australia as well as New Zealand, employing more than 3,000 people. The transaction is set to leverage the Primo Group’s growing export operations across Asia, including China, and is consistent with the global strategy of JBS to grow its presence in value-added products. (Source: The Guardian)

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic could start exporting pig meat again
The Minister of Agriculture of the Dominican Republic, Angel Estevez, said that in 2015 the Dominican Republic could be declared free of Classical Swine Fever, which would allow the resumption of exports of pig meat and sausages (Source: Eurocarne)


Changes even in Hawaii

Although the state used to import most of its food, farmers markets and small-scale pork production are now flourishing.

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