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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

07 November 2014

BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin 7 November 2014BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin 7 November 2014

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin


Pork loin price structure

One of the main issues for French pig meat processors is the ability to pass additional buying costs on to retailers. This results in the decrease of margin for the processing sector. Philippe Chalmin, President of the Price & Margin Observatory (OPM) used the example of pork loins, the price of which, as UVCM (in store produced retail packs), increased by 16% between 2010 and 2013 (first semester). Over the same period, retailers’ margins increased by 12% while processors’ margins decreased by 2%. OPM gives controversial figures regarding the net margins of French retailers (down 0.8% for butchery counter and 5.8% for charcuterie counter) which are contested by meat industry syndicate SNIV-SNCP.

One € for GAD

On 26 October, the trade court of Rennes accepted the SVA Jean Rozé proposal (it was the only one) and in spite of assets estimated at €5 million, the Intermarché subsidiary only had to pay one symbolic euro to save 530 jobs out of 755. Gad’s debts reached €120 million split between banks (€10 million), social organisations (€20 million), taxes (€7 million) and a number of suppliers (€7million), salaries (€15 million) and Cercab group (€60 million). Intermarché’s plan is to secure 100% in-house supply of pig meat to their seven processing plants and their 2,000 stores including the Hard Discount chain Netto. According to Agromousquetaires, the agro-food pole of Intermarché, the group is planning to invest €125 million into food production by the end of 2014; €20 million should be invested in GAD.


Pigs: The 56 TMP base price lost €c0.1 last Monday at Plérin. Offers are high and sufficient to meet current demand of abattoirs. The market is not good despite falling temperatures but operators anticipate that consumption should now improve quickly. Export markets seem to be more active.
Piglets: The market was slightly firmer at the beginning of this week. The FNP-FNCBV lost only €c2 for 25kg weaners €c35 for 8kg piglets.
Cuts: The French market is firmer which is due to the start of the month. Retailers and restaurants need higher restocking rates and the trade remains average for shoulders, loins and legs.



On European markets, hams traded this week at unchanged prices as was the case for most other cuts. The British bacon market reported a continued stable trade situation at similar prices. Further afield, good activity was reported for countries outside Europe including both Japan and China.


Large numbers of slaughter pigs in Germany

While several producers requested a price increase at the beginning of the week, the current market for slaughter pigs in Germany is mostly balanced. The number of available slaughter pigs decreased slightly but is still significantly higher than at the same time last year. While the numbers were only barely sufficient in some regions last week, pig supplies regionally exceeded demand from the slaughter facilities. As a result, most of the large slaughter facilities have already mentioned that they would not accept a price increase. Therefore, the recommended pig price, once more, remained unchanged at €1.40 per kg.


Takeover of Prima by Nortura approved

The competition commission has approved Nortura’s takeover of Prima Jæren’s abattoir in Kviamarka (Ha region) for £55m. Prima and Nortura will collaborate in primary processing with a joint venture where Prima will hold 51% of shares and Nortura 49%. Prima will retain ownership of sales and marketing. Prima turnover amounts to about £100m. (Source, Bladet Kjøttbransjen)

Coop buys ICA

Coop Norway has bought the 553 Norwegian ICA stores from the Swedish retailer. This means the Norwegian market has only three retailers left. Coop accounts for 22.7% of the food retail market and ICA 11.1%. (Source, Bladet Kjøttbransjen)


Pulled meat

With the success of pulled meat unabated, pulled pork must now compete with pulled chicken and pulled beef for consumers’ attention. The category is vibrant with branded, convenient products such as the Jack Daniel flavoured range, hickory smoked pulled meats and even Harley Davidson branded pulled meats. (Source, own)


Streptococcus Disease

According to the Canadian Swine Health Network, Streptococcus Suis remains the most common problem on farm. The bacteria affects piglets from eight to ten weeks of age. It causes meningitis and can cause death in extreme cases. (Source:

South Africa

South Africa reopens to Brazilian pig meat

Mr Francisco Turra, Executive President of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein, announced the reopening of the South African market for Brazilian Pig Meat (Source: Eurocarne)


Belarus import ban demanded

Sergey Dankvert, Head of Rosselkhoznadzor, said that the organisation will insist on banning pork imports from Belarus due to the threat of spreading the ASF virus. On 11 November, Mr Dakvert will discuss the situation in detail with Leonid Zayats, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus. (Source,


Higher pork production

According to the National Statistics Committee, pork production in Belarus grew to 14,300 tonnes in September compared with 13,800 tonnes in August. Total pork production during the January to September period amounted to 127,500 tonnes. (Source,


Pork prices keep decreasing

Wholesale pig prices continue to fall due to the seasonal decrease in demand, limited access to the Russian market and the need to compete with lower prices quoted by pork producers from the eastern regions of Ukraine. On 3 November, the liveweight pig price was UAH23.5-25.0 per kg (US$1.81-1.92 per kg) in the eastern and western regions and UAH23.0-24.0 per kg (US$1.77-1.85 per kg) in central regions. Market experts say that the decreases will continue to the end of November when Christmas and New Year demand for pork will push prices up. (Source,


New venture for Grimaud

Grimaud/Choice Genetics of France has agreed a strategic agreement with Ningbo Tech-Bank and Hanswine who are entering in the capital of Choice Genetics with Grimaud retaining the majority of shares. Choice Genetics China will be a new subsidiary with its own R&D and commercial capability. (Source, Porc Magazine)

DBN now in Heilongjiang

The pig breeder has opened a new GP farm in Bayan near Harbin using Canadian Large White and Landrace for an investment of £8m. (Source, CN Agri)


Pork congress

A novelty for Malaysia, a congress on “High Quality Pork” took place in Borneo. Alongside presentations on pig health, Malaysian celebrity chef, Ringo Kaw Fan Chu, hosted a pork cookery workshop. (Source, Pork Network)

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