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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

13 October 2014

BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 10 October 2014BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 10 October 2014

British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

This week, BPEX led a market mission of exporters to the Philippines. Meetings were held with the Philippine authorities and members of the Meat Importers Trade Association and Philippine Association of Meat Processors. A programme of market insight visits included a Manila cutting plant, cold store and the Pasig City wet market. The main event was a business matching event where 20 Philippine importers had meetings with the delegation, strong enquiry has been reported.

“Slow roast Dingley Dell pork belly in spiced apple purée” served by Gordon Ramsay’s new Hong Kong restaurant Bread Street is described in lyrical terms in this week’s Time Out Hong Kong.


No crisis say the banks

The pig sector is not facing a crisis despite falling margins and prices say ABN and ING. Rabobank has not commented so far on the situation. Prices may have found their floor. They are expected to increase next week. (Source, Beorderij Vandaag, various)


Minister unhappy by the response of the European Commission to the Russian ban

Marek Sawicki, the Polish Agriculture Minister, qualified the EU response to the Russian ban of European food as inadequate and criticised the current compensation mechanism. (Source, Boerderij Vandaag).


Gad equipment for sale

From 7 to 15 October, the online auctioneer Roux Troostwijk will sell the equipment of the GAD factories of Lampaul Guimiliau and St Nazaire. The 1,700 items include the kill line (20 000 pigs per week), the cutting lines and the processing equipment (grinders and mixers), together with the packing lines. According to the auctioneer, the sale should be one of the most important in the food sector in France.

Eurexia in trouble

As a result of shrinking margins, the company located in St Chamond (Loire) specialising in the processing of own brand dry charcuterie products went into receivership. Forty-five jobs are under threat.


Pigs: The first trading session of the week ended with a new decrease in the 56 TMP base price, losing €c1.6. According to “Marché du porc Breton”, the “catastrophic” European context is not good for the French market. Offers improved yesterday in Plérin.

Piglets: Due to falling European market and to prices decreasing for pork at butchers, the French market has found stability difficult. No evolution for the prices and it, is, therefore, no surprise that FNP-FNCBV prices lost €c10 for 25kg weaners and €1.78 for 8kg piglets.

Cuts: Due to the start of the month, and to restocking there is a slight improvement on the market. However, this is not sufficient to compensate for the lack of activity on export side. Unfortunately, there are no signs of any stabilisation taking shape at the moment or on the horizon.


20% fall in pig prices

Over the summer, the traditional upward trend in the pork prices on the Spanish market broke down. The price fell from €1.48 per kg in early July to €1.21 in September. The increase in European pig meat on domestic markets as a result of the Russian restrictions has hit the Spanish market. In addition, the Russian closure to all meats from Canada and USA is applying additional pressure to the market. (Source,

Tello boosts its presence in Muslim markets

The company has looked at nearby markets asculturally diverse as Morocco. The company expects pork exports to Morocco to reach 100 tonnes later this year. (Source,


Germany opens office in China to promote their meat exports

Meat German GmbH, the body responsible for promoting meat exports in Germany, has opened an office in Beijing with the aim of promoting food exports to this country. (Source,


Tönnies invests

Tönnies is aiming to develop a production base of half a million slaughter pigs in Serbia with an investment of €200m, says Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to Tanjug news agency after his visit to Germany. Some 8,000 jobs will be created. (Source, SeeNews)


Aujeszky's disease

The Romanian authorities have informed the OIE of the appearance of an outbreak of Aujeszky's disease in Jijila (Tulcea). The disease was not recorded in the country since January 2012. The origin of it is unknown. (Source:


Softening of the import ban

Russia has restored eligibility of pork liver, heart, kidneys and pork fat from approved plants with the same conditions applicable as before 7 August. This of course does not apply to pork from the EU. (Source, Rosselkhoznodzor)


Negotiations continue between EU and Mexico

The European Commission has already agreed a model Health Certificate with Mexico. Plant inspections and Mexican authorisation are now pending. The country does not accept, for now, the system of pre-listing by the Commission, although the situation should be fixed as soon as their authorities inspect countries’ systems. Spain, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy and Portugal have already submitted questionnaires. (Source,


Call for higher offal duty

Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura and the Swine Development Council are demanding for the duty of offal imports to be raised from 5 to 35%. Meanwhile, The Philippine Meat Importers Trade Association is calling for duties to be lowered (Source, Manila Standard, Own)


CP’s pork ambitions

CP Cambodia has confirmed plans to double its swine production by 2019 to meet Cambodia’s demand for pork products, estimated at 200,000 pigs per week. The company will spend US$8m to increase production from the current 1m head of swine, to 2m over five years. CP is also building a second feed mill in Cambodia. (Source, Phnom Penh Post, various)


British foreign politics

The British government, faced with a clear choice between supporting Hong Kong demonstrators and doing business, has clearly chosen the latter. Sharp memories of the fallout following the Dalai Lama official visit in May 2012 that froze relations for 18 months still linger. (Source, Sunday Times, various)

WH Group enters US$1.5 Billion Credit Facility

The new facility will be used to refinance the entire outstanding principal of the Company’s existing US$4 billion term loan facility bearing an interest rate of LIBOR plus 4.5% (Source: its own)


More activists’ woes

An activist is reported to have produced yet another new documentary filmed in 50 Australian pig farms showing unethical practices. The Australian pork sector is protesting, saying that the film does not represent local practices. (Source, Daily Mail UK)


Imports from Thailand

Following the inspection of the Bang Khla abattoir in Chachoengsao province which belongs to Charoen Pokphand Foods, Russian Rosselkhoznadzor officials approved the export of pork from the plant to Russia. Import volumes from the plant are forecast around 4,000 tonnes per month. (Source,

Belarus import restrictions

Rosselkhoznadzor has banned imports of products from the Orshanskiy meat-processing complex in Belarus after Rosselkhoznadzor officials detected the AFS genome in a batch of their sausages. The infected batch is being held by Rosselkhoznadzor while veterinary inspectors are investigating how they were infected with the virus genome. (Source,

Russian meat production

During August 2014, Russia produced 470,200 tonnes of meat and by-products, which is 0.9% less than in July 2014, but 10.4% more than in August 2013. Specifically, in August 2014, Russia produced 133,100 tonnes of pork and pork by-products, which is 3.4% less than in July 2014, and 9.6% less than in August 2013. (Source,

Uruguay to increase exports to Russia

Aleksey Likhachev, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, and Luis Porto, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, have agreed that Uruguay will increase the volume of agricultural products (including beef, pork, lamb and dairy products) exported to Russia. (Source,

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