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USDA International Egg and Poultry

02 October 2014

USDA International Egg and Poultry - Middle East - 1 October 2014USDA International Egg and Poultry - Middle East - 1 October 2014

USDA International Egg and Poultry

Middle East

The Middle East Region includes Arabian Peninsula States, NEC; Bahrain; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordon; Kuwait; Lebanon; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Syria; Turkey; United Arab Emirates (UAE); and Yemen.

Broiler meat production in the Middle East for 2014 is forecast to increase 3% over 2013 and be 57% above 2004. Meanwhile, 2014 total domestic broiler meat consumption is expected to increase 3% over 2013 and 65% above 2004. In 2004 Middle East broiler meat production met 72% of total domestic broiler meat consumption. In 2014 Middle East broiler meat production is estimated to meet 68% of total broiler meat consumption needs.

Middle East total estimated broiler meat imports for 2014 are forecast to be up 7% over 2013 and 132% higher than 2004.

Estimated Middle East total broiler meat exports in 2014 are 563,000 metric tons (MT), 14% of 2014 estimated broiler meat production. In 2004 total Middle East broiler meat exports were 59,000 MT, 2% of broiler meat production. Total 2014 Middle East broiler meat exports are forecast to be 29% above 2013 and up 854% since 2004.

Middle East Total Broiler Meat Import, Production & Consumption Comparisons (1,000 Metric Tons)

The Middle East Region ranks 6th for United States (U.S.) broiler meat exports, 9th for U.S. turkey meat exports, 8th for U.S. other poultry meat exports, and 6th for U.S. egg product exports. When comparing January-July cumulative totals, broiler meat is the most popular U.S. poultry item exported to the Middle East.

Total Middle East Broiler Meat Imports & Broiler Meat Imports From U.S.* Comparisons (1,000 Metric Tons)

U.S. January-July 2014 cumulative total broiler meat exports are 9% below 2013, but up 117% since 2004 for comparable time frames. When comparing January-July 2004 cumulative totals, Turkey was the predominate destination in the Middle East for U.S. broiler meat. In 2014, when comparing January-July totals, U.S. broiler meat exports to the Middle East were divided among more countries. U.S. total broiler meat exports to the Middle East for the January-July time frame have gone primarily to Iraq (30%), Turkey (22%), and the United Arab Emirates (21%).

U.S. Broiler Meat Exports To The Middle East January-July Cumulative Total Comparisons (Metric Tons)

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