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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

29 July 2014

BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 30BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 30

An estimated 10 British companies, led by the British Pig Association, are now expected to attend VIV China, which will take place in Beijing from 23 to 25 September. The organisers are aiming for a stronger pig focus as well as more meat interest, although this aspect still needs more delineation.
British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

A new pig breeding brochure will prepared, in Chinese and English. The existing document is nearly 10 years old and has served us well.

The Eurotier mission of the China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA) will be invited to a reception during the Hanover show in November, as has been the case in the past.


New abattoir for Westford

The Dutch meat company Westford has announced plans for the construction of a new slaughterhouse in Ijsselstein. The new plant is scheduled to handle 650 pigs per hour or 22,000 pigs per week and is expected to be completed by the end of next year.
(Source, various)



According to “Les Marchés”, SVA Jean Rozé has confirmed their interest in taking over the GAD abattoir in Josselin.

SPACE 2014

The annual show specialising in animal production will take place in Rennes (Brittany) from 16 to 19 September. This show gathers together 1,400 exhibitors, 700 animals and attracts 114,000 visitors including 12,300 overseas visitors coming from 110 different countries. More information:

IFIP Morning conferences

During Space, see above, IFIP are organising conferences on each day of the show and this year the themes include:

  • Tuesday 16 September: Image by RX scan: a benefit to the pig industry
  • Wednesday 17 September: The situation on European work on non-castrated male pigs
  • Thursday 18 September: How to use new technical/economical services to better manage a pig herd
  • Friday 19 September: Evolution of production models in Europe, between economical requirements and social acceptability.


The foodservice specialist is strengthening its supply of charcuterie products by simultaneously purchasing three companies under the Saveurs d’Antoine umbrella. These companies are Midi Salaisons in Avignon, François Marche in Lyon (that belonged to Christophe Arnoux) and Négotours. The turnover of Saveurs d’Antoine could reach €100m.


Pigs: Prices for pork butchers decreased last Monday at Plérin. According to “Marché du porc breton”: offers were moderate (a little more than 9,000 head) and a significant number were unsold (1,200 head). However, it was insufficient to contain the decrease in prices. The 56 TMP base price eased by €c8 on a very calm market.

Piglets: Breeders and fatteners were very prudent at the beginning of the week in the face of significant offers. FNP-FNCBV prices were stable last week.

Cuts: Despite unsettled weather the market is better in holiday regions, which is good for seasonal cuts: loin, breast, shoulders… Slaughter throughputs remains quiet, operators want to avoid having to keep too much stock.

Pork prices RUNGIS week commencing 21 July 2014

Cut namePrice range (Euro/Kg)
Back fat, rind-on 0.50
Trimmings 1.44
Leg 2.75
Loin including chump 3.07
Loin excluding chump 2.92
Belly extra without trimmings 2.81



On the European market, the holiday season has dampened demand. Fresh hams traded at unchanged or slightly lower prices. Other cuts are also traded slowly. The UK bacon market and third-country markets were reported as stable.

Danish Slaughterhouses - payments week commencing 21 July 2014
SlaughterhouseDanish CrownTican
Slaughter pigs (70.0 – 86.9 kg)
Difference to last week
Sows (Above 129.9 kg)
Difference to last week
Boars (Above 109.9 kg)
Difference to last week
n/a n/a


Pork prices Barcelona Market Week commencing 21 July 2014
Cut namePrice range (€ / kg)
Gerona Loin Chops 2.85/2.88
Loin Eye Muscle 3.73/3.76
Spare Ribs 3.38/3.41
Fillets 5.48/5.51
Round Cut Legs 3.30/3.33
Cooked Ham 2.77/2.80
Rindless Picnic Shoulder 1.84/1.87
Belly 2.63/2.66
Smoked Belly with Spare Rib Section Cut off 3.06/3.09
Shoulder chap or Head Jowls 1.16/1.19
Back Fat, Rindless 0.63/0.66


Pork Prices Hamburg Market Week commencing 21 July 2014
Cut namePrice range (€ / kg)
Round cut leg 2.32/2.45
Leg (boneless, rindless max fat level 3mm) 3.15/3.35
Boneless Shoulder 2.45/2.60
Picnic Shoulder 2.00/2.25
Collar 2.70/3.00
Belly (bone in, ex-breast) 2.10/2.40
Sheet Boned Belly (rindless) 2.00/2.30
Jowl 1.25/1.35
Half Pig Carcasses U class 1.97/2.07


7th tender for Kapuvári Hús

The Hungarian government has failed for the 6th time to sell the pork processor in liquidation since the autumn of 2012, as Saudi investors missed payment deadlines.
(Source, Budapest Business Journal)


Meat import forecast

According to forecasts by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, in 2014 Ukraine will import meat and meat products totaling 179,000 tonnes. As of 1 July, Ukraine had already imported 82,000 tonnes of meat and meat products, including 6,000 tonnes of beef, 50,000 tonnes of pork, 23,000 tonnes of poultry meat.


ASF outbreak

Rosselkhoznadzor offices in Brianskaya and Smolenskaya oblasts reported that an outbreak of ASF was registered in Smolenskaya oblast. Two large pig-breeding enterprises are located in the neighboring region: Smolenskoye Pole (100,000 pigs) and Smolenskiy Product (32,000 pigs). Smolenskaya oblast administration imposed quarantine for 30 days in the region where the outbreak was registered to prevent the spread of the virus to other regions. Pigs on the affected farm were slaughtered.


Pork prices stable but low

At £1.80 per kg carcase Chinese average pork prices are up from a low of £1.65 in April. They have maintained this level since May. However, these prices are not high enough to ensure the profitability of the average Chinese pig farm.
(Source, CN Agri)

Third time lucky for WH

As recently discussed, WH is preparing for the third time its potential listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The new pricing implies a P/E of 11.5 which is much lower than other listed food companies in China and lower than the previous offer of 15. The deal is also smaller at £1.35b. The number of banks involved has been cut to 2 instead of 29; existing investors have also reassured that they will not exit the stock for at least for one year following listing. It should work this time...
(Source, Financial Times)

McDonald and KFC embroiled in scandal

Their supplier, Shanghai Husi Food, has been using out of date meat to supply the two fast food chains. IKEA, Subway and Dico had stopped using them. Husi had a supplying agreement with OSI, the main sourcing company of McDonald worldwide. In addition, McDonald has stopped selling chicken products in Japan. The Western chains have had plenty of successes but also troubles in China. In December 2012, state-run CCTV reported that chickens used by KFC were fed chemicals and 18 types of antibiotics to make them grow faster. Some of the recent revelations were unveiled by Dragon Television.
(Source, People Daily)

Chinese wholesale prices week commencing 21 July 2014

 Price (RMB/Kg)£/KgChange on week
Pig Carcases 18.77 1.79 +0.54%
Source: BOACL
Prices collected from wholesale markets in 36 medium and large Chinese cities


Outbreak of FMD

An outbreak of foot and mouth disease has been detected in a large pig farm in Gyeongbuk province in Centre-West Korea.
(Source, OIE)


Better merchandising for "Natural Pork"

Presentation of the Betagro CAP pork brand has been given a facelift in Tops Market. The merchandising is very premium with black shelve markers and banners. Still, the claims “all natural, free range, herbs-fed pork” would be unlawful in Europe.
(Source, own)

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