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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

02 June 2014

BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 22BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 22

Although pork exports are faring well, the low value of exports to China remains an issue. For April 2014, our exports were worth US$ 1,458 per tonne, the lowest value for all Chinese imports. In contrast, French exports top the table at US$ 2,401 per tonne, followed by the USA at US$2,307 per tonne and Denmark at US$2,135 per tonne.
British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin


Indication of firm market?

Unlike last year, Dutch weaner prices remain consistently around the €50 mark this year, an indication of firm European prices for the second half of the year.
(Source, Boerderij Vandaag)

PIC Piétrain, a hit with KI Twenthe

The boar line represented 34.9% of all 352,000 semen doses marketed by the major Dutch AI centre in 2013. Topigs’ Tempo only sold 13.5% of output. More than 90% of semen is sold by KI Twenthe are Piétrains.
(Source, Boerdrij Vandaag)

Little hope for Russia

State Secretary Sharon Dijksma offered little hope for an early resolution of the import ban during a debate in Parliament. This was confirmed by a communication from Brussels-based Frans van Dongen.
(Source, Boerderij Vandaag)


Slaughterhouse on the verge of closing

The Danish Crown slaughterhouse on the island of Bornholm must save €3.3 million a year, otherwise it will be shut down. If the 190 slaughterhouse workers accept an 8% pay cut, the slaughterhouse can be saved. However, the employees have rejected this and now await Danish Crown’s final decision on Monday.
(Source, Ritzau)

Pulled meat for the barbecue

Tican’s Polish company, Nove, together with Jensen's Kitchen, has developed three different pulled products for the barbecue season: Pulled Pork, Pulled Beef and Pulled Chicken for consumers in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and northern Germany.
(Source, Tican)


The improved weather has resulted in an improved European market for fresh legs that have been traded at higher prices. Exports to the UK bacon market are stable and prices remained unchanged. Demand from Japan and China is reported as stable.

Danish Slaughterhouses - payments week commencing 26 May 2014
SlaughterhouseDanish CrownTican
Slaughter pigs (70.0 – 86.9 kg)
Difference to last week
Sows (Above 129.9 kg)
Difference to last week
Boars (Above 109.9 kg)
Difference to last week


Monique Ranou

The own brand of Intermarché charcuterie products comes from a family company started in 1905 by Monique Rannou’s parents-in-law. The company was taken over by Monique Rannou in 1967 who launched the company name Monique Ranou with only one 'n'. A partnership with Intermarché started in 1992 focusing on cooked ham and “lardons” and the company became a full subsidiary of Intermarché in 1998. Today, the brand appears on products from six different sites, representing a turnover of €199m. The awareness of the brand reaches the incredible rate of 65%. The brand also became famous with the slogan: “It is so good to trust a woman”…

French exports

Half of French independent charcuterie stores are failing to make a profit, therefore the industry is looking for more rewarding channels and is naturally attracted by exports to EU markets first and is now also starting towards the Far East. Total French charcuterie exports represent €370m with the main customers being Belgium, Germany and the UK with dry sausages or “saucissons” valued at €105 million, followed by sausages (€68 million) and cooked ham (€47 million). The budding Asian market including Japan, Korea and Hong Kong already represents €21 million.


Pigs: Due to the increase in the German recommended price, up €c8 last Wednesday, prices increased in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Spain. In contrast, the base price in France continues to decrease. According to “Marché du porc Breton” the decrease of the 56TMP price, down €c9 last Monday at Plérin, was due to higher offers (more than 15,500 pigs). Abattoir requirements are limited again this week due to Bank holiday on Thursday.

Piglets: The French market remains stable. Offers are sufficient to meet current demand. It is to be noted that the decrease in the price for Charcuterie pork continues to reduce the FNP-FNCBV indices. Last week, they lost €c2 for 25kg weaners and €c21 for 8kg piglets.

Cuts: Although this week has not been very good, it was better than last week. European context is better and exports will increase. The Bank Holiday on Thursday should result in higher purchasing and the beginning of the month is not far off. We are just waiting for better weather.

Pork prices RUNGIS week commencing 26 May 2014

Cut namePrice range (Euro/Kg)
Back fat, rind-on 0.50
Trimmings 1.26
Leg 2.65
Loin including chump 3.13
Loin excluding chump 2.89
Belly extra without trimmings 2.73


German pig market roughly balanced

Increased demand in the face of tight pig supplies in several German regions resulted in a large €c8 increase in the recommended price last week. While pigs were scarce in the first half of the week, availability significantly improved after the price rise and the market was roughly balanced in the second half of the week and, therefore, the recommended price remained at €1.68 per kg.

Pork Prices Hamburg Market Week commencing 26 May 2014
Cut namePrice range (€ / kg)
Round cut leg 2.40/2.50
Leg (boneless, rindless max fat level 3mm) 3.30/3.45
Boneless Shoulder 2.45/2.55
Picnic Shoulder 2.00/2.25
Collar 2.95/3.20
Belly (bone in, ex-breast) 2.10/2.40
Sheet Boned Belly (rindless) 2.05/2.30
Jowl 1.35/1.45
Half Pig Carcasses U class 2.05/2.15


Pork prices Barcelona Market Week commencing 26 May 2014
Cut namePrice range (€ / kg)
Gerona Loin Chops 2.73/2.76
Loin Eye Muscle 3.58/3.61
Spare Ribs 3.18/3.21
Fillets 5.48/5.51
Round Cut Legs 3.20/3.23
Cooked Ham 2.69/2.72
Rindless Picnic Shoulder 1.78/1.81
Belly 2.43/2.46
Smoked Belly with Spare Rib Section Cut off 2.86/2.89
Shoulder chap or Head Jowls 1.26/1.29
Back Fat, Rindless 0.78/0.81


Sokolow takeover

The European Commission has given its agreement to the takeover of Sokolow by Danish Crown. This makes Danish Crown the largest pork processor in Poland.
(Source, European Commission)


Pork retailing no different

As in other EU countries, the pork market is split between locally produced pork heavily branded and sold at a premium, and imported pork that form the basis of heavy price promotions featured on the front page of every folder. For instance, Konzum, the largest Croatian retailer offers boneless bellies at Ku 19.49 per kg (£2.09) and Mercator, the largest retailer in the Balkans, boneless legs at Ku 29.99 per kg (£3.21).
(Source, own)


April production

According to the State Statistic Service, Russian pork production in April totalled 113,000 tonnes, a small increase compared with the 111,000 tonnes produced in March. Total volume of pork produced in the January to April period totalled 424,900 tonnes.


Meat production forecast for 2014

According to the Ministry of Economic Development forecasts, in 2014 Ukraine will produce 2.46m tonnes of meat, including 1.24m tonnes of poultry meat, 785,000 tonnes of pork and 400,000 tonnes of beef. As of 1 May, the Ukraine had produced 855,000 tonnes of meat.

Poland planning to resume pork exports to the Ukraine

In a TV speech, The Polish Agricultural Minister, Marek Savitskiy, said that Poland is counting on resuming pork exports to the Ukraine from 4 June. He mentioned that his Ukrainian colleagues have promised to draw up the protocol to be signed in Kyiv on 4 June. Mr Savitskiy insists that the volume of pork exported to Ukraine is not significant in volume terms, accounting for only 2% of Polish pork exports in 2013, so is of political rather than of economic importance.


Pork production decreased

According to the National Statistic Committee, pork production in Belarus in April 2014 totalled 13,200 tonnes, a decrease of 3,800 tonnes compared with March this year, less than the 18,600 tonnes produced in the corresponding month a year ago.


PEDv hits Maple Leaf

Mapple Leaf will close its largest pork plant, Brandon, one day a month, as the company grapples with the effects of PEDv.
(Source, Reuters)


Growth of exports

In 2013, Mexico exported 83,600 tonnes of pork (+3%). Japan remains the main market for Mexican pork with 66,600 tonnes shipped last year.
(Source, Eurocarne)


PEDv price implications

Pork prices have risen by 30% since the beginning of the year as PEDv hits pork supplies. This major price hike has affected all Far Eastern countries bar China.
(Source, various)


Chinese wholesale prices week commencing 26 May 2014

 Price (RMB/Kg)£/KgChange on week
Pig Carcases 18.75 1.79 +1.79%
Source: BOACL
Prices collected from wholesale markets in 36 medium and large Chinese cities

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