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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

10 March 2014

BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 10BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 10

After a few years absence, BPEX was back at Foodex in Tokyo this week with an offer of pork and sausages. Spanish pork exporters were also out in force.
British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

The position of Danish pork remains strong but is being slowly eroded. As the world’s third largest consumer, Japan is too large to be overlooked by serious exporters. However, tenacity and a long-term strategy including presence at shows such as Foodex are necessary.

We confirm that the new meat Export Health Certificate (EHC) for the Dominican Republic is 7351EHC. No other EU country but Spain has access for pork to the Dominican Republic and the country offers a good growth potential. A new certificate has also been drafted for export of pork products to Niger under 7673EHC at ‘exporters’ risk’.



The European markets are still heavily influenced by the closing for EU exports to Russia. It means that there is pressure on all cuts of fresh meat in Europe. Exports to Japan and China remain unchanged.

Danish Slaughterhouses - payments week commencing 3 March 2014
SlaughterhouseDanish CrownTican
Slaughter pigs (70.0 – 86.9 kg)
Difference to last week
Sows (Above 129.9 kg)
Difference to last week
Boars (Above 109.9 kg)
Difference to last week


Castration and tail docking

The French arrêté of 30 January 2014 published on 25 February restricts the eligibility of non-veterinarians to castrate and dock animals. As far as piglets are concerned, only qualified vets will be authorised to castrate pigs over 7 days old.

U porc NA

This is the result of a co-branding initiative launched by two co-operatives: Système U stores and Elivia meat co-operative. NA means New Agriculture and is an exclusive brand used by Système U for pork and rabbit. The objective is to secure the supply of French pig meat (50000 pigs from 28 producers to start with) in 1,500 stores on a three-year contract. The product will also benefit from the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur logo as pigs are fed on a linseed/ lucerne/cereal diet, rich in Omega 3. Elivia will then become the sole supplier to Système U of centrally packed fresh pork.

Pork prices RUNGIS week commencing 3 March 2014

Cut namePrice range (Euro/Kg)
Back fat, rind-on 0.60
Trimmings 1.28
Leg 2.77
Loin including chump 2.90
Loin excluding chump 2.46 - 2.50
Belly extra without trimmings 2.56


More pork to Russia in 2013

At 21,100 tonnes (+41%), Russia was the best performing market for Ireland in 2013 with total exports at 132,300 tonnes. However, these represented 16% of Irish exports, a dangerous level in current circumstances.
(Source, AHDB)


For Farmers buy HST Feeds Ltd

The major Dutch feed producer has bought the English mill that produces 140,000 tonnes of feed in Crewe. It will join the BOCM Pauls business unit. For Farmers produces 8.6m tonnes of feed with 2,200 staff in Holland, Germany, Belgium and the UK.
(Source, Boerderij Vandaag)

New show

A new and largish pig and poultry show took place in Venray in the Southern Limburg province. The next edition is now taking place on 24-26 February 2015.
(Source, Boerderij Vandaag)


Positive outlook for 2014

According to market research organisation, grocery retail sales in 2014 should rise by 2.3% in value, following a rise of 2.7% in 2013, mainly due to higher prices.
(Source, Fleischwirtschaft)


Teruel’s Board sacked

The Aragón Government has dissolved the board of the Teruel denomination for pork and cured meats including the famed Jamón de Teruel as it is facing a crisis with falling sales. An interim board has been named to manage the scheme before the June election. This board is headed by well-known personalities of the Aragón pork sector, Fernando Calvo Tejedor and Enrique Bayona; both of them have a long association with the denomination. This unusual move reflects the importance of Teruel pork products for Aragón.
(Source, Eurocarne on line)

Weakening exports

Spanish pork exports in 2013 stalled in most markets to 972,000 tonnes but the Russian ban led to the main fall by 33,000 tonnes.
(Source, AHDB)


Danish Crown takes full control of Sokolow

Danish Crown, after ten years of partnership with the Finnish-Swedish meat group HKScan, gets total control of Sokolow, Poland's leading producer of processed meat products. Danish Crown will pay €180m for the remaining 50% of the shares. In recent years, the Finns have been under pressure on its home markets in Finland and Sweden, and are now selling the business activity with the best earnings. Sokolow margins of 5% are clearly better than HKScan’s companies in the Nordic countries. HP Scan reports that, after the deal, the gearing of the company fell by 50%. Capital net improvement of the transaction is approx. €70m. Danish Crown still retains 1% of HKScan shares. Internal sources say HK Scan needed the cash. Sokolow is the largest meat processor in Poland with 6,500 employees and 7 plants. It is the third largest pig slaughterer and largest cattle slaughterer in Poland. In addition, the Sokolow brand is by far the strongest in the country.
(Source, Danish Crown, own)


ASF news


A new case of African Swine Fever was detected in the Russian Rostovskaya Oblast near the Ukrainian border in a dead wild boar. For memory, imports of pork and live pigs from the Luhanska Oblast and then the whole of the Ukraine have been banned. Also, Belarus has banned the imports of porcine products from Poland and the Ukraine has banned the imports from Lithuania and Poland.
(Source, Pigua info)

EU Commission advises countries against negotiating independently with Russia

The European Commission is unhappy with countries negotiating with Russia behind the back of the EU on conditions for lifting the ban on pork, reports state consultant Poul Jacob Erikstrup, the Danish Embassy in Warsaw with the Polish news media as sources. According to the report, EU Commissioner Tonio Borg sent a letter to the Ministers of Agriculture in Denmark, Holland and France appealing that they do not negotiate independently with Russia. The ban is costing the EU pork sector €4m per day.
(Source, Landbrugsavisen)

Brazil in, USA out

Imports of pork from the USA banned in February 2013 due the presence of ractopamine were due to restart on 10 March from guaranteed ractopamine-free supply chains. Yet, on 4 March, Rosselkhoznadzor cancelled its decision and gave no comments on when the US pork will appear on the Russian market. Meanwhile, Rosselkhoznadzor lifted the temporary ban on one Brazilian exporter following the December 2012 ban, due again to the presence of ractopamine in imported pork. More Brazilian plants are expected to be approved.

Kaliningrad runs out of pork

Over recent weeks, the five main sausage manufacturers in Kaliningrad have been on standstill or operating well below capacity due to the shortage of pork.
(Source, Pig Progress)

Russian Pork prices week commencing 3 March 2014

 MoscowSt Petersburg
Loin 5.22 /kg  
Hearts 2.86 /kg 2.94 /kg
Livers 1.97 /kg  
Boneless neck   6.30 /kg
Back fat   4.60 /kg


Grim prospects

At the USDA Outlook Conference, attended by 1,800 delegates in Washington, the veterinarian of the National Pork Producers’ Council gave a grim talk of the effect of PEDv on piglet mortality that is likely to depress output in 2014.
(Source, own)


Market intervention

The Chinese Government has started to buy pork for freezing in order to stem the current decline of prices.
(Source, Pig e-news)

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