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11 April 2012

International Egg and Poultry Review: UkraineInternational Egg and Poultry Review: Ukraine

The Ukraine experienced economic hardships in the 1990s. When an economic recovery began in 1999 it resulted in an increase in disposable incomes and the creation of a middle class with a pent up demand for dining out.
USDA International Egg and Poultry

Even though more than 95% of all food products consumed in the Ukraine are produced domestically, current domestic production and consumption of agricultural and food products is only half the level recorded during the last years of the Soviet Union.

While Ukraine’s total estimated domestic broiler meat consumption for 2012 has increased 435% since 2002 Ukraine’s broiler meat production for 2012 is estimated to be up 763% over 2002. Meanwhile, the United States (U.S.) poultry producers were the largest foreign supplier to the Ukraine from the early 2000’s to 2010 and since then they have lost market share. Currently, over 30% of processed and raw materials are imported from the European Union and 19% from the CIS.

The Ukraine’s 2012 total estimated broiler meat imports are being estimated to have declined 51% since 2002 and 88% since the 2008 peak. Meanwhile, US January-December cumulative total broiler meat exports to the Ukraine for 2011 are 695% higher since 2002, but 93% below 2008’s high levels.

Even though January 2012 US broiler meat exports to the Ukraine are up 1,168% over January 2011 and are 164% higher than January 2002, they are 83% below January 2005’s 10 year peak of January comparisons. US turkey meat exports to the Ukraine have been uneven and when comparing January-December cumulative totals. January-December 2011’s cumulative US turkey meat export total was 81% lower than 2006’s 10 year higher.

Even though the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers has extended the licensing of imports of fresh, chilled, or frozen poultry for 2012, Ukraine’s Minister of Agricultural Policy met with Russia’s Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor to open Russia’s market for Ukraine’s meat products resulting in a reported agreement by the media. The Ukraine’s estimated total broiler meat exports are estimated to increase in 2012 to 60,000 metric tons from 2002’s 4,000 metric tons.

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