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AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin

02 December 2013

BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 48BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 48

Two pork exporters and a sausage exporter will accompany the Prime Minister and Member of the Cabinet including the Secretary of State to China, leaving on Sunday.
British Pig Executive Weekly Export Bulletin

At the briefing meeting this week, the Prime Minister was presented with the main issues hindering our trade with China and we are pleased to report that he is getting more conversant with meat issues! We are indeed grateful for this major opportunity to raise our game in China.

Four Chinese veterinarians will visit a pig AI centre tomorrow. They are in the UK for a veterinary inspection of bovine AI centres and requested this visit. We are also hosting a London reception for the delegation.


Hénaff new product

The reputed Britton pâté and fresh sausages manufacturer Hénaff is launching its first dry saucisson. Positioned at the quality end of the market (€28.00/kg), Hénaff are planning to avoid direct competition with French market leaders, such as Aoste, by focusing on the Brittany market using the “locally produced” image to shoppers in the west of France. Jean Hénaff created the company in 1907 and has built the reputation with the production of high-quality pork pâté. Hénaff integrated pig slaughtering activity in 1980. Today, Hénaff employs 214 staff and slaughter 40,000 pigs per year. The company accounts for a quarter of the tinned pork pâté market and 20% of the fresh sausages market in the west of France.

Other new products

Just’un Délice
Justin Bridou launched a new saucisson without skin which does not need to be peeled. The product, called “Just’un Délice”, is produced from legs and contains only 11% fat.

La Droite
To compete with the famous “Bâton du Berger” (manufactured by Justin Bridou), Elpozo are launching a new 225g dry sausage named “La Droite”.

Noix de chorizo
Produced by Aoste from selected cuts of the leg, this very lean chorizo (9% fat compared with 42% for standard chorizo) is seasoned with Spanish spices (pepper from Murcia) to offer a unique taste.

The Northern pig meat specialist Porketto (JB Viande located in Hazebrouck), is pursuing a very active product development strategy following the very original Douillettes de Mélusine (sausages seasoned with mustard seeds). The new product is “Filochette” made of strips of cooked pork to be served cold or warm, in salads, sandwiches, pizzas, etc.

CSB in place at Uniporc Ouest

On 3 June, CSB Image Meater was launched in 18 abattoirs: Cooperl Montfort, Socopa Celles Belle, AIM Sainte Cécile, Bigard Saint Pol, Bernard Locminé, Charal Sablé, Gâtine Viandes, Socopa Châteauneuf, Loudéac Viandes, Abera, Cooperl Saint Maixent and Bigard Quimperlé. This system was chosen as it gives better results to predict the muscle rate (TMP) on the core range of carcases weighing between 84 and 97kg. The system is connected to a database which provides live results to the Uniporc Ouest system and other abattoir systems.

From China to Mexico

The Aoste Group, recently acquired by the Chinese Group Shuanghui International Holdings, could again change hands. The Mexican meat and cheese business Sigma Alimentos is planning to purchase 55% of the capital of the Spanish charcuterie group Campofrio. This company was purchased by Shuanghui International Holdings in May. Due to higher pig meat prices, Campofrio’s margins have dropped by 61%.

French Mountain pork under threat

Should Brussels insist on “Mountain pork” label producers using mountain cereal to feed pigs (100,000 pigs in France), the pig meat industry in the French mountains would be unable to comply. In fact, the meat industry in the French mountains in general would be under threat, as 40% of production from the multi species abattoirs in these areas is pig meat.


Pigs: Unsold pork from last Thursday has increased stocks on the pork market resulting in slightly lower prices at the beginning of the current week, with the 56 TMP basic price easing by €0.011. In spite of the high slaughter volumes last week (circa 392,000 head) being the second strongest of the year, the “Marché du Porc Breton” reports that throughputs were not as high as expected.

Piglets: Due to the stability of the finished pig market last week, prices for piglets have been stable or slightly firmer. FNP-FNCBV prices increased by €0.03 for 25kg pigs and €0.54 for post-weaning piglets.

Cuts: Demand for cuts is higher in line with the seasonal trend at this time of the year, nearing December. This context should be good for prices as they should increase if consumption improves. To note, that in Germany, prices are not performing as well as expected due to a 1% increase in slaughter throughputs in October, according to the MPB. Slaughterings in the third-quarter of the year were 2% lower on the year compared with a forecast drop of more than 7%.

Pork prices RUNGIS week commencing 25 November 2013

Cut namePrice range (Euro/Kg)
Back fat, rind-on 0.70
Trimmings 1.51
Leg 2.74
Loin including chump 2.88
Loin excluding chump 2.64
Belly extra without trimmings 2.66


Nove launches new products in Finland

Tican-owned Nove will enter the market in Finland by launching a range of new products which will include cube cut ham and chicken as well as cocktail sausages. Finnish consumers can buy the products in the COOP chains Prisma and Smarket under the name “Rainbow”.
(Source, Tican)


The European markets remain unchanged. The supply of pigs in Europe remains high, demand has matched supply with increased orders from larger buyers as the lead up to the Christmas season begins. On European markets, fresh legs are sold at similar or slightly lower prices. Exports to the UK bacon market remain stable at unchanged prices. For markets outside Europe, demand is reported as stable.

Danish Slaughterhouses - payments week commencing 25 November 2013
SlaughterhouseDanish CrownTican
Slaughter pigs (70.0 – 86.9 kg)
Difference to last week
Euro 1.561
Euro 1.561
Sows (Above 129.9 kg)
Difference to last week
Euro 1.066
Euro 1.066
Boars (Above 109.9 kg)
Difference to last week
Euro 0.933
Euro 0.933


Demand recovering

Suddenly, with national demand recovering, the Belgian market is looking healthier. However, exporters still report wafer-thin margins.
(Source, Mercolleida)


Vion cleared

The Zembla television programme in September accused Vion of fraud with the use of the Beter Leven quality mark. Vion has now been exonerated of this accusation and customers like Albert Heijn and Unilver have stuck with the company. Still, this accusation relayed by politicians and pressure groups has caused some damage.
(Source, Boerderij Vandaag)

Praise for pig producers

Dutch pig producers are the best farmers in Holland in terms of financial planning, much better, for example, than dairy farmers. In particular, they manage their liquidity and cash flow well according to financial analysts.
(Source, Boerderij Vandaag)

British recovery questioned

An editorial in the main farming papers highlights the positive results of the British pork sector but questions how long the “horsemeat effect” will last with retailers currently privileging domestic products. These comments seem out of date in view of current developments with Red Tractor pork in British supermarkets.
(Source, Boerderij Vandaag, our comment)


Sausage sales are falling

A presentation by GfK at the AFZ national meat congress in Frankfurt shows sausage sales under pressure while chicken sales are booming in discounters.
(Source, AFZ)

Antibiotics use sharply down

In 2012, some 1,619 tonnes of antibiotics, mainly penicillin and tetracycline, were used for livestock and poultry production in Germany. The main area of usage is central Nordrhein-Westfalen which has the highest pig density.
(Source, AFZ)

Pork Prices Hamburg Market Week commencing 25 November 2013
Cut namePrice range (€ / kg)
Round cut leg 2.30/2.50
Leg (boneless, rindless max fat level 3mm) 3.15/3.35
Boneless Shoulder 2.45/2.65
Picnic Shoulder 2.05/2.18
Collar 2.50/2.65
Belly (bone in, ex-breast) 2.35/2.50
Sheet Boned Belly (rindless) 2.30/2.50
Jowl 1.40/1.60
Half Pig Carcasses U class 2.05/2.15


Noël looks to foreign investment

With exports now worth 30% of turnover at €60m, the company is contemplating building a permanent presence in Asia.
(Source, Alimarket)

Interporc export push

The Spanish white pork interprofession Interporc called for a greater focus on export to China, Russia, Mexico and Brazil at its AGM. Pig health issues also featured high on the agenda. (Source, Eurocarne)

Pork prices Barcelona Market Week commencing 25 November 2013
Cut namePrice range (€ / kg)
Gerona Loin Chops 2.53/2.56
Loin Eye Muscle 3.33/3.36
Spare Ribs 2.93/2.96
Fillets 5.53/5.56
Round Cut Legs 2.98/3.01
Cooked Ham 2.69/2.72
Rindless Picnic Shoulder 1.75/1.78
Belly 2.24/2.27
Smoked Belly with Spare Rib Section Cut off 2.67/2.70
Shoulder chap or Head Jowls 1.20/1.23
Back Fat, Rindless 0.65/0.68


Market fall

The period of price stability described over the last few weeks has been replaced by a sharp fall to prices around the €1.44 per kg liveweight for the Milan quotation. Producers are alarmed and are blaming low priced imports. The processors’ association Assica believes there is too much PDO dry-cured ham on the market for current demand.
(Source, Agrodigital, Assica)


Lower VAT

The government has proposed lowering VAT from 22% to 5% on live pigs and carcases to combat fraud. The measure, due to take effect from 1 January, has been put to Parliament for approval. This is a general problem in Central Europe where the increase of VAT has been accompanied by a huge rise in fraud and grey market trading.
(Source, Agrodigital, our comment)


A bad good idea?

The resumption of feeding of pig swill looks a deceptively simple idea aimed at helping resolve the topical food waste issue in Europe. However, pig productivity, pig health and overall environment impact are not yet considered by the proponents who include a good spattering of celebrities and media. The “Pig Idea” is organising large scale events not only in London and Edinburgh as witnessed recently but also in Prague, Paris, Brussels and Dublin.
(Source, own)


New disease spreading

US veterinarians have demonstrated the rapid spread of the new PEDV disease (of Chinese origin) with 92 new herds now affected in a single week. In total, more than 1,000 herds are now affected. The effect on sow productivity is still unclear. Following a sharp increase of piglet mortality, herds seem to acquire immunity.
(Source, various)

Growth of large producers

The top 25 US pig producers added 132,000 sows in 2013 to 3.183m. Among the main increases, the Maschoffs increased to 208,000 sows (+12,000), Pipestone added 15,000 sows to 160,000 heads, Cargill 19,000 to 155,000, AVMC 18,000 to 100,000, Maxwell 21,000 to 90,000 and TriOak 19,000 to 54,000.
(Source, Successful Farming)


Strong numbers

Brazilian pig production should rise to a new record of 3.4m tonnes in 2013 on the back of lower feed prices and higher pork prices. Domestic and export demand are rising. Exports should reach 660,000 tonnes this year.
(Source, Mercolleida)


Small fall in pig population

According to Genesus, the Chinese sow population fell by 1% to 50.68m head between September 2012 and September 2013. Imports are expected to reach a record 775,000 tonnes cwe in 2013 with a new production record of 54.7m tonnes due to rising demand.
(Source, various)

US pork push

The US Meat Export Federation is stepping up its pork marketing in China with online activity, the recent expanded stand at Food & Hotel China. US pork is sold in Metro, Auchan, Sam’s Club and RT Mart.
(Source, USMEF)

Danish exports

The two Danish Crown plants now approved for China include Faaborg for bacon and Svenstrup for sausages and salami. It has taken the Danes six years of negotiation with Chinese veterinary authorities to open the market.
(Source, Agra Europe)

Chinese wholesale prices week commencing 25 November 2013

 Price (RMB/Kg)£/KgChange on week
Pig Carcases 21.97 2.21 -2.92%
Source: BOACL
Prices collected from wholesale markets in 36 medium and large Chinese cities

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