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21 November 2013

BPEX / AHDB 2012 Pig Cost of Production in Selected CountriesBPEX / AHDB 2012 Pig Cost of Production in Selected Countries

This report examines the relative costs of production in selected countries. This is a joint project currently involving the following organisations in 15 countries, which are known collectively as InterPIG.
BPEX / AHDB Country Reports

Key Points

  • The cost of pig meat production in Great Britain increased by two per cent in 2012, to £1.53/kg. The average cost of production in the EU was £1.46/kg deadweight, a two per cent reduction in sterling terms compared to 2011

  • The majority of EU countries, except Belgium, Great Britain and Sweden, experienced a reduction in the costs of production (in sterling terms) compared to 2011

  • Average producer prices were higher in 2012 than in 2011, with four EU countries having production costs below the EU average reference price

  • Average feed prices were higher in 2012 than in 2011, increasing by 3.5 per cent on average cross the EU countries

  • In 2012 as a whole, EU feed costs increased by two per cent compared with a year earlier, in sterling terms. The cost increase in Great Britain was six per cent, the second highest in the EU. Four EU countries experienced a reduction in feed costs compared with 2011

  • The overall average number of pigs weaned per sow per year in the European InterPIG countries showed a two per cent increase in 2012, up from 24.99 in 2011 to 25.41. There was a one per cent increase in pigs weaned per sow in Great Britain to 22.80, this was the lowest amongst the InterPIG members

  • The main reason Great Britain has a below average number of pigs weaned per sow lies in the number of pigs born alive per litter. The 2012 average, at 11.54, was lower than all but one of the European InterPIG members, although it was an increase compared to 11.39 in 2011. The EU average was 12.71, with five EU countries achieving more than 13 pigs born alive per litter

  • The average number of pigs finished per sow in Great Britain increased in 2012. At 21.69 pigs per sow, average performance was 0.36 pigs higher than in 2011

  • Great Britain produced 1.71 tonnes of carcase meat per sow in 2012, one per cent higher than in 2011 because of the small increase in the number of pigs finished per sow.

  • A BPEX survey of pig businesses that have achieved the 2TS target identified two common factors within these businesses as follows:
    • Weekly analysis and review of herd performance data and discussion with staff of herd actual herd performance relative to targets
    • Structured approach to staff training and skills development.

  • The survey also examined epidemiological factors such as production systems, building design and age, herd health status, nutrition and genetics but there were no factors common to the cohort of high performing businesses

November 2013

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