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USDA International Egg and Poultry

25 September 2013

USDA International Egg and Poultry: MexicoUSDA International Egg and Poultry: Mexico

Effective September 28, 2013 USDA AMS will be issuing new export certificates for further processed eggs and egg products shipped to Mexico.
USDA International Egg and Poultry

Egg Certification Policy Changes

Any exporters interested in shipping egg products to Mexico need to contact AMS to register for the new program, schedule an audit, and submit a documented Quality Manual to AMS as soon as possible. Once AMS verifies the company meets all requirements it will be listed as eligible to export. USDA AMS with the help of other government agencies (FDA, USDA FAS) and industry representatives developed a program to verify a wide range of products containing eggs (i.e. omelets, frozen egg patties, crepes, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, food containing egg extracts) for export. The export certificates issued by USDA APHIS will cease upon implementation of the new program.

Bird Flu

In August 2013, Mexico reported two new outbreaks of H7N3 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) to the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE). The first outbreak was reported August 12, 2013 in a backyard flock of quails in the state of Guanajuato. A total of 5 birds were destroyed and the situation is described as resolved. The second occurred August 19, 2013 in a commercial layer flock (10,000 birds) in the state of Jalisco. The case is ongoing and a total loss has not yet been reported. Control measures previously applied are still ongoing, including vaccination and surveillance.


FAS unofficially projects table egg production in Mexico to reach 2.6 MMT in 2014, while UNA estimates production to be 2.5 MMT in 2013 and 2.4 MMT in 2012. Imports of table eggs and egg products increased considerably in 2012 following outbreaks of HPAI; imports are expected to remain strong in 2013 and 2014 as well. Hatching egg imports also increased in 2012 and 2013. However Mexico’s Secretariat of the Economy (SE) announced a tariff rate quota for eggs from several countries, excluding Colombia and a few other countries. The US has duty free and unlimited access under NAFTA. Per capita consumption of eggs in Mexico is expected to be 20.8 kilograms (kg) in 2013 and 2012 and 22.4 kg in 2011.


FAS unofficially forecasted Mexican broiler meat production at 3.05 million metric tons (MMT) in 2014, 3.0 MMT in 2013, and unchanged in 2012 from its previous estimates. According to SIAP, the 5 largest producing states in 2012 are Jalisco (389,612 MT), Durango (357,267 MT), Veracruz (351,038 MT), Aguascalientes (333,782 MT), Queretaro (270,905 MT). Steady long term growth is projected. Lower grain prices have been offset by increased biosecurity costs. Imports have gradually increased in the past few years and are projected to unofficially reach 690,000 MT in 2014, 675,000 MT in 2013, and unchanged in 2012. Export forecasts aren’t as strong (5,000 MT in 2014, 5,000 MT in 2013, 2012 unchanged) since Mexico is limited to exporting processed products, which have received thermal processing, due to issues with HPAI. Consumption is recovering and consumers continue to seek more animal protein in their diets. FAS unofficially forecasts consumption to be 3.73 MMT in 2014, 3.67 MMT in 2013, and unchanged in 2012.


Mexican turkey meat production is unofficially estimated to be 10,000 MT in 2014 and 2013 and 14,000 MT in 2012. According to SIAP, the 5 largest producing states in 2012 are Chihuahua (5,816 MT), Yucatan (5,678 MT), Mexico (3,523 MT), Puebla (3,091 MT), and Tabasco (1,964 MT). About 60% of turkeys are sold raw for processing with the remainder for manufacturing, cutting, and smoking. Imports are estimated to be 166,000 MT in 2014 and 164,000 MT in 2013. Smoked turkey imports are expected to remain seasonal, while imports of Mechanically Separated Turkey (MST) to prepare deli meats and related products are anticipated to continue growing. Mexican exports are unofficially forecast as stable in 2014 (1,000 MT) and unchanged in 2013 and 2012. About 98% of Mexico’s chicken and turkey meat exports are from the US with the remainder from Chile and Canada. Exports from Brazil are expected in the future as 3 slaughter and processing facilities were recently approved. Consumption of turkey meat is unofficially projected at 175,000 MT in 2014 and 173,000 MT in 2013.

Source: USDA FAS Gain Reports MX3068 and MX3066/Promed/OIE/Various News Wires

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