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USDA International Egg and Poultry

18 September 2013

USDA International Egg and Poultry - 18 September 2013USDA International Egg and Poultry - 18 September 2013

USDA International Egg and Poultry

Shell egg shipments in July 2013 totaled 21.2 million dozen, up 3% from June 2013. Exports of fresh chicken shell eggs were actually
down 2%, but higher volumes of fresh bird eggs and hatching eggs resulted in an overall increase. Most fresh shell egg exports are fresh chicken eggs.

For January – July 2013, fresh chicken egg exports were up 81% in volume from a year ago, totaling 87.3 million dozen eggs. The
increase in total egg shipments is due almost solely to the large demand from Mexico. The 35 million dozen eggs shipped to Mexico for the first seven months in 2013 compares to only 1 million dozen eggs shipped January through July 2012. Mexico is now our top export market for fresh chicken eggs, replacing Hong Kong. Shipments to Hong Kong rose 17%; exports to Canada were up 37% and exports increased 17% to the United Arab Emirates.

Mexico is still facing delays in rebuilding its egg laying flocks following the Avian Influenza outbreaks that began in January 2013. As of August 28, 2013, the latest outbreak occurred on a layer farm in Jalisco on August 19. The year to date loss of chickens is over 7 million so far this year. As a result of the outbreaks U.S. exports to Mexico have been significantly higher for both fresh shell eggs and for hatching eggs.

Chicken hatching egg exports to Canada, our top market, fell 9% to 6.1 million dozen, compared to 6.8 million dozen for the first
seven months of 2012. Exports to Mexico were up 37%, increasing to 6.0 million dozen from 4.4 million dozen a year earlier. Total
chicken hatching egg exports were down 6% for the first six months.

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