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USDA International Egg and Poultry

31 July 2013

USDA International Egg and Poultry - 31 July 2013USDA International Egg and Poultry - 31 July 2013

USDA International Egg and Poultry

In 2012, the US implemented 3 new free trade agreements (FTA) with Panama (October 2012), Colombia (May 2012), and Korea (March 2012) bringing the total to 14 FTAs with 20 countries. The US is presently taking part in negotiations for the following: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP), and bilateral engagements with the EU, Canada, and China. The US met 5 times during 2012 to discuss the TPP agreement with the other 8 participating countries (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam).

In June 2012, Mexico and Canada were invited by the US and the other TPP countries to join in negotiations. The 18th round of TPP negotiations were recently held July 15-24, 2013 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. The US and the EU decided to explore options for expanding bilateral trade and investment by creating the US-EU High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth in June 2012. The group was tasked with recommending ways to expand bilateral trade and investment. An interim report was released in June 2012 followed by a final report in February 2013.

The first round of negotiations between the US and EU was held July 8, 2013 in Washington, DC. In 2011, the US and Canada agreed to establish the Beyond the Border (BTB) Action Plan and the Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) Action Plan to ensure the economic partnership. As part of the BTB Action Plan initiative, a pilot project was implemented in September 2012 to consider alternative methods of reviewing import documents prior to the shipments arrival at the border and alternative methods for release of shipments that are destined for further processing.

The pilots’ narrow scope includes only a few CFIAregistered establishments that export fresh meat to FSIS-inspected establishments for further processing. In September 2013 the pilot will be evaluated and consideration given for expanding future preclearance processes to all plants and meats. The RCC continues to promote economic growth, job creation, and increased regulatory transparency and coordination. The US and China share the world’s largest and most comprehensive bilateral trading relationship. The US filed a dispute with the WTO in September 2011 alleging China imposed measures that are inconsistent with various provisions of Articles of the Anti-Dumping Agreement and SCM Agreement.

In addition the US alleged China of being inconsistent with Article VI of the GATT 1994 in the way of improper reliance on the facts available and insufficient explanation of the basis for the determinations. A panel was requested and established in January 2012 with panelists chosen (May 2012) after the two countries failed to resolve matters. In November 2012, panelists announced a report would not be forthcoming until possibly late June 2013. Furthermore, the US and China committed to expanding its agricultural relationship and bilateral cooperation in the areas of food safety, food security and sustainable agriculture with the signing of the China-US Plan of Strategic Cooperation in Agriculture 2012-2017 (February 2012). China continues to ban poultry products from Arkansas and Virginia despite its contradictory claims in December 2012 at the 23rd session of the US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT). China is the second-largest single-country trading partner for the US based on two-way trade.

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