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USDA Catfish and Trout Reports

21 February 2013

USDA Catfish Feed Deliveries - February 2013USDA Catfish Feed Deliveries - February 2013

USDA Catfish Reports

January 2013 Catfish Feed Deliveries Down 50 Percent from Last Year

Total catfish feed delivered in the United States during January 2013 was 2,928 tons, down 50 percent from January 2012, and down 48 percent from the previous month. Foodsize catfish feed delivered totaled 2,804 tons, down 50 percent from the corresponding month a year ago. Feed delivered for fingerlings and broodfish totaled 124 tons, down 30 percent from the corresponding month a year ago.

January feed delivered to Alabama catfish growers for foodsize fish totaled 1,488 tons, down 45 percent from last year. Alabama accounted for 53 percent of the total foodsize catfish feed delivered to United States farmers.

The other major States with catfish feed deliveries for foodsize fish in January and their comparison to the previous year were Arkansas with 87 tons, down 68 percent; Louisiana with 81 tons, up significantly; and Mississippi with 390 tons, down 77 percent.

Foodsize Catfish Feed Delivered – United States

February 2013

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