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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 06 May 2015

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Wednesday 6th May 2015.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

MSD Animal Health


Is European Commission Wavering over Country of Origin Labelling?

The European Commission appears to be dragging its feet over the issue of country of origin labelling.

At the recent council meeting, it was revealed that two reports that should have been presented the European Parliament in December last year on country of origin labelling for meat products where other than beef, pork, lamb, goat or poultry and on milk and milk products and another on unprocessed food, single-ingredient products and ingredients that represent more than 50 per cent of a food have still not been produced.

There is also division within the EU over the introduction of the labelling legislation. While some countries want to see it introduced quickly particularly for milk and dairy products, others are concerned about the cost implications and the potential for pushing up food prices across the EU.

It is expected that the reports will be published within a matter of weeks and when they appear it is hoped they will give an analysis of the implications for the introduction of country of origin labelling.

Certainly, meat and dairy organisations across Europe are pushing hard for an early introduction of the regulations.

The French meat industry organisation SNIV-SNCP has called for the regulation on meat ingredients to be discussed at the council meeting on 16 June and the British dairy sector has been lobbying hard for the introduction of rules on country of origin for their products.

However, the concern of some that the introduction of labelling with the country of origin should be a balance between giving the consumer enough information and the cost of implementation has led to doubts over how effective the rules will eventually be.

There are worried that the final regulation could be watered down to just "product of the EU" and "product not of the EU".

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Frozen storage of ground beef that has been contaminated with E.Coli 0157:H7 enhances the survival of the pathogen.

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How Light Affects Meat Quality of Heavy Pigs
Pigs reared for Parma ham production with 16 hours of light per day spent more time resting and were heavier than those with just eight hours of light per day, according to researchers at the University of Bologna. There were no differences between the groups in terms of meat or ham quality.

Taking Muscles from Chuck Beef Does Not Affect Ground Meat Quality
Removing muscles from beef chuck has no negative effect on ground chuck quality in premium ground beef programmes.

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Alimentaria FoodTech Reinforcing International Position
SPAIN - The Barcelona Food Technology exhibition or Alimentaria FoodTech show in Barcelona last week attracted 38,000 professional visitors and featured the participation of more than 570 companies.
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