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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 18 March 2015

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Wednesday 18th March 2015.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief


MSD Animal Health

Welfare at Slaughter Concerns Raised Across Europe

A European parliamentary group has called on the European Commission to phase out slaughter methods, which it says cause intense suffering to animals, such as slaughter without stunning, the use of CO2 stunning for pigs and the use of electrical water-bath stunners for poultry.

The demand followed presentations by animal welfare NGOs, which analysed the impact on animal welfare of the new Council Regulation No 1099/2009 concerning the slaughter of animals.

The plea to the Commission follows the 310th session of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals.

The Regulation came into force on 1 January 2013 and were designed to improve the conditions and welfare of animals at time of killing.

However, the Eurogroup for Animals, Eyes on Animals and Gaia said that the improvements have been very limited and that methods, which are a major source of suffering, pain or distress are still widely used.

They added that the Food and Veterinary Office audits conducted since 2013 in 14 Member States had shown that the regulation is not being correctly implemented and enforced.

Michel Courat, the Senior Policy Officer for farm animals at Eurogroup for Animals analysed the regulation and welcomed some of its positive points, such as the obligation for staff to receive a training, or the obligation for abattoirs to have an Animal Welfare Officer.

But he denounced also the negative points of the legislation, such as the possibility of still using CO2 gas for pigs, and electrical water-bath stunners for poultry.

This week, a Halal seminar in \Warwickshire organised by the British beef and lamb levy board Eblex, heard that the Halal lamb sector in the UK saw the 2.9 million Muslim community holding 30 per cent of the lamb consumption.

Concerns were raised that Halal is not understood by the majority of the population and that welfare concerns are an integral part of production and religious slaughter.

However, there were clashes with the British farming representatives calling for the end of non-stun slaughter claiming that the welfare issues had been broadly described by organisations such as the British Veterinary Association and the RSPCA.

VIV Asia Digital 2015

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Eating Meat: Science and Consumption Culture Eating Meat: Science and Consumption Culture

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Americas Supply One-fifth of World's Eggs
Egg production in the Americas has increased by 2.2 per cent per year since 2000, maintaining the region's share of global total at just over 20 per cent, according to market analyst, Terry Evans, in his latest review of the trends in the world egg business.

Safety Breakthrough to Save Abattoir Injuries
There are more than 1,000 bandsaws in use in Australian meat processing, posing danger to the operators every time they are used.

Australian Pig Meat Production Predicted to Rise
Pig meat production is projected to rise gradually over the short to medium term, reaching 410,000 tonnes in 2019-20, according to John Hogan in the 'Agricultural Commodities' report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) for the March quarter 2015.

Chicken Meat Production Growing in Australia
Australian chicken meat production grew consistently over the decade to 2013-14, averaging nearly five per cent growth a year and will continue to increase in the coming years, according to John Hogan in the 'Agricultural Commodities' report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) for the March quarter 2015.

Company News

Call for Closer Collaboration Between Human, Animal Health
THE NETHERLANDS - Experts in animal and human health called on the medical, veterinary, public health and related healthcare communities to collaborate more closely to prevent and combat diseases, reports Zoetis.
Debates Planned for Meatup 2015
UK - A new free seminar programme is set for the 2015 Meatup, which for the first time co-locates with the Food Science & Technology Show.
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Global Meat Industry News


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   United Kingdom

Moderate Increases in Scottish Livestock Production
UK Pig Prices Fall Further
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   European Union

Aiming for Profitable Sustainable Poultry Sector
Call on European Commission to Fully Enforce Slaughter Regulations
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Agriculture Helping Irish Economic Recovery
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   New Zealand

New Zealand Infant Formula Receives Blackmail Threat


Danish Crown Cuts Slaughter Capacity at Ringsted


Ter Beke Sees Profits Rise


EU Lifts Ban on Paraguayan Beef


Sheep Meat Export Values Rise in January
January Australian Beef Export Values Double
Australian Goat Slaughter Level, Lower Exports
Taste of Success from Australian Study on Boar Taint
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French Protesters Set Fire to Spanish Pork


Open Dialogue Key to Consumer Trust on Animal Welfare
Majority of Producers Complying with Mandatory Pig Movement Reporting

   Russian Federation

Ruble Devaluation Good for Russian Pig Farmers


Prices of Chinese Farm Produce Drop


Call for Simplified Colour Coded Nutrition Labelling in France


SVH Takeover of Nutreco Goes Ahead


Global Poultry Trends 2011
5m Farm Supplies
VIV Digital
The 4th International Exhibition of ecological and organic products - EcoCityExpo 17-19 April 2015


MSD Animal Health




Meyn - Poultry Processing Solutions
Ishida Europe: Packaging Machines, Food Packaging Equipment & Machines.

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