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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 10 September 2014

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Wednesday 10th September 2014.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

MSD Animal Health


Welfare Politics Prices Rise in Global Importance for Processors

Animal welfare in a sustainable production system is gaining momentum as more and more meat and food companies are adopting codes of conduct for their supply chain stipulating welfare policies.

In recent weeks, food giants Nestlé and Unilever have spelt out guidelines for their suppliers to improve welfare conditions in production.

This week Heinz has joined the growing band of welfare conscious companies that have introduced measures to reduce the use of battery cages for their suppliers of eggs.

The company has also a policy on the abolition of gestation crates for sows.

These commitments to improving animal welfare are an indicator that big multinational companies are starting to appreciate the connection between animal welfare and health and at the same time welfare and food quality.

They are also an indication that these companies are starting to listen to what some of their customers have been saying for a considerable time.

Most of these welfare policies and guidelines are formed by working closely with animal welfare NGOs – previously seen as the bane of the industrial processor’s life, but now a working partner and mentor in producing workable and realistic policies and measures.

Lesley Lambert, the chief policy advisor for humane and sustainable agriculture at World Animal Protection said that their work with companies is “about catalysing change – enabling a company to realise for itself the benefits of animal welfare.”

In Denmark, the crisis over the decline in the number of slaughter pigs available for the processors and the exodus of pigs for finishing to Germany and Poland has been met by the leading company Danish Crown with a policy of guaranteed margins and support.

The processor is to assist the producers of finishing pigs with guaranteed prices and also support to build new finishing units.

The company hopes the backing will help farmers get more financial backing from the banks, who have shied away from investing in new and expanding pig units because of the falling profitability.

Across Europe, the Russian ban on exports of pork, poultry, beef, fish and dairy products is beginning to bite.

The European Commission is to monitor carefully the market prices for products affected by the Russian import ban in each member state each week, in a bid to help agriculture and fishing businesses.

Although it is too early to assess the full economic effects of the ban on the EU, the EC is remaining positive that the EU can bounce back and find new markets to sell to in the medium term.

However, it is clear that some producers will face serious difficulties in the short term, most notably the fruit, vegetable and dairy sectors.

Overall the Russian ban affects €5.1 billion worth of EU exports. The most affected areas of which are €1,233 million worth of meat exports (pork and beef) from
Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and Germany, and €1,349 worth of dairy products from Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Lithuania.

In response to the ban, the EC created a Task Force to analyse the situation, considering the economic impacts. Following initial findings, the EC now monitors market prices for every product in every member state every week.


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Effects of Electrical Stunning Methods on Broiler Meat Quality
No stunning or medium-voltage stunning conditions reduced meat water-holding capacity and decrease meat shear force when compared with either low- or high-voltage stunning, according to new research from Nanjing, China.

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