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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 2 January 2014

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Thursday 2nd January 2014.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

New Welfare Checks Proposed for Slaughterhouse Staff

Slaughterhouse staff in European abattoirs and slaughter plants could be forced to carry out more checks of livestock to ensure the animals are not conscious after stunning.

New scientific studies carried out for the European Food Safety Authority call on slaughterhouse staff performing stunning, shackling, hoisting and/or bleeding to check all the animals and confirm that they are not conscious.

If recommendations contained in a European Food Safety Authority scientific opinion are ratified the animal welfare officer, who has the overall responsibility for animal welfare, will have to employ a mathematical model for the sampling protocols, giving some allowance to set the sample size of animals that he/she needs to check at a given throughput rate (total number of animals slaughtered in the slaughterhouses) and tolerance level (number of potential failures—animals that are conscious after stunning and animals that are not unconscious or not dead after slaughter without stunning).

The model can also be applied to estimate threshold failure rate at a chosen throughput rate and sample size.

Finally, different risk factors and scenarios are proposed to define a ‘normal’ or a ‘reinforced’ monitoring protocol, according to the needs of the slaughterhouse.

These measures are included in a scientific opinion which puts forward “toolboxes of welfare indicators” for developing monitoring procedures at slaughterhouses for pigs, sheep and goats and poultry.

Three separate scientific opinions have been produced by the Scientific Committee/Scientific Panel of EFSA for the European Commission to cover the pig sector, goats and sheep and poultry.

Meanwhile, a study by a consumer watch dog in the US, Consumer Reports, claims that virtually all chicken products on the supermarket shelves are contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria.

The report on a survey, carried out in July before the recent outbreak of salmonella cases in the US linked to processing plants run by the Foster Farms company but published after the Foster Farms incidence, says that out of 300 samples taken virtually all were contaminated.

The watch dog group says that in the US 83 pounds of meat are bought by each person each year.

And according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control, the group says that 48 million people fall sick each year from food related illnesses.

According to the latest update on the outbreak related to chicken products produced by Foster Farms, 416 people have been infected by Salmonella Heidelberg in a series of foodborne disease outbreaks.

There have been no deaths but 134 confirmed hospital admissions, while another report from the Pew Charitable Trusts has criticised the US food safety organisation for its handling of the outbreaks.

Featured Book of the Week

Animal Cannibalism: The Dark Side of Evolution Animal Cannibalism: The Dark Side of Evolution
This is a study of the phenomenon of cannibalism in those animals known to prey upon and eat their own kind. The book is structured in accordance with conventional taxonomy and ranges from microbes to mammals.
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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Substitutes for Sodium Chloride in Low Sodium Frankfurters
The use of different potassium and calcium salts to replace sodium chloride in the manufacture of frankfurters can have a beneficial health effect while still maintaining flavour and could be a means of producing low sodium meat products.

Denmark, Germany and Netherlands Lead EU Food Sector Innovation
The Danish food industry is the most innovative in Europe.

Shedding New Light on Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Despite more than a decade's worth of research, many aspects of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) still remain a mystery, writes Benjamin Thompson from the Society for General Microbiology.

Monitoring Welfare Procedures for Slaughter of Cattle
Essential checks should be made during the slaughter of cattle to assess the consciousness, unconsciousness or death of an animal to ensure welfare standards.

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Global Meat Industry News

   United States

USPoultry Calls for Research Proposals on Salmonella Infection
Small Poultry Slaughter Inspection System for Connecticut
Pecan Shell Extract to Protect Meats from Pathogens
Speciality Egg Sales Help Boost Cal-Maine Profits
US Dairy Prices Rising
Study Confirms Quality of US Speciality Egg Brand
Constitutional Challenge Reshapes US Attitudes on COOL
Registration Open for IPPE Meat and Poultry Processing Tours
No Change in Market Hog Inventory Likely
US Consumers Confused about GMOs
Promotions at American Meat Institute
Growing Markets Around the World For America's Agricultural Productivity
High Liner Foods Introduces Ultimate Salmon Burger
Report Investigating Linked Salmonella Outbreaks Blames Food Safety Agency
US Farm Bill to Wait Until January
ConAgra Reports Rise in Earnings
November Third Highest Month for Retail Pork Prices
Food Safety Report Warns of Pathogens in Chicken
CME: Beef Prices Set Record in November
MSC Certificate for US East Coast Scallop Fishery
Meat Me in @LANTA Activities at IPPE
Major E. Coli Study in Beef Making Progress
Murphy-Brown-Alpental Energy Converting Manure to Electricity
CME: Slight Drop in November Retail Pork Price
Fed Cattle Numbers Forecast Down
US Politicians Call for Ban on Unsafe Chinese Poultry
Higher Poultry Prices Offset Feed Prices for Sanderson Farms
US Agriculture Considering Opposition to Partnership Deal
The Maschhoffs Acquires GNP

   Russian Federation

Russian Authorities Seize Smuggled Meat on Passenger Train
Kaluga Pig Unit Officially Opened
Russian Authorities Block Import of Poultry Products from Netherlands
Agricultural Bank Finances Major projects in Kaluga Region
New Pig Complex Opens in Kursk
Cherkizovo Completes Bryansk Poultry Cluster
Russia Spells Out Standard for High Quality Beef
Cherkizovo’s Capital Expenditure to Reach 7.5 billion Rubles
Atria Sells Share in Dan-Invest Piggery

   United Kingdom

Scottish Government Launches Poultry Plan
UK Pig Prices Much Better Than January 2013
Simpler Testing for Cattle Herds with TB Breakdown
Breeding Healthy Food in a Hungry World
Turkey Products from Unapproved Premises on Market in UK
The Pig Idea Hits Back at Critics over Feed Waste Caampaign
Irish Beef Price Differential Persists
New £7.5 million Beef Plant for Ceredigion
TV Campaign on Red Tractor Pork Scheme
Promotion Boost to Farming in Scotland in 2013


Academic Advocates Fee for Antibiotics Used in Vet Medicine
Growing Interest in Accessing Recipes On-line
Canadian Meat Processors Call for Action on Trade Agreement
More Web Site Hits After Christmas Pork Promotion
Canada Invests in Strengthening Food Safety Standards
E.Coli Costs Canada C$403.9 Million
Ocean Choice Opens Fortune Processing Plant


Fears of Growing Feed Shortage in India
Reliance to Use Stores Selling Meat for Other Products
Demand Expected to Push up Indian Poultry Prices


High-welfare Investment in Broiler Farming Needs Secure Prices
New CEO for VION Food Group


Marine Harvest Prepares for US Listing

   New Zealand

2014 Massive Year for New Zealand Red Meat Industry
New Zealand Court Throws Out Appeal to Block Raw Pig Meat Imports
Blue Sky Pulls out of Takeover Talks with Alliance Group
New Directors to Beef + Lamb New Zealand Board
Supreme Court Dismisses Pork Industry Board Appeal


New Slaughterhouses for Four Philippine Provinces


Premium US Pork Promotion Proves a Hit in Taiwan


Nebraska Beef on the Menu in Macau


US to Consider FMD Status of 14 Brazilian States
JBS acquires Ready Meal Producer Massa Leve
Brazilian Pork Exports Show Drop
New Finance Director for BRF
Hog Prices Recovering in Brazil


Price of Chinese Agricultural Products Shows Slight Increase
USDA Publishes Audits on Chinese Poultry Slaughter Plants
Chinese-EU in Animal Health Research
New FDA Drug Inspectors in China


Beef Supply Remains Tight; High World Prices Set to Continue
Sigma and Shuanghui Bid to Buy Campofrio
BRF in Talks with Americana
Should Livestock Numbers be Reduced to Curb Climate Change?
Conference Examines Changing Trading Environment
US Farm Bill Changes to Address M-COOL Could End WTO Action
Holistic Farming Approach to Meet World Food Demand Sustainably
Global Food Security Relies on Trade
Global Poultry Sector Outlook Bullish for 2014
US Brazil Beef Trade to Open Up


Australian Beef Export Values Surge
Australia Produces White Paper to Boost Productivity
Meat Export Success for Tasmanian Company

   European Union

Tighter Welfare Checks on Livestock at Slaughterhouses Proposed
EU Pig Prices Falling Further
Protected Status for Yorkshire Cheese
EFSA Calls for Molecular Typing for Foodborne Pathogens
European Commission Plans to Ban Cloning Welcomed


Danish Crown Sets up New Ingredients Enterprise


ABP Buys Second Plant in Poland


Ukraine Agricultural Output Rising

   Saudi Arabia

Government Destroys Unfit Fresh Chicken Products


Thailand's Chicken Market to Improve


Dawn Meats Wins Ibec Environment Award 2013


French Food Pricing Observatory Files Findings


Global Poultry Trends 2011
IPPE 2014
5m Farm Supplies






Randox Food Diagnostics
Meyn - Poultry Processing Solutions

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