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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 11 December 2013

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Wednesday 11th December 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief


EU Gives Go-ahead to Country of Origin Labelling for Meat

Following on from the European Commission working group paper on marketing of agricultural products earlier this month, the European Countries have now backed a move to use country of origin labelling on meat products.

The working group recommended that provenance and country of origin could be used as marketing tools to differentiate products, particularly those from countries outside the EU.

The concern is that developing countries, in particular, are gaining an unfair advantage in the promotion of their products globally.

The measure, if adopted, would even out the marketing field and allow state and EU funds to be used to market products because of their origin.

Now, the European states have agreed to implement country of origin labelling on meat products.

The proposals, which gained support from a qualified majority of Member States in the Standing Committee on Food Chain and Animal Health last week will give information to consumers about where the meat they buy comes from – a demand they have clearly expressed, according to the European Commission.

Consumers will be able to make informed choices taking into account the concept of "origin", "reared" and "slaughtered", each concept being clearly defined at EU level.

The proposal introduces a compulsory labelling system that establishes a link between a given meat and the animal it was obtained from.

However, the one area for debate and potential discrepancy is in the labelling of minced meat where there is a derogation.

Here the label rather than specifying a particular country can say simply “Reared in the EU” or “Reared in non-EU countries” or “Slaughtered in the EU” or “Slaughtered in non-EU countries”.

The European Commission says that this is because of the nature of production and that different origins can be mixed.

“Therefore the meat producer is allowed to indicate the Union character of the places of rearing and of slaughter or their provenance from third countries,” the Commission says.
“A mix of both could be labelled as “reared and slaughtered in the EU and non-EU countries”.


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This Week's Articles and Analysis

European Project for RFID UHF Animal Ear Tagging of Pigs
A European-wide project ‘Pig Affairs’ is aiming to trace and track every individual animal from birth to the slaughterhouse with its individual information - personal identification number, birth, vaccination etc - stored on a chip.

Ante- and Post-mortem Meat Inspection of Pigs - a Welfare Diagnostic Tool
Tail-biting has a significant and greatly underestimated economic impact on the profitability of pig farming, Dr Dayane Teixeira and Dr Laura Boyle of Teagasc, Moorepark told the Teagasc Pig Farmers Conference in October. In their study, the estimated cost of tail-biting per pig was €1.69.

Inefficiencies Hamper Potential to Improve Scottish Sheep Meat Supply Chain
The Scottish sheep meat industry is being hampered by what is known as an ‘adversarial trading model’, where each part of the supply chain is interested in achieving the best outcome for itself.

How Light in Broiler Houses Affects Meat Quality
The impacts on fatty acid and amino acid contents of chicken of the type and colour of light used during the rearing of the broilers have been investigated by South Korean researchers.

Company News

Zoetis to Participate in 2013 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Animal Health Summit
US - Zoetis Inc. will participate in the 2013 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Animal Health Summit on Monday, 16 December, at the Bank of America Conference Center in Boston, MA.
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Global Meat Industry News

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   New Zealand

NZ Meat Industry Calls for Speedy Conclusion to Korea FTA
New Zealand Lamb Crop Down
ANZCO Turns Loss into Profit

   United States

Sysco - US Foods Merge
Shenandoah Poultry Plant in Virginia Creates New Jobs
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Investment Firm Wins Auction for Northern Beef
Better Waste Disposal Needed on Broiler Farms
Pork Exports Down in October
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Increase in Exports for Australian Beef, Veal, Dairy Products

   United Kingdom

Supermarkets Backing British Pork
Will Changes in Surveillance for Animal Disease Increase Protection?
Retailers Stocking More British Beef and Lamb
Poultry Council Quells Concerns over Added Water in Chicken Products
Supermarkets Back British Pork Ham Sausages
Cuts to Farm Animal Health Surveillance Could Risk New Diseases
M&S Linden Foods Funding for Agriculture Students
UK Sees Increase in Pork Sales
Top Turkey Award for Suffolk Farmer
Danish Crown Opens New Offices in London
Younger Consumers Focus of Pork Marketing
Govermnet Backing for UK Agriculture


Slight Rise in Chinese Farm Produce Prices
China Capturing Global Sheep Meat Market
Chinese Food Prices Edge Down
British Pork for Sichuan
Chinese Farm Produce Prices Rise Slightly


Cheese Production in Chile Rises


VION Admits Traditionally Farmed Pork Sold as Organic


Bachoco Family Reduces Shareholding


Nigerian Poultry Production Rises


Light at End of Tunnel for Alberta Pork Sector
Manitoba's Top Quality Hog Carcase to be Named
Marketing Advantage for Canadian Pork Through Traceability
Ontario SPCA Ontario Pork Partner Join Forces on Pig Welfare


Africa Focuses on Statistics for Better Food Secority
Antimicrobial Resistance: A Race Against Bacteria
UK Deal to Export Pigs Trotters to China
Pig Semen Deal with China Could Be Worth £45M to UK Firms


Eating Bacon Increases Long Life


Demand Rising for White Meat in Italy
Italian Pig Farmers Plea to Protect Prosciutto
Italian Job for UK Beef and Sheep Producers

   South Africa

Study Shows Goose Meat Has High Nutrient Content


British Pork to Rival Tandoori Chicken in Punjab

   Russian Federation

Pig Prices Holding Steady in Russia

   United Arab Emirates

Sub-standard Chicken Destroyed in Ras Al Khaimah


European Bank Backs Ukrainian Agribusiness Group


HKScan Acquires Höglandsprodukter

   Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bans More EU Poultry Imports


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