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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 06 November 2013

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Wednesday 6th November 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief


US Ends 15 Year EU Beef Import Ban

Over the last week the US ended its 15 year ban on beef imports from the EU that had been imposed because of concerns over BSE.

The ban had remained in place because of continued concerns about the safety of beef products from some European countries, despite the fact that several of them help the same BSE risk status as the US itself. – a status of negligible risk according to the standards drawn up by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

Other European countries, including major beef exporting nations such as the UK, Ireland, France and Germany had also seen their risk status reduced from the height of the BSE crisis in the early 1990s to having a controlled BSE risk.

This is the same status that has been allocated to Canada, which has been regularly trading with the US in beef and cattle over the 15 year period.

Dr John Clifford, APHIS Deputy Administrator and Chief Veterinary Officer said: “This action will bring our BSE import regulations in line with international standards, which call for countries to base their trade policies on the actual risk of animals or products harbouring the disease.

“Making these changes will further demonstrate to our trading partners our commitment to international standards and sound science, and we are hopeful it will help open new markets and remove remaining restrictions on U.S. products.”

The European Commission has welcomed the move.

“This will mean that EU beef and other bovine products will again be allowed for US export. The US market has been closed since January 1998 when the US imposed a ban on EU beef on BSE grounds,” the European Commission said.

“The re-opening is a welcome, albeit late, step to abolish the unjustified ban and to re-establish normal trading conditions.”

In the US there are continuing concerns over the introduction of new poultry meat inspections practices.

The concerns raised by the inspectors union as well as welfare groups are that the new measures will compromise food safety and with higher line speeds will also compromise animal welfare.

However, the new systems have received the approval of the National Chicken Council which
said: "FSIS has guidelines and directives setting humane slaughter requirements under the Poultry Products Inspection Act and chicken processors strictly adhere to the National Chicken Council Animal Welfare Guidelines and Audit Checklist.”

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Fewer UK Consumers Eat Meat
A quarter of the British public say they have cut back on the amount of meat they eat over the past year, new research for the Eating Better alliance revealed today.

Factors Affecting the Transportation of Market-weight Pigs
Experiments in Canada reveal that pigs take longer to load into and double-decker trailers than pot-bellied trailers but the reverse occurs at unloading and there were differences in behaviour during lairage. Ramps and tight turns slowed the pigs' movement. Season affected the pigs slipping, falling and lairage resting behaviour.

Effect of Chitosan against Salmonella on Chicken
Chitosan in solution has potential as an intervention to reduce foodborne pathogens on the surface of chicken skin contaminated with bacteria during storage, according to new research from the University of Arkansas.

Counting Salmonella during Pork Harvesting
Research from Nebraska shows that, while Salmonella were present on the skins of almost all pig carcases immediately after slaughter, only around six per cent of chilled final carcases were positive for Salmonella and the majority of those had so few bacteria that they could not be counted.

Company News

Zoetis Completes Buy-out of Advanced Food Technologies
US - Zoetis has completed the buy-out of substantially all of the assets of Advanced Food Technologies, a company that provides food safety and animal care products to meat and poultry processing customers.
Specific Tests for Sulphonamides Give Greater Confidence to Food Processors
Poultry processors struggling to screen accurately for Sulphonamide antibiotics could improve their quality control by testing for each specific compound.
IMPROVEST Implementation Program Earns FSIS Status Upgrade
US - The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has altered the on-farm protocols for using IMPROVEST, by issuing a directive regarding the protocols for use.
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Global Meat Industry News

   United States

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Government Shutdown Information Gap Slowly Being Filled
Hillshire Brands See Sales Up Income Down
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US Poultry Industry Raises Doubts over US-EU Trade Deal
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Salmonella on Chicken Falls by 34 Per Cent
California Chicken Salmonella Not Antibiotic Resistant
Call for No Changes to COOL Law
US Beef Trade Balance Moves Towards Exports


Pork Producers Welcome Canada-Honduras Trade Agreement
Canadian Minister Confident COOL Will Be Addressed in US Farm Bill
How Safe Are Genetically Modified Foods?
End to 15 Year US Ban on EU Beef
ASC Certifies 500 Aquaculture Products


Unified Canadian Stance on Need for Resolution of US COOL
Delegation to US to Highlight Canadian Position on COOL
Maple Leaf Sees Earnings Fall
Grant to Poultry Company for New Slaughter Line

   Hong Kong

Shuanghui Proposes $6 billion Flotation

   Costa Rica

Food Safety Breach Spotted in Delivery Van

   United Kingdom

Success for British Sausage Week
Sizzling Start to British Sausage Week
Pig Prices Hold Firm as Pig Meat Imports Fall
Horse DNA in Canned Beef from Romania
Call to Turkey Producers to Give Value for Money
Pull the Plug on Water Waste
Centre for Sustainable Food Production Launched


Brazilian Pork Quotations Moving Up
Brazilian Chicken Meat Prices Fall
Brazil Stresses No Chlorine Used in Poultry Processing
Minerva Takes Over BRF Beef Operation
Record Highs for Brazilian Chicken Meat Exports
Brazil Hog Markets See Prices Recover

   European Union

EU Pig Prices Fall Continues


Atria Closes Russian Primary Pork Production


Struggling Spanish Economy Affecting Beef Consumption


Jamaicans Asked to Buy Locally Produced Foods


International Welfare Awards for Daish Crown Pigs

   South Africa

Poultry Producers Call for Protection from EU Dumping


Chinese Food Prices Remain Stable

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo Increases Sales Volume


Australian Offal Export Values Up
Chicken Companies Fined A$400,000 over Misleading Claims
Australian Pig Meat Sector Targets Imports
Sydney Company Fined for Unsafe Food Production


Japan Lifts Ban on Wisconsin Poultry Meat


Mexican Poultry Industry Invests in Value Added


Biosecurity Measures Needed to Ward off PED


HB Grandi Buys Vignir G Jonsson

   Viet Nam

US Main Importer of Viet Nam Shrimp
Viet Nam Exports More Cephalopod to South Korea


Investigation Refutes TV Programme Welfare Allegations at VION


MSC Sustainable Certification for German Blue Mussels


Global Poultry Trends 2011






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Randox Food Diagnostics

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