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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 23 October 2013

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Wednesday 23rd October 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief


China Growing Demand in World Meat Market

China’s role in the development of the global meat market is continuing to grow.

The increasing demand for meat and other forms of protein were highlighted at the recent Grain Outlook Conference in London.

The country’s meat consumption is expected to rise by 35 per cent by 2020 while rice and flour consumption will fall by five per cent each.

Consumption of cooking oil is also expected to rise by 35 per cent while sugar consumption will go up by 52 per cent and consumption of dairy products will rise by 116 per cent.

The reason for the sharp change in eating habits is the change in the Chinese population to a wealthier more urban people, according to Sylvia Ren.

Speaking at the Conference in London, Ms Ren, the China Markets Manager at FCStone said that at present 55 per cent of the Chinese population lived in towns.

However, while disposable incomes are increasing, China still lags behind the US on what is spent on food. In China on average $530 is spent per capita each year on food, while in the US the figure is $2010.

While China’s gross domestic product is continuing to increase rapidly – at present at an estimated 7.5 per cent the gap between the US and China is closing, with China’s GDP falling and the US GDP rising.

Ms Ren said that the change in the population and eating habits, with a growing demand for meat is seeing China as the leading pig producer in the world – producing more pigs than the next 43 nations. The growth in the pig population to satisfy the growing demand for meat also means that a rise in meal consumption in feed of just 10 pounds per head will mean that China would require an additional 3.25 million tonnes of meal.

However, China has the highest corn and wheat prices in the world, which means the country relies heavily on imports.

Ms Ren said that domestic demand for protein feed is climbing higher with an annual growth of 8.5 to 8.9 per cent over the last five years and the demand for meat, poultry, eggs and aquatic products has grown by three per cent over the same time.

The outlook is for a growth in the demand for protein to be between four and five per cent over the next five years although demand for meat and eggs will only rise by one or two per cent.

With the growth in the demand for protein, soybean imports are expected to rise by three or four million tonnes over the next five years and there is also expected to be a growth in the consumption of vegetable oils over the next five years, although not at the high rate that has been experienced over the last five years.

Ms Ren said there is a need for greater transparency in the market and the country needs to connect with the global market to be able to import more raw materials – soybean, wheat and corn meal as well as being able to import more meat especially beef and lamb.

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