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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 09 October 2013

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Wednesday 9th October 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief


Confidence Returning to Global Meat Trade

A confidence appears to be returning to the European meat sector as trade in several quarters is growing.

The optimism in the sector has been apparent this week at the Anuga food exhibition in Germany, where despite a consolidation in the meat processing industry over recent months and a series of mergers and acquisitions dominating the market business is starting to recover and grow.

Following the scandal over horsemeat contamination of processed beef products earlier in the year, emphasis among companies at the Anuga exhibition in Cologne has been on the provenance of products.

For the US, while the talk recently has been over the acquisition of Smithfield Foods by the Chinese company Shuanghui and concerns over the breakdown of agreement over the budget, for the meat sector there is a feeling that the good times are returning.

According to Dan Halstrom, vice president of the US Meat Export Federation lower corn prices and a good harvest this year will see more pigs on the market and pig producers willing to expand.

In the beef sector, Mr Halstrom said that Japan has been a very good market for US beef producers and exporters this year and there are hopes that the Chinese market will open up to US beef.

There is speculation that the Smithfield-Shuanghui deal could in some way smoothe the path for US meat exports although the Chinese market is already open to US pork exporters.

While the US exporters are looking for large quantity meat exports to countries such as China, smaller exporters such as Scotland are changing tack.

According to Laurent Vernet, Quality Meat Scotland’s head of marketing, Scotland is looking to export more to countries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

While France and Italy have been mainstays for Scottish exports, the sector is now looking to the more stable economies of the northern European Countries where the niche, more expensive Scottish meat products can find a better market.

While France and Italy will remain the backbone of the exports, Mr Vernet believes that it is better to seek to sell products in regions that while either still in or affected by the Euro zone are not as vulnerable.

The economic concerns are reflected in the fall in trade with countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece.

However, one of the major facts apparent at the Anuga show is the dominance of the South American meat producers.

Brazil is riding high in the market place with 11.5 per cent of the global beef trade, 23.3 per cent of the global poultry trade and 3.9 per cent of the world pork market.

While the Brazilian companies are consolidating the place in the global arena other South American countries such as Uruguay are setting out to make their mark too.

Uruguay has specifically targeted Germany and has a delegation of more than 80 exporters at the German food show.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2013: Russia and Ukraine Lead Europe’s Growth
Europe contributes around 16 per cent of total global chicken meat output, reports industry analyst, Terry Evans. The growth in output over the last decade or so has been slow in the European Union but significant increases in production have been achieved in Russia and Ukraine.

EPA Issues New Guidelines for Water Reuse
Water reuse has been a goal of the poultry processing industry for many years and according to a report in Poultry Tech from the Georgia Tech Research Institute water conservation and non-product contact reuse remains the state-of-the art for water reuse in the poultry processing and other food industries.

Near Infrared to Classify Dry Cured Hams
Research from institutes and universities in Slovenia and Spain has found that near infrared spectroscopy and artificial neural networks have a practical relevance in the classification of dry cured hams.

Effect of Feed Additions to Pig Carcase Fat Quality
The quality of carcase fat in pigs fed diets containing distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) was not improved by including corn germ, beef tallow, palm kernel oil or glycerol in the finisher diet, according to a study at the University of Illinois.

Adhesion Effects of Salt on Pork Muscle in Tumbling and Cooking
An investigation in the effects of low salt concentrations on the adhesion of pork muscle following tumbling and cooking found that the breaking stress increased between the salted and the non-salted muscle.

Company News

Highest Yields in EU Stunning Legislation
ICELAND - In its new high frequency Water Bath Stunner for poultry, Marel Stork combines solid scientific knowledge of stunning with innovative engineering.
New Meyn Demo and Training Centre Open
NETHERLANDS - Poultry processing equipment manufacturer Meyn has officially opened its expanded demonstration and training centre.
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Allegation That Chicken Caused Deadly Food Poisoning


E.coli Warning in Some Unpasteurised Canadian Cheese
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Researchers Should Join Forces over Food Security

   Czech Republic

Czech Farmers to Receive Flood Compensation

   South Africa

South African Poultry Producers Feel the Pinch
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Meyn - Poultry Processing Solutions
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