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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 02 October 2013

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Wednesday 2nd October 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief


Agreement Reached on EU Agricultural Policy

Over the last week, European countries have come to an agreement over the future direction of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Much of the agreement centres around a redistribution of the funds to support the newer members of the European club – largely based around the Baltic.

The redistribution will allow for higher direct subsidies to some of the countries such as Latvia and Estonia, which will be receiving more from the European cash pot while other longer established members of the EU such as the Netherlands and Belgium will be paying more and receiving less to balance the books.

There is also a shift in the emphasis of the CAP with more stress being place on rural development.

In Spain last week, the European poultry meat processing sector put forward a vision of a sustainable industry during the meeting of AVEC.

WWF UK's Senior Food Policy Advisor, Duncan Williamson, explained that a more balanced Western diet would not only be more sustainable from the environmental point of view but also both cheaper and more healthy for consumers.

In Australia, the processing sector has developed a new livestock welfare certification system to help processors meet good welfare practices and standards.

The ‘Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System’ or ‘AAWCS’ is an independently audited certification program used by Australian livestock processors to demonstrate compliance with the industry best practice animal welfare standards titled the ‘Industry Animal Welfare Standards for Livestock Processing Establishments Preparing Meat for Human Consumption’.

The AAWCS, launched at the AMIC Conference last month, covers all animal welfare activities at a participating livestock processing establishment - from arrival of livestock at the establishment to the point of humane processing

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Identifying Cause of Death of Hogs During Transport
Slow, low stress handling and keeping hogs cool during loading and transport continue to be the most practical recommendation for reducing deaths in transport, according to Kathy Zurbrigg and Tony van Dreumel following research reported in the Prairie Swine Centre Annual Report for 2012-2013.

Growth Seen in US Rendering and Meat By-product Industry
The rendering and meat by-products industry in the US has seen sustained growth over the last five years and according to a report from IBISWorld the growth is expected to continue for the next five years.

Effect of Salt Reduction on Sausages, Bacon, Ham and Salami
Moderate salt reduction in sausages and ham does not have a significant effect on the quality according to research from the Danish Meat Research Institute at Roskilde.

Tools to Establish Prices for Selling Grain-fed Beef Carcases
As feed prices fluctuate, cattle producers should know what the breakeven price is for finishing beef and use it to determine what to charge for freezer beef.

Will FMD Vaccination be Cost-effective in Denmark?
Depopulation in zones is the measure most likely to control an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Denmark, according to a new study there although suppressive vaccination scenarios would be a cheaper option under some circumstances. Most of the costs would be attributable to the loss of exports.

Market Reports

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Global Meat Industry News


Cargill to Buy Australian Beef
Victoria Abattoir Closure Causes Concern
Australian Processors Meeting Good Welfare Standards
Forbes Saleyard Sees Record Lamb Throughput


Canada Checks Argentine Food Safety Controls
Canada: Hog Markets

   European Union

Weak Euro, Strong Demand Govern British Beef Markets
EU Pig Market Steady
How Can Fair Farm Subsidies Be Made Fairer?
European Poultry Sector to Grow
Call to Commissioner for Responsible Use of Antibiotics
EU Agency Supports Food Safety Risk Project
EU Parliament Rejects Simplification of Pig Meat Inspections
EU Pig Prices: Markets Beat Down All Over Europe

   United States

US Drug Agency Rejects Petition on Arsenic-based Animal Drugs
Cal-Maine Sees Sales Rise
CME: Pork Exports Critical Driver for Demand
Cargill-TEVA Energy Commission Beef Plant Solar Thermal System
Shuanghui to Buy Back Smithfield Investment Notes
Rejection of Labelling Rule Extension Request Urged
Humane Society Case Against Pig Sector Thrown Out
Beef Board Forced to Make Funding Reductions
Trade Ruling Allows US Consumers Access to Affordable Shrimp
Market Intelligence Forum Returns to IPPE

   South Africa

Import Tariffs Force up Poultry Prices
South Africa Raises Duty on Chicken Imports

   United Kingdom

Call for Papers for Animal Welfare Conference
British Pig Producers Paying off Debt
Markets Report Strong Prices Across Great Britain
Halal Forum Discusses Assurance Scheme
Schools Pack to Promote Poultry Career Launched
Processors Warned About Tight Margins as Cattle Supplies Tighten
Sustainable Livestock Production Possible
UK Industry Bodies Unite to Get Shoppers Buying British
Grant Brought Success to Rural Pork Butchery


Cattlemen Back Trans-Pacific Partnership
China Will Not Appeal Chicken Trade Decision Against US


China Gioves Go-ahead to Egg Futures Trading
WTO Poultry Ruling Welcomed by China


Pig Meat Imports to Italy Up


Thai Food Price Controls Cut Cost of Living
Saha Farms Hoping for Quick KTB Loan Approval
Thailand Could Become ASEAN's Seafood Hub

   New Zealand

Healthy Fish Campaign Launched in New Zealand


Chicken Legs Home to Drug-resistant Bacteria in Germany


Europe's Poultry Producers Address How to Continue Their Success
Report from AVEC in Valencia: Where Even the Paella Features Chicken


Herd Rebuilding Process Takes Back Seat as Production Soars


No Evidence Found of Dyed Chicken in Malaysia


Brazil Looking to Expand Pork Exports to Argentina


Namibia's Fisheries Sector Requires Investment in Further Processing


Decline in Danish Pork Exports


HKScan Launches New Development Programme


Tyson Foods, World Vision Join to Fight Hunger in Tanzania


Global Poultry Trends 2011






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Randox Food Diagnostics

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