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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 14 August 2013

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Wednesday 14th August 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

Achieving Sustainable Food Production

This week the National Farmers Union in the UK reported that if the country had to survive only on the food it produced, by now the UK would have run out.

The stark reminder from the NFU was to launch a push to produce more food in the UK and to get backing for British farmers.

The NFU president Peter Kendall said: “To think that today’s date would signal the time when our domestic food supply runs out is frankly alarming.

“As an industry we have had a challenging decade but the realisation has dawned that as a nation we can’t simply go around the world chasing the cheapest deal for our food.”

While such a stark fact may be a boost to British farming to produce more, it also signals another fact, that the global trade in food is essential for a sustainable global food supply.

Some parts of the world will always rely heavily on those areas that are able to produce more to be able to feed their populations.

But as the world population grows, it should also bring home that the world agriculture and livestock sector needs to look at ways it can produce more and waste less.

At the same time as the world needs to rely more and more on trade to maintain a sustainable food supply, countries around the world also need to look at how that food is traded and what guarantees are in place to ensure as it moves across borders from country to country, it is maintained as health and wholesome.

All too often the sustainability of the global supply chain is threatened because of food safety threats or perceived food safety threats.

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) the movement of food around the world is producing fresh challenges for food safety.

Competition and price pressure in the food markets mean that international trading channels for goods such as meat products have now become a matter of course.

BfR President Professor Andreas Hensel said: "The monitoring systems for foods are very different in the countries they are produced in.

"The manufacturers and importers must also guarantee the safety of imported food."

In particular diseases which can be transferred to humans through pathogens in food can have far-reaching economic significance in addition to the health risk for consumers.”

While there needs to be guarantees about the safety of the food as it goes from one country to another, these guarantees at times have been used not only as food safety checks but trade barriers to help protect domestic production.

When criteria established by organisations such as Codex Alimentarius are set out as the standards to be met for cross border trade in foods, then they should only be used as food safety measures and for the protection of the consumer and well-being of agriculture and livestock and not as discriminatory protectionism.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Breakthrough Achieved in Developing In Vitro Meat
Last week, Prof Mark Post from Maastricht University unveiled his creation of in vitro meat – a beef burger manufactured out of stem cells that was cooked at a glittering launch and eaten by a Chicago food writer and an Austrian food researcher, Josh Schonwald and Hanni Rützler.

Split Decision over Radiant Fried Chicken Patties v Traditional
Panelists' preferences in a taste test were nearly equally divided between chicken patties fried in a radiant fryer developed by a Purdue University researcher and those fried in a conventional oil immersion fryer, a Purdue study showed.

Mixed Fortunes for Irish Meat and Dairy Sectors
While the Irish beef prices have seen an upward trend in the first half of the year, lamb prices are still behind 2012 and the pig sector is still fighting high feed prices according to the Mid Year Outlook for Irish Agriculture from Teagasc.

Developing Countries Dominate World Demand for Agricultural Products
According to USDA’s baseline projections, developing countries will account for much of the increase in projected growth in global consumption of meats and crops in 2013-22, write Ronald Trostle and Ralph Seeley.

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Global Meat Industry News


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New President for JBS Mercosul
Brazilian Meat Export Rise Assisted by Fall in Real
Marfrig Sees Revenue Growth

   United Kingdom

Slide in Cattle Markets Stabilises
Meat Industry Sets out Five CAP Priorities
LMC: U-3 Prime Cattle at 360-362 p/kg As Supply Picture Improves
Beef Sales Struggle While Lamb Continues to Perform Strongly
LMC: Cattle Shipments to GB Three Times Higher
Reducing Environmental Impacts of Pork Production
BPC/RUMA: Need for Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Farming
Antibiotic Resistance Research Out-of-Date, Says RUMA
Top Chef Leads Quality Standard Beef and Lamb Promotion

   United States

New Pork Plant to Go Online Autumn 2014
Vikon Farms to Move to Arkadelphia
CME: 'Greener' Light for Chicken, Pork Sectors to Expand
Strong Lobby to Remove California Egg Measure from Farm Bill
WASDE Report Slightly Raises Hog Costs
Tyson Warns Cattlemen of September Zilmax Ban
Special Report: Monthly USDA Data Bullish for Corn, Soybeans
New Research Facilities for University of Wisconsin-Madison
Farm Bill Signing Priority as Deadline Looms
Slight Increase in Sales for Hillshire Brands
Meat Packer Fined by GIPSA
Seaboard Earnings Slide on Rising Sales
Significant Improvement in Cargill Earnings
CME: Pork Primals Above Year Ago Levels


Robust Quarterly Results from GFPT
CPF Announces Interim Dividend Payment


Heat Wave Leading to Hot Prices
Bird Flu, Slowdown Hit Sales at Fast-food Chains
Banned Substance Found in Vet Drugs
Food Prices Keep Rising
Pig Processor Sees Income and Profits Grow in Q1
Rebound in Pork Prices Likely to Boost July CPI

   European Union

EC to Recover €180M CAP Expenditure
EU Pig Prices: Friendly Trend Dominates Markets


Chambers Call for More Sustainable Fishing as Fish Prices Rocket
New Dairy Rules Tighten Imports


German Meat Exports to Russia Fall Sharply


Risk Management Tool Expected to Boost Hog Numbers Marketed
Saskatchewan Food Centre Wins Meat Inspection Contract
Canada: Hog Markets


Reducing Health Risks from Foods on World Market
New Global Technology Director for Cargill Pork Division
Further Fall in Global Food Price Index
Warning over Human Impacts of Antibiotic Resistance from Poultry
Action needed to Reduce Agricultural GHGs

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo Receives Initial Compensation Subsidies
Agricultural Bank Backs Volga Hatchery


Way Clear for Dominincan Poultry Exports to Haiti


Call for Stable Prices - Strong Exports


Salmon Processor First in Australia with BAP Certification
Australian Beef Production Breaks Record
Potential Co-product Values Improve in July
Australian Lamb Production Highest on Record
Record July Red Meat Exports to China
Dairy Exports Volume Up - Value Down
Australian Beef Shipments Improve


Poultry Company Expects to Return to Profit


Argentinian Beef Plants Under Scrutiny

   Costa Rica

Cargill’s Pipasa Invests


Increased Meat Consumption to Lead to Higher Production


Chile Inspects Meat Plants in Paraguay


Global Poultry Trends 2011






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Randox Food Diagnostics

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