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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 31th July 2013

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Wednesday 31st July 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief


Repercussions of Horse Meat Scandal Rumble On

The repercussions over the scandal of beef products contaminated with horse meat were resounding across Europe again this week.

After members of parliament in the UK recently expressed their concern that no prosecutions had yet been seen over the mislabelling of products and the fraud that allowed products containing horsemeat to be portrayed as beef the Food Safety Authority of Ireland produced the results of its survey into the impact the affair has had on consumer confidence.

The food safety authority was the first to break the news of contamination of products following random DNA tests taken of burgers and frozen ready meals earlier this year.

The latest FSAI report shows there have been a significant changes in purchasing habits, reflecting a reduction in consumer confidence and trust.

More than half of those who bought frozen beef burgers in the past are buying less.

The FSAI said that overall, the issue has resulted in a marked increase in awareness of food safety, with 50 per cent of respondents saying they are now more conscious about food safety issues in general.

The implications of the issue for consumer purchasing behaviour, showed that 45 per cent of consumers now spend more time reading labels on food products.

More than half (53 per cent) say they are now more conscious of the ingredients that go into manufactured food products, while 56 per cent say they are more conscious about the country of origin of food products.

Of those who bought processed foods containing meat in the past (e.g. lasagne, shepherd’s pie, etc), 42 per cent say they now buy less of these products, while 56 per cent continue to buy the same amount.

While the UK parliamentarians had regretted th lack of a prosecution over the affair, the Irish agriculture minister Simon Coveney said that it would take time top ensure that a solids case could be brought to the courts.

Meanwhile, in France, one of the companies that was at the centre of the scandal, Spanghero, which was forced to close earlier this year, has reopened under a new name.

The meat plant based in Castlenaudary in Aude opened this week under the name of La Lauagaise.

However, the company that used to employ 230 people will now have a staff of just 95.

The company regained its health certification about two weeks ago, having lost the permit during the horse meat scandal.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

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Balancing Food Security and Environmental Quality in China
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Management Practices Associated with the Carriage of Yersinia enterocolitica in Pigs
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