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Wednesday 17th July 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

Call for Prosecutions over Horse Meat Contamination

The scandal of the contamination of beef products in the UK, Ireland and across Europe earlier this year came to the fore again this week as the Food Standards Agency in the UK produced its final summary of events only for a group of British MPs question why no-one had yet been brought before the courts.

While in the Netherlands, the owner of the wholesale plant has been charged with offences connected to the sale of horse meat as beef and the changing of labels on products, no action has been brought in the UK or Ireland.

But the British Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee produced a report expressing its dismay at the slow pace of investigations and it called on the authorities to bring prosecutions where there was evidence of fraud or illegal activities.

“The horsemeat contamination has been a result of fraud and other criminal activity across the EU. While overall contamination of beef products has been small, it has been widespread across EU Member States, and caused much public concern,” the committee reported.

“The evidence we received from retailers and food processors in the UK and Ireland suggests a complex, highly organised network of companies trading in and mislabelling frozen and processed meat or meat products in a way that fails to meet specifications and that is fraudulent and illegal.

“We are concerned at the failure of authorities in both the UK and Ireland to acknowledge the extent of this and to bring prosecutions.

“We are dismayed at the slow pace of investigations and would like assurance that prosecutions will be mounted where there is evidence of fraud or other illegal activity.”

The committee also called for a tightening up of controls to ensure that deliberate adulteration of products cannot occur again and also stringer policing powers for the Food Standards Agency to take action against rogue traders.

In Poland, this week, the government and the ministry of agriculture found themselves defeated over moves to allow religious slaughter of animals without stunning.

While the government was seeking to implement practices that have been adopted in 22 of the 28 EU countries, opponents of slaughter without stunning won the day.

However, the ministry of agriculture has now warned that the move could put the country at a disadvantage as it will be unable to supply meat to Islamic countries and it could cost the meat and agricultural industries in Poland thousands of jobs.

In the US last week, questions were raised in the Senate over the takeover of Smithfield Foods by the Chinese processor Shuanghui.

Concerns were raised that the deal could have long-term implications on the US workforce, pork producers and farmers.

Concerns were also raised that Shuanghui was paying a premium for the Smithfield and that there could also be implications to other processors who might not be able to compete because of the potential for Chinese government support for the enlarged company.

However, the deal has started to attract international backing from a number of banks and it is also rumoured that if the deal goes through the new company could be floated on the Hong Kong exchange.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Trends in Burden of Foodborne Disease in the Netherlands
Presenting foodborne disease burden rather than trends in the incidence of individual pathogens has added value because it provides a more robust, integrated perspective, according to a study presented in The Lancet.

Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Pigs Slaughtered at Two Abattoirs in Ethiopia
Researchers have found that six per cent of pigs at two abattoirs in Ethiopia were positive for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and therefore that pigs may be a source of infection in humans.

Evaluation of Pork Loins from Crossbreeds
A sensory and consumer evaluation of pork loins from crossbreeds between Danish Landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc, Iberian and Mangalitza found that the texture of pork from crossbreeds of Iberian and Mangalitza, Duroc and Landrace/Yorkshire differed.

Effects of Ractopamine Feeding Programmes on Growth and Carcasses of Finishing Pigs
A new study reveals that the beta-agonist, ractopamine, can be fed in a step-up feeding programme, even when the pigs are marketed one month after the start of the treatment. These pigs performed as well as and had similar carcass results to those on a continuous-dose regime.

Short Term Outlook for Arable Crops, Meats and Dairy: Poultry Meat
The increases in poultry meat production and consumption in the EU are slowing down, according to the European Commission in its latest report, 'Short Term Outlook for Arable Crops, Meats and Dairy'.

Company News

Pork Quality Matters: Is Rapid Taint Testing Realistic?
US - Boar taint remains a key quality issue for the global pork industry. Although both economic and welfare considerations are making the production of entire boars a potentially attractive option in many markets, the lack of an effective, objective quality control (QC) system means that this potential cannot fully be realised.
Marel Acquires Part of Carnitech’s Activities
DENMARK - Marel has reached an agreement with the administrator of the Carnitech A/S estate to acquire Carnitech’s mixing and grinding activities, following its bankruptcy on 21 June 2013.
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Global Poultry Trends 2011

Meyn - Poultry Processing Solutions

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