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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 10th July 2013

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Wednesday 10th July 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief


Science-based Inspection Will Improve Global Poultry Meat

Changes to poultry meat inspection policies in both the EU and US could help to improve the safety and quality of poultry meat around the world.

In Europe, last year, the European Food Safety Authority published an opinion on the existing inspection procedures in poultry slaughterhouses and came to the conclusion that the simple visual inspection was not sufficient in times when concerns over pathogens such as Salmonella and Campylobacter were rising.

The accent it concluded was for a more “whole chain” approach to inspection. EFSA called for the introduction of a comprehensive food safety assurance system, including clear targets for what should be achieved in poultry carcases and, where appropriate, with respect to a particular hazard for poultry flocks.

In the US, the House Appropriations Committee amended and passed the 2014 Agriculture Appropriations Bill adopted an amendment calling for a more science-based approach to poultry meat inspection.

USDA inspectors would monitor establishment process controls in removing diseased birds, ensure compliance with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point plans and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures, conduct ante mortem inspection, and collect samples for pathogen testing.

On-line inspectors will still conduct carcass-by-carcass inspection to ensure that diseased carcasses are condemned by establishment workers according to regulatory requirements.

With more science based and tighter controls in both Europe and the US it is only a matter of time before other countries will also adapt their inspections systems and adopt methods similar to those in the US and EU – not to do so would lead to barriers to trade and could start trade wars.

In the UK a report published in the journal Science from Dr Tara Garnett and Professor Charles Godfray of University of Oxford, calls for sustainable intensification in agriculture to increase food production from existing farmland

This would minimise the pressure on the environment in a world in which land, water, and energy are in short supply, highlighting that the environment is often overexploited and used unsustainably.

The authors, university researchers and policy-makers from NGOs and the UN, outline a new, more sophisticated account of how ‘sustainable intensification’ should work.

The article stresses that while farmers in many regions of the world need to produce more food, it is equally urgent that policy makers act on diets, waste and how the food system is governed.

The authors emphasise that there is a need to produce more food on existing rather than new farmland because converting uncultivated land would lead to major emissions of greenhouse gases and cause significant losses of biodiversity.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

EU Regulation Changes View on Stunning at Slaughter
A basic requirement for humane slaughter of animals, including poultry, is that they should be stunned before slaughter by exsanguination, writes Chris Harris.

Distinguishing Mechanically Separated Meat from Other Products
Calcium content alone might not be sufficient to distinguish low pressure Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM) from other non-MSM products.

Pathogens on Farm and in Processing Related
Salmonella and Campylobacter prevalence and loads on the farm are significantly associated with prevalence and loads of the same pathogens at processing.

High Pressure Pasteurisation: Reducing Pathogens Extending Shelf Life
New non-thermal food processing technologies aim to provide safe, high quality foods with desirable nutritional, physio-chemical and sensorial properties, writes Chris Harris.

Researchers Look to Natural Sources for Organic Meat Preservatives
When Jeff Sindelar talks about the ingredients he's working with, you'd think he was making juice. Not quite. He's adding things like cranberry concentrate, cherry powder, lemon extract and celery powder to meat.

Company News

Trade Disputes Create Strong Demand for Beta-agonist Diagnostics
GLOBAL - Industry tension surrounding international trade embargoes is creating strong business opportunities for food testing companies according to market leading firm Randox Food Diagnostics.
MEATUP Show Brings Industry Together
UK - Leading suppliers, trade associations, retailers and processors came together to showcase and learn more about some of the latest products and innovations on offer to the meat industry during the two day MEATUP show at The NEC in Birmingham.
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Global Meat Industry News

   European Union

EFSA Marks First 10 years, Preparing for Future Challenges
EU Pig Prices: Slaughter Pig Price Increase Expected
EC Reports Short-term Outlook for Meat Markets

   United States

Meat Organisations Challenge USDA over COOL
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Weekly Roberts Market Report
ND Study Indicates Possible Antibiotic Resistance Transfer in Meat
COOL Law Aims at Protecting Mississippi Farmers
Poultry Growth Resumes in Delaware
Industrial Farm Workers Carry Bacteria Associated with Livestock
NFU Board Passes Resolution Deriding Farm Bill Inactivity
Pilgrim’s Pride in $2.5 million Settlement after Employee Death
NFU and Coalition Urge Congress to Pass New Farm Bill


Brazil Opens Doors To Paraguayan Beef
Brazilian Chicken Meat Production up in June
Marfrig Splits Beef Division


Paraguay Given Beef Approval By Chile


Challenges to a Competitive Cypriot Agriculture and Fisheries Sector


Court Rules Steggles Label as Misleading; Decision Prompts Wider Advertising Warning
Turkey Trends up Among Australian Consumers
Survey Shows Butchers' Sales Down in the Spring
Beef Plant to Install Biogas System
Beijing Looks for Australian Wagyu
Wagyu Shifts Gear for High Growth
Activists Aiming to Cripple WA Pork Industry
Victorian Farmers Federation Launches HenCare
Australia on Cusp of Agriculture Career Boom


More Chinese Firms Investing in US
Police Raids Uncover Packs of Chicken Feet from 1967
Agricultural Product Prices Fall
China Pumps RMB2.58 Billion into Agricultural Industrialisation
China's Shuanghui Confident in Smithfield Purchase
Henan Shuanghui Shows Appetite for Growth
China's Farm Produce Prices Retreat Slightly


Resolution of M-COOL Urged Before Stakeholders Begin Adjusting to New Rules
High Beef Prices Continue to Threaten Consumer Appetite
Will Changes to Poultry Meat Inspection Improve Standards Around the World?
Multi-stakeholder Action for Sustainable Livestock
Celebration of 50th Anniversary of Codex Alimentarius
Fish Farms Overtake Beef in Protein Production

   United Kingdom

Final Report on Horse Meat Scandal
LMC: Top Deadweight Steers Average 412.4p/kg for Great Britain
Sustainable Intensification in Agriculture: How To Produce More
Reducing Losses Caused by Liver Fluke
Pig Industry Award on Offer
Study into Public Health Risks of ESBL E. coli
Competition for Agri-food Technology Research Funding
Management Buy-out at Snowbird Foods
UK Sheep Meat Sales Rising


Volume of Ham Exported up During January-April 2013
Nutreco Considers Spanish and Portuguese Compound Feed and Meat Activities


Swedish Herring Fisheries Earn MSC Recertification


Consumers Complain about Processed Chicken Price Hike
Study Raises Concerns about Food Safety of Poultry Offal


Jamaican Pig Farmers to Benefit from CPJ-led Export Thrust


Meat Plants Accused Of Dropping Slaughter Rates
Teagasc to Invest in New Pig Research, Food Test Centre


Germany Amends Act to Reduce Antibiotic Use
BSE Testing Age Raised in Germany


NFU Members Bring Knowledge, Experience to Zambia


NEDA: June Food Prices Stable Despite Higher Petroleum Prices
Cold Storage Facility to Service Luzon Agri-marine Food Processing Firms


HKScan Sharpens Brand Strategy

   South Africa

Feathers Fly as Chicken Tariff Battle Rages
Rainbow Chicken to Change Name

   New Zealand

Silver Fern Farms Appoints New Independent Director


AB Linas Agro Acquires Latvian Poultry Companies


Higher Export Price for Salmon


Haiti Broilers Expected to Reach Profit by Q4


Poultry Product Prices Soar


McDonald's and Animal Welfare 'Tipping Point'

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo's Turkey Breeding, Processing Complex Under Construction


IPC Meeting Set for 10-12 October in Geneva

   Dominican Republic

Haitian Leader Allegedly Admits to Lying to Ban Dominican Poultry


Ukrainian Meat Production up During First Five Months of 2013


Indian Seafood Sector Hopes for End to US Duty on Shrimp


Global Poultry Trends 2011


Randox Food Diagnostics


Meyn - Poultry Processing Solutions

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