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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 15 May 2013

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Wednesday 15th May 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

Concerns Rising over Mechanically Tenderised Meat

Concerns are rising over mechanical tenderisation of meat because it is feared that the equipment could help to spread E.coli.

The concerns have been raised in a report by Consumer Reports in the June edition of the watchdog’s journal.

The fears are that because the muscle meat is pierced by needles, the practice could force E.coli on the surface of the meet deep into the muscle.

The pathogen on the surface would be killed by cooking, but if the meat is left rare or medium rare in the centre, tenderised products could still be potentially dangerous – in the same way that undercooked burgers and ground beef products are considered a hazard.

The concerns have been heightened in the US because earlier this year an audit by the USDA ‘s Office of the Inspector General reported that the Food Safety and Inspection Service did not carry out any special tests on mechanically tenderised meat.

Now there has been a call in the US for such products to be specifically labelled.

However, advances by the equipment manufacturers in developing methods of enhancing food safety on the production line could also be a signal for safer products.

The IFFA exhibition last week saw many developments such as the use of UV light on the production run and more open machines to prevent build-up of potential hazards – all to boost food safety.

The exhibition itself attracted more than 60,000 visitors and was marked by an air of buoyancy in the industry.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Biofilms Help Salmonella Survive
Biofilms could be protecting pathogens in food procesing plants and potentially building up problems of food safety and decontamination.

Prevalence of Campylobacter in Newly Constructed Broiler Houses
In a year-long study of new broiler houses into the prevalence of Campylobacter, of the many litter, faecal and water samples collected by researchers at Mississippi State University, only five, six and one of the collected samples, respectively, were confirmed Campylobacter-positive despite litter moisture levels that would encourage bacterial growth.

Soybean Hulls in Pig Diets Reduce Cost but Hit Carcase Yield
Finishing pigs fed soybean hulls will have reduced carcase yield and thus lower hot carcase weight, according to new research from Kansas State University.

Bringing Fish Processing Back to Norway
Researchers aim to make it just as economic to process fish in Norway as to send them to China.

Food for 9 Billion: A Perspective on Global Agriculture in 2050
Will we run out of natural resources needed for food production? - that was the question raised by Dr Dominique van der Mensbrugghe from the FAO in the second lecture in the Teagasc/RDS lecture series.

Strategic Use of Diagnostics
With such a wide choice of diagnostic tests available, Life Technologies explains how to choose the best option in any given situation.

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Global Meat Industry News


Sustainability and Food Safety at IFFA Exhibition
IFFA Paints Positive Picture for Sector
IFFA Attracts 60,000 Visitors
IFFA Shows Manufacturing and Machines are Sustainable
Minister Calls on Companies to Share Cost Burden of Food Controls

   United States

New Additives Permitted for Food Pathogen Control in Meat
Hillshire Brands Reports Fall in Sales
Pathogen Controls in Beef Plants Survey Starts
AMI Releases Video Tour of Pork Plant
New Bill Aims to Increase Information on Antibiotic Use
Boxed Beef Leads the Way
Research Progress on Green Muscle in Broilers
USDA Awards Funding For Research into Climate on Cattle
Financial Management Seminar to Focus on Economic Trends
Industry Body Puts Arsenic-in-Chicken Study in Perspective
CME: Futures Falter Through the Week as Feed Outlook is Bearish
Weekly Cattle Outlook: Fed Cattle Prices Down $2.80
Hog Outlook: US Pork Exports Down in March
US Poultry Meat Bodies State Case over Exports to EU
NFU: 2013 Farm Bill Gaining Momentum
NFU Weighs in on Trade Negotiations
Farm-raised Salmon Retains Healthy Omega-3s When Baked
Food Safety Concerns in Free-range Broilers
New Jersey Legislature Passes Pig Gestation Stall Bill
CME: Summer and Fall Futures Firmer With Nearby Discounts, Monday
CME: Pork and Poultry Production Will Expand as Beef Declines
US Dollar Value to Impact Pork Exports and Live Hog Prices
Omtron Sues Chicken Farmers


Mandatory Pre-Market Registration of Labels Rule Repealed
Support for Saskatchewan Value-Added Processors
Biomass Plant Aids Carcase Disposal
Lobster Industry Pursues Sustainability Certification with Government Support

   European Union

EU Fish Processors Call for Voice in Common Fisheries Policy
EU Food and Feed Regulations to be Revised
EU Pig Prices: Well Balanced Market Situation - Optimistic Atmosphere
EU Brings Reform of CAP Step Closer
EU Allows Movement of Animal By-Products from Bosnia and Herzgovina


JBS Aves Acquires Brasil Food Farm and Plant
JBS Sees Profits Rise


Ukraine Bans Belarusian Pigs and Pork on ASF Fears


Study Shows Pork Salmonella Control Needed on Farm and Processing
Spanish Economic Crisis Underpins Strong Live Cattle Exports

   Viet Nam

Viet Nam: Hog Markets
Uruguay Opens Red Meat Exports to Booming Viet Nam Market

   United Kingdom

EU Protected Status for Two Meat Products
LMC: Deadweight Steer Averages Up Across Northern Regions
Investment Creates Jobs at Linden Foods
Moy Park Named Processor of the Year
Farm Assured Gives Higher Returns
Taste of Success for Kelly Bronze


Nambia Introduces Poultry Meat Import Quota


Income From Dairy Falls Despite Exports Rise
Australian Cattle Slaughter Hits Record High


Another Rise for Global Food Price Index
FAO Reports Strong Cereal Production and Food Price Rise
Bird Flu in China Hits McDonald's Results
What is the Risk of E.Coli in Mechanically Tenderised Beef?

   Russian Federation

Salmon Fishery Begins MSC Assessment


Premier Calls for Sound Agriculture
Nation Needs to Upgrade Poultry, Livestock Industries
Higher Revenue, Costs Reported by Zhongpin
Chinese Govt Starts Pork Purchase to Stabilise Prices


Collaboration Between FSIS, SENASA Leads to Release of Shipment


VION's Sale of Oerlemans Foods Collapses


Jamaica Broilers Invests $300m in New Plant

   South Africa

Astral Foods Earnings Plunge on Rising Costs


Hokkaido Scallop Fishery Gains MSC Certification
Profits Boost for Nippon Meat Packers


Stab­le Half-year for Da­nish Crown


Finland Orders Withdrawal of Imported Dutch Beef


Marine Harvest Changes Offer Conditions for Cermaq


Positive Discussion on Key CAP Reform Issues


Global Poultry Trends 2011




Randox Food Diagnostics

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