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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 17 April 2013

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Wednesday 17th April 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

EU Tests Show Five per cent of Beef Products Contaminated with Horse Meat

Less than five per cent of the samples taken in the European-wide tests on beef products have been found to be contaminated with horse meat.

The coordinated EU-wide testing for horse meat DNA and phenylbutazone was requested, and co-financed, by the European Commission in the wake of the horse meat scandal last month.

The tests also showed that about 0.5 per cent of the equine carcases tested were found to be contaminated with bute – ­phenylbutazone.

In the coordinated testing plan, which is estimated to have cost €2.5 million, controls were to be carried out, mainly at retail level, of food destined for the end consumer and marketed as containing beef, to detect the presence of unlabelled horse meat and also to test for the possible presence of bute in horsemeat.

In all 7,259 tests were carried out by the authorities in the 27 EU countries, of which 4,144 tested for the presence of horse meat DNA and 3,115 tested for the presence of phenylbutazone.

Of those tests, 193 revealed positive traces of horse meat DNA (4.66 per cent) and 16 showed positive traces of bute (0.51 per cent).

In addition, the EU countries reported another 7,951 tests for the presence of horse meat DNA performed by food business operators (producers, processors and distributors).

Of these, 110 contained horse meat DNA (1.38 per cent).

In France, The French Agriculture Ministry has set out a three pronged attack to restore confidence in the French pig meat sector, following a round table meeting with pig sector representatives.

The government is looking to raise large investment in production, processing and environmental performance.

It also wants to provide opportunities for the industry to change and to better withstand price volatility.

The government also wants to give a marketing boost to the French origin designation of its products.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

Hygiene and Hygienic Design - Key to Improved Food Safety
Safety, quality and hygiene are more than ever before top priorities in the meat-processing sector.

Danish Pig Research Centre Annual Report 2012: Economy
Information on production and structural development in the Danish pig industry, trends in the production, developments in productivity, competition for Danish weaners and seasonal price developments from the Danish Pig Research Centre.

Assessing Effectiveness of Slaughterhouse Regulatory Regimes
Research into the social processes in place in slaughterhouses in the UK to gain insight into the potential impact of regulatory reform found that in general the current regulatory regime was effective in ensuring that meat was fit for human consumption.

Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Listeria in Colombian Swine Processing Plants
Susceptibility was in the range of 84 to 100 per cent for most antimicrobials tested but Colombia-based researchers concluded from a recent study that antimicrobial susceptibility related to the circulating strains of L.monocytogenes has been stable over the past five years in the areas studied.

Genetic Parameters for Androstenone and Skatole as Indicators of Boar Taint
Danish research shows that skatole and androstenone can be reduced by genetic selection without adverse effects on economic parameters (production and litter size traits). The scientists suggest breeding is a better alternative to the castration of male pigs.

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Global Meat Industry News

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   European Union

EU States Censored for Abuse of Food Processing Subsidies
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EU Tests Find Horse Meat in Five per cent of Beef Products

   United States

Study Shows Essential Oils May Help Control Salmonella
NFU Commends President's 2014 Budget
CPC Advocates in Washington for COOL Compliance
Processor Workshop to Focus on Regulatory Updates, Sustainability
CME: Commercial Beef Production Revised Downward; Pork Production Revision Raised
NPPC Urges US to Comply with WTO Rules
Listeria Fear Sparks Expanded Recall
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Obama Administration Welcomes Japan into TPP Talks
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Australian Beef Production Soars in February
Tallow Boosts Co-product Values


Brazil: Hog Markets
JBS to Raise $275.0 million in Notes Offering
Brazil Ups Bid for FMD-free Status
Ag Ministry Discusses Conditions for Pork Exports to Japan
First Quarter Brazilian Agribusiness Exports Up


BAP Releases Mussel Farm Standard
Rabobank Pork Quarterly: Promising Outlook for 2013
Dairy Nudges FAO Food Price Index Higher by One Per cent
WTO's DSB to Take Up India-US Poultry Disagreement
Cotentin, Jersey Lobsters Wear Sustainable Identity Tag
EU-Canada Free Trade Talks Stalling
LMC: Russia and China Lead UK Demand Outlook


Ag Minister to Consider All Options for Dealing with US M-COOL
Ag Minister Stands Up for Canadian Livestock Producers
Manitoba Ag Minister Endorses Call for Meeting of Pork Industry Stakeholders, Govt
Call for US COOL Rule to be Withdrawn


Dutch Uncover Large Horse Meat Fraud


Cattle Vital for Irish Economy
IFA's CAP Campaign Focuses on Role of MEPs in Final Outcome
Poultry Growers and Egg Producers Demand Fair Prices


Spanish Approve Quality Standard Lamb
Horse Meat Found in Test on Spanish Beef Products

   Korea, South

Rolling Billboards Travel Promoting US Beef, Pork in Seoul

   Viet Nam

BAP Farm, Shrimp Hatchery Auditor Course Set For June
Viet Nam Quarantine Law Needed to Protect Production, Exports


Philippines Poultry Sector Grew in 2012


Chilean Beef Imports Rising


Harvest Volume Higher than Expected for Marine Harvest


Bird Flu Concerns Threaten Yum's Sales


Uruguay to Host World Meat Congress

   New Zealand

NZ Beef Exports Strong in March
Beef and Lamb New Zealand CEO Smooths Way for TPP in Mexico


Cairo Authorities Recall 1,565 Kg of Meat and Poultry


EBLEX to Build on Export of Premium Lamb to Belgium

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo Buys Dankov Meat Processing Plant

   South Africa

Investigation Continues into Mislabelled Meat Products
SA Chicken Producers Seek Tariffs Lifeline


Boost for Jamaican Small Ruminant Industry


French Plan to Rescue Pig Sector

   Hong Kong

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