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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 10 April 2013

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Wednesday 10th April 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

What Risk Does Meat Hold for Consumers?

High levels of red meat consumption could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease according to new research.

The study by Stanley L Hazen from the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute and others shows that intestinal microbiota can contribute to the link between red meat eating and cardiovascular disease.

The research showed that the metabolism by intestinal microbiota of dietary l-carnitine, a trimethylamine abundant in red meat, also produces TMAO and accelerates atherosclerosis in mice. However, the study has been criticised by meat industry organisation claiming the findings oversimplify the issue.

American Meat Institute Foundation Chief Scientist Dr Betsy Booren, said: "Cardiovascular disease or CVD is a complex condition that appears to have a variety of factors associated with it, from genetics to lifestyle. Attempts to link cardiovascular disease to a single compound that is found at safe levels in red meat oversimplifies this complex disease."

The annual report on zoonoses and food-borne disease outbreaks in the European Union shows that Campylobacteriosis is the most reported zoonotic disease in humans, with a continuous increase in reported cases over the last five years.

The trend in reported human cases of verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli (VTEC/STEC) has also been increasing since 2008 and was further strengthened due to the outbreak in the summer of 2011.

However, Salmonella cases in humans have continued to fall, marking a decrease for the seventh consecutive year.

Another report from the European Commission's Panel on Biological Hazards (BIOHAZ) of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) could lead the way to a new definition of mechanically recovered or mechanically separated meat.

The study shows that the quality of the meat that is recovered under either high or low pressure can be determined by examining the calcium and also the cholesterol content.

It has also shown that high pressure separation of the meat from the bones has a greater effect on the muscle fibres than low pressure separation and consequently makes the product more susceptible to bacteria contamination.

The results of the research leave the way open to potentially more regulation and restriction on the way that MSM is used in food products.

The production of food has an impact on the environment, but the food we do not eat also has significant adverse impacts, according to a report from DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture at Aarhus University.

The university says that too much food is going to waste which is not just a waste of resources but also damaging to the environment.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS: Russia and Ukraine Produce One in Three of Europe's Eggs
Egg production in Europe overall has grown from around 9.5 million tonnes in 2000 to 10.6 million tonnes in 2011, according to industry analyst, Terry Evans. This expansion can be largely attributed to Russia and Ukraine as output from EU countries has increased negligibly.

Water Reuse in Poultry Processing Now Addressed in the HACCP Programme
The USDA-Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) indicated that if water is to be reused in a poultry processing facility, then this reuse water must be accounted for in the plant's HACCP programme. This requirement may cause some difficulties as processors consider the associated hazard analyses, according to Dr Scott Russell of the Department of Poultry Science at the University of Georgia.

No Rise in Risk Found with Visual-only Post-mortem Meat Inspection
A qualitative risk assessment carried out for the British Food Standards Agency to establish if post-mortem visual inspection of red meat (except pigs) and large game alone represents an increased risk to public health, as well as to animal health and welfare established a low or very low risk factor.

Essential Oil Blend Reduces Salmonella Contamination in Poultry
Oil and water may not mix but a University of Georgia study found feeding chickens a blend of plant-based oils in their drinking water can help prevent salmonella contamination before the meat reaches the dinner table - or even the grocery store.

Effects of Trailer Design on Animal Welfare and Meat Quality
The pot-belly trailer had no adverse effects of pig welfare or meat quality in a study reported by researchers based in Canada and Spain. Pietrain-cross pigs (50 per cent Pietrain) were more susceptible to transport stress but pork quality was acceptable, provided they did not carry the halothane gene.

Broiler Meat Quality Issue De-mystified
White striping is a recently recognised defect of chicken breast meat that could affect acceptance by consumers. Work done to investigate the condition at the University of Arkansas, shows that the condition is associated with large fillets and that the cause of the degenerative myopathy remains illusive but there appears to be no link between white striping and cooked meat quality.

Company News

BHJ Launches World's First Functional Chicken Protein
DENMARK - Danish-based global protein manufacturer, BHJ Ingredients, is introducing the world's first functional chicken protein.
European Pig Meat Industry Facing Its Challenges
EU - The European pig meat industry is facing its challenges with issues such as regulations on sow pens impacting production according to Frederique Clusel group director of Swine Business for Zoetis for EU Africa and Middle East.
New Regional Manager for Bettcher
US - Bettcher Industries has appointed Zach Van Horn as Regional Manager responsible for sales and service activities for Bettcher's Whizard Trimmer and AirShirz® scissors product lines, supporting Bettcher's meat processing customers in Eastern and Central Iowa plus Illinois.
Meyn Launches BoneScan 440 ADX
NETHERLANDS - Poultry processing equipment manufacturer Meyn has introduced a new bone detection system, which combines accuracy with high capacity.
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Global Meat Industry News

   United States

Tyson Recalls Foodservice Chicken Tenderloins
Nationwide Coalition Urges USDA to Protect Integrity of COOL
Hot Water Spray Helps Cut Salmonella on Chicken Carcases
USDA Programme for Export of Egg Products
Cargill Invests in Ground Beef Plant
Conagra Reports Decline in Profits
US Steps Up Beef Product Species Inspection
CME: Bearish Hogs and Pigs Report Analysis
Fighting Listeria and Other Food-Borne Illnesses
CME: Spring Beef, Pork Prices Impacted by Export Challenges
JBS Acquires US Operations of XL Foods
Frozen Meal Recall Expanded over E.coli Fears
Pew Report Criticises 2011 Salmonella in Turkey Recall
Study Links High Red Meat Eating with Heart Disease
CME: Futures Lower to $1.22, Friday
Pork Cuts to Get New Consumer-Friendly Names at the Meat Case
Jobs, Meat Nomencalture and Funding Could Alter Markets
Trade Barriers and Slow Demand Limit February Exports
More Reported Ill in E.coli Outbreak
Hog Outlook: NPB Works to Modernise Names for Retail Meat Cuts
Tyson Settles Plant Refrigeration Dispute
CME: June Cattle at $122.02 on Monday
CME: Export Data Good for Beef; Not so Good for Pork
Summit Provides Insight on Food Safety, Ag-Gag Law
Delivering Virus that Gets Rid of House Flies
Pork Exports Trending Lower
Consumers and Farmers Urge USDA to Protect COOL
Cargill Third-quarter Earnings Drop

   United Kingdom

LMC: Reassuring GB Red Meat Consumption Figures
Marketing Tips for Turkey Producers
Producers Urged to Join Welfare Debate
Whole Milk Powder Demand Lifts Skimmed Prices
Vion Succesfully Completes Sale for UK Red Meat, Poultry
Complaint Against Hygiene Ad Campaign Rejected
LMC: Weekly Report Confirms Buoyant Market
Spot Price Moves Ahead
LMC:Slaughter Update Shows Tight Supplies and Competition
Food Companies Pledge Total Traceability on Pork Products
Egg Business Noble Foods Hoists £400m Price Tag
Increase in Hogg Price Benefits Producers
Bute Found in Asda Corned Beef

   European Union

EU Pig Prices: Price Increases Ahead
New Director-General for Agriculture and Rural Development
What Future for Mechanically Separated Meat?
Does Having Protected Geographical Status Boost Product Values?
Nordic Poultry Partnership Formed by CapVest, Lantmannen
EU Pig Prices: Belgium and Netherlands Show Optimism
Campylobacter E. coli Cases Rise Salmonella Falls

   Russian Federation

Moscow Meat Plant's Halal Products Tested for Pork
McDonald's Further Growth in Russia
Miratorg Shows Growth


Fresh Chilean Salmon Shipped with No Oxygen Technology
Latin America: Hog Markets
Tim Hortons Eliminates Sow Stalls from 2022


Australian Beef Exports to China Rising
Chinese Food Prices Keep Falling
China Adds to Pork Reserves to Stabilise Prices
Nanjing Shuts Down Poultry Markets
Pork Prices Fall, Forcing Down Inflation Rate


Thai Study Shows Need for Campylobacter Control at Farm, Plant
New Lop Buri Farm to Fatten Betagro's Pork Market Share


Romania Positive Balance on Poultry Meat Trade
Doly-Com Rides Out Horse Meat Scandal


Danish Crown Sells Slaughterhouse Site
Food Waste has Environmental Downside
Danes Delay Boar Castration Ban


Study Reveals Marketing Opportunity for Organic Chicken


Marfrig Sees Large Revenue and Profit Growth
Brazilian Poultry Exports to Saudi Up
Booming Domestic Market to Satisfy Production Supply

   South Africa

Union Asks for EU, Brazil Chicken Import Tariffs


Investigation into Animal Mishandling Clears Australian Company


Strong Irish Beef Prices Continue


Chicken Value Share Up at Expense of Beef and Lamb
Sheep and Lamb Slaughter Still High
Qantas Bans Pork After Link-Up With Emirates
Record-smashing Australian Beef Exports to China Continue


Uruguayan Beef Exports to China High


Turkey Producers Feeling Positive about Local Processing
CPC: Repercussions of Purchasing, Sourcing Requirements
Reduced Hog Numbers Could Impact Manitoba Pork Processing Plants


Increased Concerns about Pig Industry Future in Fiji


French Study Use of Boar-Taint Pork
French Pig Industry Argues over COI Labelling


Japanese Beef Imports Down in February


Record Value for Norwegian Salmon Exports
Seafood Exports in First Quarter at Same Level as Last Year

   Korea, South

Plummeting Pork Prices Hurt Farmers


Global Poultry Trends 2011

S + S at IFFA 2013


Randox Food Diagnostics


Meyn - Poultry Processing Solutions

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