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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 30 January 2013

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Wednesday 30th January 2013.
Chris Harris - TheMeatSite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief


US Meat Consumption Falling as New Export Deal Signed with Japan The US meat sector is being hit not only by rising prices and the effects of the recent drought, but also the effect of rising prices against flat consumer incomes.

Both the pig sector and the cattle sector have been hit hard over the last year and it is predicted that the cattle numbers will be down by another 1.5 per cent this year following sharp drops to record lows in 2012, John Anderson from the American Farm Bureau told the IPPE conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

With a tighter supply prices have become much higher.

And although it has taken a little while for higher prices to reach the consumer, consumer prices have risen considerably last year, particularly in the beef sector.

But the rise in prices has also coincided with personal disposable incomes remaining flat.

This has started to produce a significant drop in consumption.

Meanwhile, Japan and the United States have agreed on a new deal which should pave the way for expanded exports of US beef and beef products to Japan.

Under the new terms, Japan will now permit the import of beef from cattle less than 30 months of age, compared to the previous limit of 20 months. The only exception is ground beef, which will be phased in after a surveillance period to ensure that the new export protocol is proceeding smoothly.

This dramatically opens the market given that 95 per cent of the slaughtered US cattle would now be eligible for export.

In the EU, the European Members of Parliament have on the surface given the go-ahead to a fairer, greener Common Agricultural Policy.

The European Parliament's agriculture committee has agreed measures that will help to even out payments to farmers across the EU so that the poorer and newer member states are not receiving substantially less than the more established states.

The MEPs have agreed to cap the amount of subsidies for individual farmers and reduce the large sums that have previously been handed out, so some of that money can be redistributed.

They have also approved new environmental rules focusing on crop diversification, maintaining permanent pasture and creating ecologically focused areas.

However, the MEPs are stridently standing by a no cuts policy and have refused to see any reduction in the Common Agricultural Policy budget.

This Weeks Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Only Two Per Cent of America's Eggs Exported
Exports of table eggs in shell or product forms equate with around 4.5 per cent of global shell egg production. However, for the Americas this figure will be closer to two per cent, according to industry watcher, Terry Evans, in his latest analysis of trends in the egg industries of the Americas.

Advanced Robotics for Next Generation of Poultry Processing
The poultry industry relies heavily on fixed automation as well as specialized robotics and perception techniques, implemented in a step-by-step “perception then manipulation” process, writes J. Michael Matthews for Poultry Tech.

Campylobacter: Prevalence on Pig Livers and Antimicrobial Susceptibility
Around one in 10 of the pig livers tested by researchers in Germany was found to be Campylobacter-positive, with C.coli as the predominant species. These isolates from pigs should be considered as potential sources of human infection, the scientists concluded after studying antimicrobial susceptibility and similarity to human isolates.

Risk Factors for Campylobacter Infection in Danish Broiler Chickens
Fourteen per cent of the more than 2,800 flocks surveyed were positive for Campylobacter in a new study from Denmark. Factors most likely to bring a positive result were season (summer months) and when more than one person entered the broiler house. Also increasing the risk were a positive result in the previous flock, older buildings and a longer growing period.

New Packaging Solutions for Safer Products with Longer Shelf-life
Trends in packaging are very much in line with the major demands of the meat industry in general and the sector ias seeking to make its contribution to bringing products onto the market which are safer and have a longer shelf life.

Impact of Pig Feed Regimes on Growth and Carcase Quality
Feeding strategy from 22kg to 102kg did not impact overall growth performance or carcase quality but blend-feeding and feeding a single diet resulted in cost savings compared to a phase-feeding programme in a study conducted in Perth, Western Australia.

Company News

Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers
GLOBAL - What is the point of researching issues of animal health, welfare or production practices if the results and the message are not delivered to the public at large?
Phenylbutazone Found in Horsemeat Sold for Food
UK & IRELAND - Publicised reports of horse DNA found in processed beef burgers readily available to buy in the UK and Ireland have highlighted that there is an increased requirement to ensure that these contaminated foods do not enter the food chain.
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Global Fish Industry News


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Pork Breakfast Keeps Away the Hunger Pangs

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1.23Bn Chicken Wings Eaten at Super Bowl Weekend
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McDonald's Commits to MSC-Certified Fish in US
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Quicker, Easier Farm Payments On-line
New Grocer Adjudicator Hopes for Future Built on Trust
Meat Appearance Key to Driving Sales
BPC Chief Executive Steps Down
Tests of Beef Burger Samples Fail to Find Horse DNA
Making the Most of Bacon
On-line Guide to Slaughter of Poultry
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Emerging Antibiotic Resistance in Listeria


Positive Poultry Trade Balance Presented in 2012

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Flexibility and Fairness Bywords for CAP Reform
Can EU Afford CAP Reforms?
CAP Reforms Met With Satisfaction
EU Pig Prices: Optimism Prevails in the South


EU Plays Vital Role in Brazilian Poultry Markets
Qatar Suspends Purchase of Brazilian Beef
Ractopamine Safe for Use in Brazilian Pork


Delegation Bid Aims to Quash Beef Safety Fears

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo Completes Major Capacity Increase Project in Pork Sector


Syrian Agricultural Production Drops Massively as Conflict Continues


Spain: Hog Markets
Irish Beef Exports to Spain Perform Well


Next Member State Will Make Small Contribution to EU


Beijing Cracks Down on Food Supply for Upcoming Spring Festival


Court Agrees on Meat, Poultry Exports to Afghanistan

   Korea, South

Korean Beef Imports Down 14 per cent


Portuguese Sardine Fishery MSC Certificate Reinstated


Farmed Rainbow Trout Achieve Friend of the Sea Eco-Certification


Government Suggests Using Solar Tunnel Driers to Preserve Fish


Hoteliers Threaten to ‘Boycott’ Chicken Items


Global Poultry Trends 2011
Global Poultry Trends 2011


Systems Integration (Trading) Ltd




Meyn - Poultry Processing Solutions
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