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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 09 January 2013

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EDITORIAL - Genetic Modification and Feeding the World

Questions surrounding genetic modification and the ability of the global farming community to feed an ever growing global population dominated the debates at the Oxford Farming Conference last week.

During the debate, the UK Environment Secretary Owen Paterson backed the development of genetically modified products.

He said there is a role for biotechnology in farming to help boost yields and to develop strains that are resistant to disease or pests.

"I fully appreciate the strong feelings on both sides of the debate," Mr Paterson told the conference.

"GM needs to be considered in its proper overall context with a balanced understanding of the risks and benefits.

"We should not, however, be afraid of making the case to the public about the potential benefits of GM beyond the food chain, for example significantly reducing pesticides and inputs such as diesel."

Mr Paterson said that as well as presenting the case for biotechnology in the UK, the government also needs to go through the EU processes to ensure the safety of GM crops.

"I believe that GM offers great opportunities, but I also recognise that we owe a duty to the public to reassure them that it is a safe and beneficial innovation."

While the Environment Secretary embraced the potential of genetically modified products, it was a former leading anti GM campaigner, Mark Lynas in the Frank Parkinson lecture, who openly attacked the anti-GM lobby for not basing their arguments on scientific fact.

Mr Lynas, who in the early days of GM trials had actively ripped up crops and destroyed test fields, had his moment of enlightenment while researching the effects of global warming and climate change.

His research led him to base his climate change arguments on scientific studies and papers but the opposition lobby "denied the scientific reality of climate change".

Taking the scientific approach to GM he said: "I discovered that one by one my cherished beliefs about GM turned out to be little more than green urban myths.

The conference also looked at the broader influence that farming has on society and the community and the effects that EU legislation and the Common Agricultural Policy will has on farmers in different EU countries.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Deboning Screening System Could Help Poultry Processors Better Track Yield Loss
Efficient deboning is paramount to optimizing production yield (maximizing the amount of meat removed from a chicken frame while reducing the presence of bones), according to researchers at Georgia Tech Research Institute.
Grilled, Seared Foods May Add to Waistlines, Disease Risk
A steak slapped onto a hot barbecue will leave the meat with black grill lines that add flavor and aroma, but the chemicals contained in charred, seared and fried foods may over time kick-start the body's ability to add new fat cells and increase the risk of age-related diseases, a Purdue University study shows.
Cost of Pig Production
What confidence there was in the EU pig sector earlier in 2010 was considerably eroded as world grain prices increased throughout the summer months. Combined with wider economic and financial challenges in the EU, the challenge of profitability remained a large issue as consumption remained subdued, according to the Pig Cost of Production in Selected Countries report produced by the AHDB for BPEX.
Consumer Demand Impact of Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling
The United States implemented mandatory country of origin labelling (MCOOL) which became effective in March 2009 (USDA AMS, 2009a,b), write Glynn T. Tonsor, Jayson L. Lusk, Ted C. Schroeder, and Mykel R. Taylor in a research paper for Kansas State University.
Salmonella and Campylobacter in Northern German Fattening Pigs
According to new research from Germany, the percentage of bacteria resistant to at least one of the tested antibiotics was 94 per cent for Salmonella Typhimurium, 76 per cent for C. coli and 55 per cent for C. jejuni isolates. Online Book Shop
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