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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 02 January 2013

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Editorial: Research Developments into Foodborne Pathogens

Research in Spain has found that decontamination treatments can increase the prevalence of resistance to antibiotics of E.coli which is naturally present on poultry.

Chemical decontaminants could favour the emergence, selection and/or proliferation of antibiotic-resistant strains in microbial populations on poultry meat, according to Rosa Capita, who headed up the research team in the Department of Food Hygiene and Food Technology at the University of León.

The study set out to discover ability of various decontaminants to increase the prevalence of resistance to antibiotics in Escherichia coli populations on poultry.

In the UK, the government has been called on to investigate the potential for British farm animals to be carriers of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

Concern is growing that the pathogen is becoming more common because of the overuse of antibiotics in farming.

The call for action comes from the Soil Association following new research from the University of Cambridge revealing the first cases of MRSA ST398 have been found in UK livestock.

First found in pigs in the Netherlands in 2003, MRSA ST398 has since reached epidemic proportions in some European and North American pig populations and has spread to poultry and cattle.

It has not been found in British food animals before, however, very little testing has been carried out compared to other EU countries.

A team of researchers in the US are researching an easy test to discover dangerous foodborne pathogens.

Pina Fratamico is on the quest to find the easiest and fastest way to test for harmful Escherichia coli in ground beef.

The researcher is exploring the use of a next-generation real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) systems to discover specific gene targets that indicate the presence of dangerous foodborne pathogens. The results show that assays performed using this PCR system are rapid, sensitive, and reliable.

"Testing using these types of systems is faster, easier, and more reproducible than previous methods, and this should increase food safety in the long run. I feel that we could confidently move to these new systems for screening ground beef and other foods for E. coli contamination," said Ms Fratamico, researcher at the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Campylobacter in Danish Broiler Chickens
Fourteen per cent of the more than 2,800 flocks surveyed were positive for Campylobacter in a new study from Denmark. Factors most likely to bring a positive result were season (summer months) and when more than one person entered the broiler house. Also increasing the risk were a positive result in the previous flock, older buildings and a longer growing period.
Could Lab Grown Meat Be on the Menu
In the context of the debate on battling to feed an increasing global population in a sustainable way, the consequences of current agricultural practices and conventional livestock production are being examined and alternatives sought. A report ppublished by Teagasc in Ireland examines Irish consumers' reactions towards the concept of a novel meat production system, 'in vitro' meat, which is currently being put forward by some international scientists as a way of satisfying the population's growing hunger for meat.
Global Pig Meat Output Flat under High Feed Costs
Globally pig meat production had been increasing but in many regions a downturn is now expected, in particular in the exporting countries of North America and the EU, according to David Owens from the Meat Division of Bord Bia – Irish Food Board.
Influence of Growth Rate of White Striping in Broiler Breast Fillets
Faster growing broilers tended to have an increased occurrence of higher degrees of white striping in the breast fillets, according to new research from Arkansas. The degree of white striping was associated with changes in the chemical composition of the breast fillets.
Salmonella in Animal Feeds
Twelve per cent of more than 2,000 samples of feeds, feed ingredients and pet products tested by USDA between 2002 and 2009 were positive for Salmonella, with Senftenberg and Montevideo being the most common serotypes. Online Book Shop
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* Company News

Marel Extends Financing Arrangement
ICELAND - Meat and food processing equipment manufacturer Marel has signed an amend and extend to its current long-term financing entered into in November 2010, originally in the amount of €350 million.
* Global Meat Industry News


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 » Meat Sector Calls for Help over Power Outages

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   European Union

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 » Bologna Study Examines Modified-Atmosphere Packaging of Eggs

   Viet Nam

 » Seafood Production over 5.74 million tonnes in 2102

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