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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 10 October 2012

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EDITORIAL - E.coli Scare Spreads in Canada

Canada is experiencing its worst food poisoning scare since the Maple Leaf listeria outbreak in 2008.

Hundreds of tonnes of beef products have been recalled following the discovery of E.coli contamination at one of XL Foods processing plants in Brooks, Alberta.

Examination by food safety inspectors found a lack of detailed documents outlining required steps when a product was positive for E. coli O157:H7 or when there were a high number of positives in a 24-hour period, inconsistent trend analysis on positive samples and no process to include test results from client establishments, insufficient record keeping related to on-going monitoring and validation of processes, procedures, and equipment maintenance (e.g., 12 of 100 water nozzles clogged in the primary carcase wash area) and deficiencies in sampling techniques and procedures, such as inconsistent sampling and no established monitoring programme.

The catalogue of biosecurity failures has had major repercussions with products not only being recalled in Canada but also the US and import bans imposed on products from the company in Hong Kong.

This week inspectors were assessing the plant to see whether it could be reopened, but the Canadian agriculture minister Gerry Ritz has said that production can only start again when he has had a written assurance of the safety of the processes from the president of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

In the UK, the consultation period over the future of the Vion Foods processing plant Halls of Broxburn has come to an end and the company has said that it is now planning a phased closure.

Vion Foods has, maintained that the plant cannot be run profitably, but the Scottish Government - in particular the finance minister John Swinney - has said the taskforce will continue to work with the company to find a buyer for the site, and measures will be put in place to help staff looking for work after the announcement, as well as to mitigate the impact on the wider local economy and he added the taskforce will draw up a recovery plan to address these issues.

In Brazil, Poultry companies Averama and BR Frango have merged their activities, following a six month consultation, while BRF - Brasil Foods SA is to acquire a 49 per cent stake and management control of Federal Foods Limited, a privately-held company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, through its subsidiary in Austria.

In the US, Danish Crown's subsidiary DAT-Schaub is to take over the casings manufacturer DCW Casings, which is a company formed through the merger of Casing Associates and Wolfson Casings.

DAT-Schaub already had a 50 per cent stake in Casing Associates, but as the principal shareholder in the new company, a much stronger position and new opportunities have been opened up for DAT-Schaub in North America.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2012 - Oceanian Chicken Output Growth Matches World Average, Africa's Exceeds it
Annual growth in chicken output in Africa since 2000 is expected to average 4.4 per cent, compared to the global average of 3.7 per cent, according to Terry Evans. He turns his attention to the future prospects for the chicken industries in African countries and for Oceania, where production has expanded to match this worldwide increase.
Quality Assurance in US Feedlots
The Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) programme is a State and national industry-led effort that provides guidelines to support the production of quality beef. The goal of the program is to raise consumer confidence in beef quality through recommended management techniques and a commitment to quality within segments of the beef industry, including feedlots.
Emerging Technology in Food and Beverage Industry
A recent survey by Leatherhead Food Research asked the food and beverage industry what objectives are currently the most important when considering investment in new technology.
Effects of a Lactobacillus Product on Pig Growth and Pork Quality
Lactobacillus plantarum ZJ316 is reported to improve pig performance and pork quality by researchers based in Hangzhou, China. They suggest that the mode of action may be the inhibition of growth by opportunistic pathogens and the promotion of increased villus height.
Global Web of Food Trade Complicates Contamination Tracking
The growing complexity of the global food trade network means contamination spreads more efficiently and is more difficult to trace. Increased data capture and sharing is recommended by a new study to help prevent food poisoning outbreaks and allow sources of contamination to be quickly identified. Online Book Shop
* Market Reports

 » USDA International Meat Review - 28 September 2012
 » USDA Dairy Products - August 2012 Highlights
 » USDA International Egg and Poultry - 2 October 2012
 » USDA National Dairy Products Sales Report - 4 October 2012
 » USDA GAIN: Venezuela Poultry and Products Annual 2012
 » USDA GAIN: Japan Livestock and Products Annual 2012

* Company News

Oil Recovery System Breakthrough for Processors
US - Global food processing equipment manufacturer, JBT FoodTech, has launched the world's first Floating Crumb Removal (FCR) system aimed specifically at processors of tempura-battered product.
* Global Meat Industry News

   New Zealand

 » Moves to Stop Unlawful Exports of Infant Formula
 » Fonterra Sees Record Supplies Offset Price Reduction
 » NZ Beef Exports Forecast to Increase
 » Probiotic Shows Benefits for Eczema Sufferers

   United States

 » HSUS CEO Puts Name Forward for Tyson Board
 » Chili's Moves to Take Gestation Crates Off the Menu
 » Perdue Plants Achieves Safety Milestone
 » US Poultry Industry Has Huge Economic Impact
 » DAT-Schaub in US Takeover
 » CME: More Aggressive Bids for Hogs, Lower Margins
 » Residues in Pork to Taiwan Attacked
 » Hog Outlook: Summer Farrowings Down
 » Cattle Outlook: Beef Packer Margins Up
 » Making Sustainable Food Accessible, Affordable
 » Hog Price Rally Accompanies Normal Supply Patterns
 » State Beef Councils Supplement Checkoff Funding
 » FAPRI Report: Corn Prices Fall Less Than One Per Cent With Full RFS Waiver


 » Maple Leaf Allows Lighter Grid Weights
 » Minister Visits Meat Plant in E.Coli Scare
 » Lighter Weight Hogs Help Producers Cope with Costs
 » What Will Be the Legacy of Canadian E.Coli Outbreak?
 » Alberta a Centerpiece in Cheese Production
 » Food Safety Inspectors Assess E.coli Scare Plant


 » Ractopamine in Pork Balls Made From US Meat


 » Philippine Gov't Promotes Poultry Benefits

   European Union

 » EU Milk Package Comes into Action
 » EU Farm Leaders Call for Market Farm Policy
 » EU Pig Prices: Market is Well Balanced, Stable


 » Factories and Retailers Warned Over Beef Price Cuts
 » Irish Day of Action Begins

   United Kingdom

 » Decision Awaited on Halls' Future
 » Changing Perceptions of the Fishing Industry: Fish is Food
 » Applications Invited for Humane Slaughter Award
 » A Better Day as Retail Demand Picks Up
 » Olympic Gold for Pork
 »  Phased Closure for Hall's of Broxburn
 » Beef Price Difference Between N Ireland and UK


 » Cermaq Acquires Chilean Cultivos Marinos ChiloĆ©
 » High Levels of PCBs in Cod Liver from Lensfjord
 » Promising Results for Automatic Killing and Bleeding
 » Marine Harvest Reports Higher Harvest Volumes


 » Best Aquaculture Practices for Australasian Salmon
 » FAO Food Price Index up Slightly
 » HKScan Continues Efficiency Measures


 » Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Dutch Smoked Salmon

   Russian Federation

 » Ust-Abakan Poultry to Increase Production
 » Mapping out Russia's Position in Global Meat Market
 » Cherkizovo Welcomes Zero Tax on Agricultural Profits

   United Arab Emirates

 » Brasil Foods in UAE Takeover


 » Overseas Demand a Concern
 » Aussie Cattle Stranded in Egypt to be Slaughtered


 » Japanese Beef Imports Lift 22 Per Cent


 » Brazil and Argentina Adjust Agricultural Trade
 »  Averama, BR Frango Agree on Merger
 » Brazil Poultry Exports Up, Revenues Down
 » Pig, Poultry Production Costs Stable in September


 » China's Demand for Pork Increasing


 » French Cattle Supplies Continue to Decline


 » Danish Crown on a Stable Course


 » Astro Trouts get Friend of Sea Certification
 » Italian Confidence in Quality Standard Beef


 » High Feed Costs Hinder Venezuela Poultry Expansion


 » Food Safety Department Partners with Marine Biotoxins Research Lab

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