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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 5 September 2012

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Editorial: High Input Costs Hurt Meat Markets

On both sides of the Atlantic there are concerns over the state of the beef and pig meat sectors largely driven by rising feed costs.

In the US, pasture conditions and feed costs are seeing higher in-put costs in the cattle sector and some feedlots have destocked to a degree where they have gone into hibernation waiting for the bad times to pass and the good times to come around again.

In the UK, National Farmers' Union Livestock Board Chairman Charles Sercombe, speaking at the opening of the Livestock Event in Birmingham, said: "We've recently seen an improvement in prices on the back of tight global supply but with the increases in costs of production, many farmers are still struggling to capitalise on this. The biggest challenge for farmers facing high input prices is to convert as much of that price into profit."

Recognising that it is not just beef producers struggling, Mr Sercombe said that low returns have knocked farmer confidence and led to a contraction in the UK cattle herd.

In the pig meat sector, the USDA has reported that in response to increasing corn and soybean prices and declining producer profitability this year, the hog industry is slowly contracting as evidenced the recent upswing in weekly sow slaughter.

The larger number of cull sows over the last month pushed year-to-date slaughter levels to about one per cent less than a year ago, when it was down over two per cent in the first half 2012.

In the EU, while the pig meat sector is still being hit by high feed costs, pig prices are increasing.

And for the Brazilian producers, there is good news as the Japanese market has now opened up for Brazilian pig meat.

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Maximizing Yield Key to Higher Returns
Procedures to increase product yield, regardless of product mix or accounting procedures, are outlined by David Beaver, Technical Processing Specialist with Cobb-Vantress, Inc. in the company's latest 'Technical Focus'.
Molecular Understanding of Tenderness: a Proteomics Approach
An increasing number of studies over the last years using different proteomics tools have led to a better understanding of postmortem proteolysis and its relation with meat tenderisation, according to Kristin Hollung and Eva Veiseth-Kent from Nofima in Norway in apresentation to the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology in Monreal, Canada.
Predicting Tenderness and Lasting Colour in Meat
If superior beef tenderness isn't enough to whet your appetite, a system that predicts both beef and pork tenderness as well as colour stability in both meats may be something you can sink your teeth into.
Housing Systems and Salmonella in Broiler Chickens
Enteric challenge with Salmonella in broilers for the first two weeks of life was more pronounced in birds reared on litter than in cages, according to new research from Brazil.
Transport Effects of Stress on Pigs and Pork Quality
Improvements in truck design and optimisation of handling and transport practices will reduce most of the stress experienced by pigs during long transport, according to a report in the 2011 Annual Report from the Prairie Swine Centre. The study was carried out by J. Brown, Y.M Seddon and H. Gonyou of the Prairie Swine Centre Inc., T. Crowe (University of Sakatchewan), T. Widowski and R. Bergeron (University of Guelph) and L. Faucitano (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada).
* Market Reports

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* Company News

LIMA Separators Worldwide Coverage
AFRICA - Last year, Lima formed a distribution agreement with Food Processing Machinery Company to cover Kenya and the neighbouring Eastern African countries.
* Global Meat Industry News

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   European Union

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   Russian Federation

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 » Agricultural Exports Rose in the First Half of 2012


 » Tax and Duty Cut to Help Poultry Producers

   United States

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   United Kingdom

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   Faroe Islands

 » First Silver Smelt Fishery Gains MSC Certification


 » Third Fish Farm ASC Certified


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 » Arla Remains Strong in Downward Price Pressure


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 » Home Meat Processing Promoted


 » Beef Prices Reflect Deflation in Japan

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